Banska Bystrica Slovakia

Area Code 048, TC $1=43.52, Aug 15, 00

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for shops and restaurants check the yards behind the doors, as well.
Ubytovna means workers hostel, ask for it for cheap room.
Nice old historic city
i Info office: nam. S Moyzesa 26. on main square, in the first floor of a temple. Helpful, reserve accommodation (for 25sk/call). M-F 8-19, Sa 8-13:00, English Sightseeing tour 500sk
$ Istrobanka Bank: (in the building of Slovenska Poistolna), Dolna ulica 62, M,Tu730-1230, 13-15, W730-1230, 13-1630, Th730-1230,13-1430, F730-1230, 13-14, best for cash
$ Banky Slovakia opposite of Istrobanka, M-F 8-18, Sa 9-12, gives the best rate in city for T/C.
$ Vseobecna Uverova M-F 8-1630, Th 8-12
$ Tatra Banka: middle of main square M-F 8-18, Sat 8-12 !!!, Western Union money sending
$ Investicne a Rozvojova M-F 8-1630, Wed 8-14, middle of square
$ Slovenska Sporitolna: opposite of train station: M-F 8-17 Tu 8-13
M Post Office: next to tourist office, M-F 8-20, Sat 8-12
H Hospital: Jana Botta
P Police: ul 9 Maja

Bratislava ? sk 00:55 - 19:45 many (26 times)
Levoca ? sk 11:45, 16:55
Kezmarok ? sk 07:20, 14:35
Poprad ? sk 09:00, 19:20
Presov ? sk 06:50, 8:00, 13:00, 14:00
Kosice ? sk 03:10, 5:30, 12:00
Zvolen ? sk 05:25 - 21:30 many
Lucenec ? sk 6:40, 8:55, 9:30, 10:40, 13:00, 15:30, 16:35, 17:30, 19:40
Sturovo ? sk (border, Esztergom in Hungarian side with ferry) 14 40
Komarno ? sk (border, Komarom in Hungarian side, bridge) 13 55, 16 00
Slovenska Lupca ? sk 05:35, 0630, 1315, 1430, 1735, 2125
Brno (CZ) ? sk 01:25, 06:00, 11:25, 23:35
Prague (CZ) ? sk 05:20 ,09:00, 12:40, 21:45
Krakkow (PL) ? sk Sa10:40, W10:45
Budapest (H) ? sk 3.5hrs,Tu06:00, ThSu18:15
Wien (A) ? sk 03:00(1), 05:30(5)
Alborg, Koppenhagen (Den.) ? sk 21:45 (1,6)
Bonn (D) ? sk 13:00 (5)
Mu(n)kacevo (Ukrain) ? sk 22:50, 920
Split (Croatia) ? sk 14:00(5)
Milano (I) ? sk 11:30 (6 on summer)
Rome (I) ? sk 05:00 (5), 10:50(4)
Bratislava ? sk 18:48
Kosice ? sk 10:39?
Zvolen ? sk 04:42, 05:01, 6:00, 6:42, 6:57-22:25 many
Prague (CZ) ? sk 10:52
Scsecsin (PL) ? sk 21:49?
Budapest (H) ? sk 7:40

Local transport
From train and bus station take a trolley (any) or walk for 10-15 min. Tickets are 8Sk, 4th stop.
Get out of train station, walk to the road (30m), to the left will seen the Hotel Lux, further two temple tower. That temples are in the centre.
Taxi: on main square, next to clock tower


Many types of accommodations, including private rooms(400+sk) are available in tourist office.
h Hotel (hostel) Ubytovna Milvar: Skolska 9. T4138765, s250,from d:200/person (for 3->600, 4->800, etc),it's a workers hostel, but clean and silent, appx. 10-15 min walk from centre, good value for one. (99 info)
h Student's hostel: J.G. Tajovskeho 51 (40) far from city centre, T4136814 100sk (info office, not checked)(99 info)
h Student's hostel: Havranska 3., far from city centre, T4132692, 200sk (info office, not checked) Bus #1 or #3
h Hotel Tourist (motel, hostel): Tajovskeho 68, T4230745, d400 bf, German, little English, originally it was a campsite, appx 10-15 min walk from centre, good value for two (99 info)
h Family Hrtbik (private house): Hodzu 5, T4153119, 350/p, simple, clean, cooking possibilities, ask for place in info office, Rec (99 info)
h Hotel Lux: *** s/d 1400/2000 bf, high building Good value.
h Hotel Arkade: good location on main square, nam. SNP 5., s1910,d type A 2320, d type B 2220, junior suit 2720, business suite 3220, bf 60sk, T4123126, elegant, stylish hotel, much better value then Lux
h Hotel Narodne Dom ***: Narodna 11, s/d 700/1080,
T4123737, 4125012, only German speaking staff, socialist exterior, dirty.
not Rec
h Ubytovna: Rudlovska 53 T4328162, ab s700 d900 K, common room with TV, Tow month old accommodation. Absolutely spotless.HighlyRec

Lot in main square, and inner yards from the square.
r Quatro: namestie Stefana Moysesa, good, tasty, enough, nice inner yard, 120-150Sk
r Pizza: Horna 4. and Horna 16.
r Lahodky: Horna 23 (or Skutechkeho 23, on the door there is a sign OBUV), "cash and carry" system for local officers, simple clean, cheap, fast, mainly from potato, Slovakians food, salads, soft drinks, milk, appx 40Sk/dish, not touristy, left from PRVA banka, very rec.
r Vinaren Herna: in square Nam snp. The cheapest outdoor option beside Coppoline Bagette below.
r Bistro Majku: Nadrodra 2. Local cafeteria style restaurant hidden down a tunnel 2nd left when entering the square from the tourist office.
r Hostinec Pri Kozube: Zelezniciarska, Excellent outdoor seating. fish -60sk, chicken 85sk
for breakfast:
r Dolna 13. Marske Speciality, fish, salads.
r Coppoline Bagette on main square in the end to Dolna ul. Highly Rec
r Pancake: Horna 4 inner yard, 6-9Sk, M-F 9-17, Sat 9-13
r Fruit and vegi market is on the square behind info office at morning
Ice cream: On "upper end" of main square, under the clock tower, 100m from info office

s Inter Art (even Indonesian batik) Horna 16, inner yard, M-F 10-12,13-18, Sat 10-13
s Prior: Horna and Kukucinova crossing, next to it a fruit market.
s Billa: food: opposite of bus station. open on Sundays

The road from Poprad to Banska Bystrica (via Brezno)
Ideal with bicycle, nice, scenic, good quality road, few steep period, easier from Poprad then from Banska B.
From Poprad in the first part (1/3) there are only two villages, you need enough water, in villages on the road you can buy different type of forest fruits, mushrooms.
In Brezno there are hotels and banks as well, but if you can, you should go directly to Banska B.

@ Internet @
@1 Horna or Skuteckeho 23., next to restaurant Lahodky. (I think lahodky means restaurant anyway), M-F 915-1800, 10sk/5min, 20sk/15min, 30sk/30min., 50sk/h, 85sk/2h
@2 Horna Strieborne 6. M-F 9-19, Sat 9-12, 50sk/30min.
@3 Datelinka: Rudlovska cesta 8, (from main square on Jana Kollara and it will be on the 3rd crossing), M-F10-22, Sat-Sun 16-22, 20sl/15min, 6h 300sk.6hrs

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