Cluj Napoca, Romania

Area Code 064 $1=21,800Lei, 5 July, 2000

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Cluj Napoca is a large city in W part of Transylvania having good connection to N(Bala MaMare), W(Ordea), S(Arad) and E(Brasov, Bucharest). The city does not have a medieval citadel like Sighsoara, but it is a beautiful town and the center of the culture of Transylvania. You can enjoy many museums, university, parks, Opera theatres, etc.
To Town Center(Piata Unirii) from the train station

The train station is located 2km N from the center.
Take a tram #101, heading left and get off at the 2 nd stop and cross the bridge. Or bus #3, get off at the 2nd stop and cross the park and continue to walk another 300m. Or take #4, get off at the 2nd stop and walk 300m toward the direction of tail of the bus.

Information Office: does not exit.
What Where When. free magazine available at the big hotels or travel agents. This magazine is not so useful but it contains some info and map for the center.
"Tourist Map" , very beautiful, available with 35,000Lei. Ask at some travel agents. If you cannot find it, visit travel agent listed below as ta1.
The bus map, the Tourist Map contains bus/tram information or any bus has route maps of Cluj inside and some bus ticket booths have it on the windows.
Exchange: Many exchangers in town. GRP and other major currencies are 3% lower than US$ and DM. For those money try Bank Post, the rate is higher.
$1 Bank Agricola exchange office: Plata Unirii, S side. 8:30-13:00. I was told I can change T/C without com and with the same rate as cash.
M0 Post office: M0: GPO: Str Gheorghe Doja Nr 33 M-F7:00-20, Sa 7-13:00
M1 Telephone office: behind the GPO but you may have to go to M2 for international call if card phones did not work for your call.
M2 Telephone office: at Piata Unirii, Nr 5 7-22:00. international and collect call to certain countries(ex. USA, UK) are possible.
US direct 01-800-4282, MCI 01-800-1800
P Police: call 955 or 432-727
H Hospital: on Str Braosv. Go W from Hotel Continental or emergency 961. Overnight medical assistance and medications are free.!!
E1 USA: Str. Universitati 7-9, T193-815
E Italy: Str Constantin Brancusi Nr 12A, T414312
E Hungary: Piata Unirii Nr 23, T196300
m market:?
Ph Photo shops: Many in town. Develop 27,300Lei and print small 3,500/p

A Airport: Take a East bound bus #8 from NE of the Orthodox church
T Train station: T Train station: About 2km from the center of the town. Trains to E, Sighisoara, Brasov and Budapest, W to Oradea and Hungary, S to Timisoara.
To center, take tram #101 to S and when you see the river, get off. It is N part of the center.
To Budapest, 01:21(arr08:32), 05:27(11:07)
To Oradea: A04:33(07:26),IC05:22(07:57), P 14:11(?), A15:26(18:22), R16:34(19:12)
To Timisoara: A0:27(?), A4:29(?), R16:34(?), R22:18(?)
To Arad: A12:33(?)
To Sighisoara/Brasov/Sinaia IC4:10(7:15/8:57/10:14), A9:24(12:55/14:41/16:00), A11:23(14:54/16:36/17:57), R14:07(17:28/19:08/20:31)
To Bucharest: IC4:10(11:53) A9:24(18:00), A22:52(7:37), R21:07(5:46), A15:24()21:08
B1 Autogara #1: Now moved to somewhere. I could not find the location. Some said near Marasti
B2 Autogara #2: NW from the train station. You can walk crossing the rails 10min walk. many local destinations and To Budapest, dep M-F7:00,Th22:00 160,000Lei
international buses. Many travel agents operate
To Budapest .413km, 11.5hrs, MWFSa22:30, MWSa23:30, TuSu23:00, M-F7:00, Th22:00,
210,000Lei with Calibra
To Croatia: F night 140DM with Calibra
More buses operationg from Cluj to other countires.

Train Fare from Cluj (Jan 3, 2001 info $1=26,000lei)
Bucharest Sighsoara Brasov Oradea Timisoara Arad
KM 497 205 333 153 386 333
P 105,600 66,200 82,300 45,700 89,400 82,300

115,000 70,900 91,700 50,400 98,800 91,700

192,100 120,800 157,900 92,200 169,700 157,900

299,900 148,000 233,800 113,200 240,900 233,800

Local Transport
Trams, buses and trolley buses are running through out the town. 2 ride ticket 5,000Lei All bus/tram stops have ticket booths.
Tx Taxi: no info.
Travel agency
ta1 Orav: Str Memorandumului + Str Gheoghe Sincai, From the NW of Piata Unirii go W. This agent is on the left. It has the free magazine and can buy the map.
ta2 Calibra: Piata Unirii Nr 11, T190808, M-F9-18, Sa10-13 has bus serivice to Budapest and Croatia.
ta3 Atlassib: Viteazul 11, D-1 T433432, bus to Germany, Yugoslavia, France Sweden Austria, etc.
ta4 Tourilsm Feleacul SA: Str Sincai 2, T196955, Bus to Istanbul, Athens, Budapest

c Victoria: on Eroilor just W from the Piate Avram Iancu. Many more in town center. 12,000Lei
th National Theatre: at Piate Avram Iancu. just S from the large Orthodox Church, Buy a ticket at Piata stefan Cei Mare 24, T191-799
th Romanian Opera: at Piata stefan Cei Mare 24, T430-184
th The Hungarian Theatre: Str. Emil Isac T193-464

Will be provided soon.

