Oradea, Romania

Area Code 059 $1=21,800Lei, 7July, 2000

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Very close to the border to Hungary. Early 20 th Centry Hungarian city. In the center, many old beautiful buildings are gradually running down. There is a river running the center of the town and very nice tree covered street which is along side of the river. In the hot summer days, many people go to the river to swim and enjoying walking, staying on the benches under the tree.. It is also famous for the church with working moon clock. Very relaxing town for staying in a last day of Romanian trip.

From the train station, take tram #1 to the Piata Unirii. There are few cheap hotels near the tram stop. To get the Str Republicii, cross the river to N. and lean to right. There is a nice pedestrian street with many people.

Information Office: does not exit.
Map: Can be bought at book shops
Exchange: Many banks and money changers in town center, but I could not find any one which will change T/C with small commission. Use ATM or cash to change.
M0 Post office: GPO: Str R. Ciorogarin. From the S of Str Republicii, go N and turn left at the 2 nd corner. M-F7-20:30, Sa8-13:00
M1 Telephone office: Romanian Telecom: next to the GPO. But I did not confirm it is the place to make a call.
P Police: ?
H Hospital: Clinic: From the Piata Unirii, corss the bridge. and immediately turn right. Many doctors practice here.
Hp Pharmacy: Many in town, specially on Str Republicii.

The best and cheapest way to travel to Hungary is probably international buses either to Budapest or Debrecen. If you want to use train, it is cheaper to buy one to just cross the border and buy another in Hungary at the station.
T Train station: 1.5km N from the center. To go to the train station take #1 from the Piata Unirii.
B1 Autogara: S from the Center take #12 bus from Piata Unirii, E side.
To Baile Feilx, Take #14, 6,000Lei.
international buses.
To Budapest:
5hrs, Daily dep 7:00, MWF5:30, TuThSa6:30, from Train station. 23:00(ask at travel agent)
To Debrecen: 1hrs, Daily 4:00, 5:30,TuTh17:00 R/T 150,000Lei from Autogara.

Train Fare from Oradea (Jan 3,2001 info $1=26,000lei)
Cluj N. Sighsoara Brasov Bucharest Timisoara Arad
KM 153 356 484 650 280 227
P 45,700 89,400 105,600 139,900 74,200 66,200

50,400 98,800 115,000 149,300 83,600 70,900

92,200 169,700 192,100 246,000 145,200 120,800

113,200 240,900 299,900 355,000 212,500 148,000

Train Schedule from Oradea
To Budapest, 432,000Lei, To Bilarkerestesz: 110,000Lei4:10(arr8:32), 7:59(11:07)*, 15:31(19:13)
From Budapest 6:05(11:35), 9:00(14:12)*, 17:05(22:55)
*need supplyment 55,000Lei/350Ft

To Cluj: A5:40(8:56), A9:16(12:17), R9:22(12:32), R10:06(13:52) R10:18(13:10), IC14:15(16:51), R15:30(19:03)
To Sighisoara: R10:06(17:25), If you change at Cluj, a few more trains available Oradea A5:40-Cluj8:56/A9:24-Sig(12:51) or Cluj A11:23-Sig14:51
To Brasov: R10:06(19:08), If you change at Cluj, a few more trains available Oradea A5:40-Cluj8:56/A9:24-Brasov(14:41) or Cluj A11:23-Brasov(16:36)
To Bucharest: R10:06(22:36), A19:44(7:37), If change at Cluj, OradeaA5:40-Cluj A9:24-Bucharest18:00,
Oradea R15:30-Cluj19:24/A21:07-Bucharest5:46
To Arad: A4:41(6:46), A18:42(20:40), A19:14(20:58)
To Timisoara: change at Arad
To Budapest: 260km, from train station, dep 7:00 110,000Lei
To Debrecen: 82km, from Augogara TuTh5:00, R/T150,000Lei
To Szeged: 229km, from Augogara FSu15:25(20:20), R/T?Lei
* Keleti station, no mark Nyugati station, /c change train
Brasov Oradea Episcopia Bihor(R) Biharkeresztes(H) Puspokladany Budapest
-482km 0 km 6 km 19km 70km 247km
above 0 lei 4,100+R15,900 lei ? lei ? lei 432,000lei
The fare from the border, $1=288Ft(00.8.30)

0 Ft



18:08 04:01/04:10 04:22/04:42 03:57/04:28 05:21/05:55 08:32
/ 06:39 07:36/c08:27 11:22*
07:55/08:00 08:10/08:25 07:40/07:55 08:37/08:48 11:07*
/ 08:25 09:21/c09:54 12:14
/ 15:32 15:42/16:02 15:17/15:35 16:27/16:52 19:13
/ 16:30 17:22/c19:19 / 21:23

Local Transport
Tram 2 ride ticket 4700Lei.
Tx Taxi: no info.
Travel agency
ta1 Agentie de Voiaj:Str Republicii #2, Train ticket agency.
ta2 GIG Impex: StrMoscovei #8, T135874, 1F of the very old building, behind the theatre.
Bus to Budapest, 110,000Lei, dep 7:00 from the train station.
Office in Budapest 06-20-317-2907 or 317-4795

Will be provided soon.

@ Internet @
A number of internet cafes in town. If you are heading to Hungary, it is the last chance to communicate with your friends cheaply.
@1 Liberty: Go N on Str Republiciiand turn right to an alley before Hotel Parc. 5000Lei/30min.(min 30min.)
Three other internet places. Go S of Piata Unirii and turn right at the church with the moon clock. They are on the both side of the street. All are charging 5000Lei/30min, 3000Lei/15min. 24 hrs.


h1 Hotel Parc: Str Republicii #5, T411699, Walk N from the S of Str Republicii, sb TV s200,000Lei, d300,000, TV+min bar d400,000Lei C4
h2 Hotel Crisul Repede: Str Libertatii #8, T132509, Cross the river and immediately turn right. Walk another 30m. sb s205,000Lei, d370,000Lei bf35,000. C3 A bit rundown rooms. It is totally acceptable but too many mosquitoes attacking from the top of the high ceiling. You need a mosquito net or repellant.
h3 Hotel Vultorul Negru: Str Independental, neat the tram stop at Piata Unirii. T135417, sb d120,000, ab160,000Lei C2. It used to be probably the most elegant hotel around the place but now it is most rundown hotel among the three.

The night of Oradea is very quiet but many restaurants are open until late night on Str Republicii.
r Faustu's: S of Str.Republicii, Italian style cafe, Italian sandwich less than20,000Lei. Coffee 8000Lei. Very popular. Specially outside seatings.
r Rasid: on Str Republicii, N from Faustu's. Very polular place serving Pizza and local food. Beer 5,000-10,000Lei
r Select: on Str Republicii, N from Rasid. Despite of the high class looking appearance, their food are very cheap, most less than 20,000 with side order. Highly Rec.
Captoum: Str Avramianco, S from the Piata Unirii, Pizza, Green building, 20-30,000Lei


S1 Moon Church(Biserica cu Luna): at the S end of Piata Unirii. Built in 1784. It has a mechanical moon clock showing correct the shape of the current moon. This is very unique but visually disappointed. Interior is beautiful.
S12 Vultural Negru: NE of the Piata Unirii. Hotel & shopping center dated the beginning of the 20 th Centry. It has a stained glass covered galleria, very art nouvoue.
S13 Museum of the land of the Cris River: Go out from the train station and straight a head. There is a park. The museum is in the middle. TuThSa 10-15:00, WFSu 10-18:00, 10,000Lei
S14 Catholic Cathedral: in the park near the train station.
S15 Pedestrian street N side of the river, E from the Piata Unirii., Very relaxing tree covered path. Excellent place for the hot days.

Out of the town
S Baile Felix: 8k SE from the town. Very famous spa resort town. There are many spa facilities. Famous ones are Strand Apoll & Strand Felix
hotels in Baile Felix
Hotel Felix: T318051, s770,000, d1,000,000
Hotel Lotus T318361, s500,000 d700,000
Hotel Somes: T317248, Hotel Radis: T318-337
Hotel Muncel: T318-334

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