@ Internet @
More than 10 internet cafes through out the town.own. Most of the are 24hrs. At night time use(22-8:00), it costs cheaper. The speed is usually slow but acceptable level.
@ Club Internet "DEMO": Str memorandumului 6/11. From the NW of Piata Unirii go W 50m. It is on the right side. 10-22:00 12,000Lei/h, 22-10:00 10,000Lei/hr. Min. 15 min. 24 hrs
@2 Kino Internet: Str Regele Ferdinand Nr 6, NE of Piata Unirii, go N. It is on the right side. Find the ad. board then enter the hall way next to the fruit vender, then go up the stairs. 7,000Lei/hr. 24 hrs.. 22:00-8:00 5,000Lei. If you use only for 5 min. free.
@3 Asterix: Averam Rancu Nr 44, 10,000/hr
@4 Fq internet cafe: Gh Bilaseu Nr 5(Republicii) 7,000Lei/hr E from the bldg of Student Club.


h Hostel Do Re Mi: str Brashov, Nr2-4, Cluj Napoca, T186616, $6/p(IYH 10%discount) C2, I, K. Open July-Aug. Bus 3,35
Take #3 bus from train station, get off at the 3rd stop and walk back , turn left at the 2nd street(Andrei Muresanu), turn right at the 1st street(Z.Miknos) then turn left. The hostel is on the right side.
h Hotel Continental: Str Napoca Nr 1, at the SW corner of Piata Unirii, T191441, $9/p C4 bf, R I la This is a two-star hotel. Normally the cheapest single rooms cost $28 without bathroom. But they offer similar rooms for only $9 with breakfast. Very hard to believe but it is true. The best deal in town. Highly Rec.
h Junior Hotel & Rest. Str Caii Ferate Nr. 12, T432028
s/d 300,000Lei Bf Bar C4 Out from the train station walk left 150m. you can see their big sign, "HOTEL" from the station.
h Hotel Delta: At the Autogara 2, NW from the train station 10-15min. walk, 100,000/p C1. Worst hotel no value of staying here.

Information is still limited. Please send us your favorate restaurants/cafes.
r Pizza Y: Piata Unirii Nr 1. huge pizza with free beer, around 30,000Lei
r Il Coffee: on Constantine Brasov, near the YH Do-Re-Mi. It sells coffee beans. But at bar you can drink strong espresso with 4500Lei.
r Cafeteria of Hotel Continent: Classic interior cafe.


S10 Baserica St. Mihail(Saint Michael Church): in Piata Unirii, 1350-1487. good example of Gothic style church in Transylvania
S11 Orthodox Cathedral : at Piata Avram Iancu, 400m E from Piata Unrii, Despite of the old design and restoration works, it was built in 1933, Byzantine & Romanesque
S12 Turnul Croitirilor(Tailors Tower): Str. Potaissa, 15 th C.Part of the old city wall
S13 Citadel: N from the Piata Unirii, cross the river. Good view from the top. There is not historical bldg left, but there are old walls for Citadel.
S14 Central Park: Go W along side of the river. Large park where there are a lake, gardens, etc.
S15 Biserica Minoritilor(Minorits Church): on B. Eroilor, 18th Baroque style
S16 Biserica Reforma(Protestant Church): on Mihail Kogalniceanu. 15th C. Gothic style

S1 Muzeul National de Istorie A Transilvaniei(National Museum of Transilvania)
Str C-Tin Daicoviau 2, Tu-Su 10-16,
6,000Lei. From the NW of Piata Unirii, walk N for 5min. Find a very small plaza, dirty Piata Muzeului. The museum is on the W of it. There are exhibitions in two floors. The lower one is pre-historical era which is more interesting than the modern time of later era. No English explanation, but you probably can enjoy a bit.
S2 Muzeul National de Arta, National Art Museum: Piata Unirii 30, NE of the Piata Unirii. Tu-Su 12-19:00. 16,000Lei. The quality is very good.
S3 Muzeul Etnografic al Transilvaniei(Ethonographic museum) on Str Memorandumului 21, Walk 5 min from NW of Piata Unirii. Tu-Su 10-16:00, 20,000Lei. Camera 20,000Lei, Video 35,000Lei
S4 Muzeul Memorial "Emil Isac" str Emil Isac 23, W from the National Museum of Transylvania. W-Su 13-17:00, Entry ?Lei
S5 Muzeul Zoologil(Museum Zoology): Str Clinicilor Nr 5-7, Walk 10 min W from the SW of Piata Unirii. T-F9-15:00, SaSu10-14:00. 2000Lei. Lots of animals, insects are displayed. For animal lovers, it may not be a good place to go. The door might be locked. knock the door to open it.

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