Brasov, Romania

Area Code 064 $1=21,300Lei, 27 June, 2000

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To Town Center from the train station
When you arrive at Brasov, a few people approach you offering private rooms. They will show you how to get the town center. If you want to go to the center by yourselves, take a bus #4 to Piata Stafului, Buses are very frequent.
Many pickpockets and thieves in internet cafes are reported.

Information Office: does not exit.
Map can be bought from shops on the pedestrian street leading the central square.
Exchange: Many money changers and banks are located on the pedestrian street and the town square. Good rate for cash of US$ and DM. For T/C can be changed only at bank with 4-5% com. Many banks have ATM and cash advance service without any commission.
$1 IDM money changer: N end of the pedestrian street and B. Eroilora. No com for T/C however actual commission is hidden in the at least 20% lower rate for T/C. Not recommended for T/C
M0 Post office: E end of the Parcul Central just N from the old town(or from MacDonald)
M1 Telephone office: 15 Noiembrie Bd., 6.30-21.30. across from the Central Park, between Aro Palace and Capitol Hotels.
P Police: ?
H Hospital: ?
m Fruit market: Central Market, right next to STAR dept. store, on N.Balcescu street
la Laundry: None in the center, But one on Calea Bucuresti called TEOREMA.

T Train station: E from the center, 20 min walk to the center. Or take #4 the center. You can buy tickets at the travel agency on Str Republicii near MacDonald. See travel agency. To reach the station from the center, take a bus #4 on Str Nicolae Bal Cescu, one block E from the square.
International Train
To Budapest OW570,000, RT 690,000 Couchette 20,0000Lei
Vienna 2,000,000, Paris 3,910,000(couchette+ 640,000), Prague 1,650,000, Munich 2,000,000,
Vienna 1,000,000, Warsaw 1,150,000 Lei
Domestic Couchette 62,000Lei
B1 Autogara #1: Some buses leave from in front of the train station.
Bus to Munich: Touring bus company
OW125DM, RT220DM, bus leaving from the train station at 6:00 arriving 8:00+1 and more designations in Germany.
Bus to Budapest: Th7:00(20:45) Confirm where this bus leaves.
B2 Autogara #2: NW from the center. #12 or #22 from E end of Str Al. I. Cuza, which is 1 block N from the central park. Take Str. Nicolae Iorga north. You can also take #22 from Str Iuliu Maniu, 5 min. walk from the train station
To Bran, 10,000Lei. Almost every 30min.
B3 Bus to Istanbul: OW400,000Lei, It leave daily from Hotel Aro Palace at 6:00 arrives Istanbul at 8:00+1.. Agency is Odeon "D" Travel on Muresenilor near B. Eroilor M-Sa 8-17:00

Train Fare from Brasov, Jan 3, 2001 info $1=26,000lei
Sighsoara Cluj Oradea Sibiu Bucharest Sinaia Arad
KM 128 333 484 149 166 45 433
P 41,700 82,300 105,600 45,700 52,600 14,600 105,600

46,400 91,700 115,000 50,400 57,300 19,300 115,000

80,400 157,900 191,200 84,400 99,100 38,800 192,100

96,800 233,800 299,900 96,800 120,100 57,000 299,900

Train Domestic
Brasov/Sighsoara/Cluj Brasov/Sinaia/Bucharest
IC 08:58/10:38/ - R 06:34/ - /08:35
R 09:57/11:40 / - R 06:55/07:19/08:59
A 10:32/12:26/15:57 R 08:27/08:48/10:34
R 11:34/13:15//16:46 R 09:20/09:41/11:23
R 16:09/17:49/ 21:04 IC09:51/10:14/11:53
IC 17:20/19:00/ - R 12:24/ - /14:31
R 18:18/20:04/23:30 A 15:34/16:00/1800
More Personel trains R 16:34/17:57/na
A 17:25/18:55/21:08
Brasov / Oradea R 20:10/20:31/na
Brasov / Arad Brasov / Sibiu
R 22:26 / 058, A 00:42 / 08:25 A12:20/15:05
IC 08:42 / 15:13, R09:57 / 16:02 More Personel trains
Take a personal train to Vintu de Jos or Simeria, from there more trains.

Local Transport
Buses are running throughout the town. Ticket are available at all stops from ticketing booths. 1 ride ticket 3,000Lei
Travel agency
ta Air Training Transylvania: On Str Rebublich near the MacDonald. M-Sa 7-19 selling and booking trains tickets with 200lei commission per ticket. (Both international and domestic)
ta Touring bus company: at the Square the other side from the Str. Republicii. Piata Sfatului 18, T474008 They sell international bus tickets to Germany associated with Eurolines.
ta Odeon "D" Travel: on Muresenilor near B. Eloilor M-Sa 8-17:00 Sell bus tickets to Istanbul.

c Cinemas: There are about 6 movie theaters in Brasov. All movies are shown with original languages. The current programs are posted in many locations of the town. 12,000Lei
op Operas/Concert: tickets ?

Will be provided soon.

@ Internet @
Many on the square and the pedestrian street, Many are charging less than 20,000Lei and can be paid as /min. Most of the open 24 hrs. Watch for your belonging. Many thieves are operating inside of the cafes.
@ Internet cafe at E of the square, They sell CDs at the ground floor. It is in the basement. 20,000Lei/hr and 22:00-9:00 7,000Lei/hr. 17 inch monitor and new software.24 hours
@ Barterasa: on Str Rebublich 14,0000/hr 24 hours
@ Orient Cafe: 8:30-15:30 - 12,000Lei/hr, 15:30-22:30 16.000/hr minimum 15min.
@ Internet cafe on Str Agriselor, off 15 Noiembrie, N from B. Eroilor, 250Lei/min..


Private Rooms
When you arrived by train. A few people come to you and offer a private rooms. The most famous lady is Maria speaks a few languages. T094816970,. She offer rooms from $7+/p, s$10+ So ask how much you want to pay and ask her to take you to the rooms.
I saw a $10/p rooms centrally located. Beautiful rooms and clean. You can use K, Fr. You can ask washing your cloth withy a few dollars.
There are more people offering rooms at train station, in front of hotels, etc in Brasov.
h Hotel Aro Sport: Str 3, T142640. sb s22,400 d28,000 HW C3

At the square, many restaurants and cafes are located.
More restaurants will be added soon.
r Oriental Cafe: At the square. near the end of Str. Republicii. Beautiful cafe serving Turkish coffee heated with hot sand.
r cake & coffee: Str G.Baritiu opp from the Black Church. They probably sell best cakes. But not so cheap. Good ones are sold with weight, which one portion will be more than 30,000Lei.
r Mac Donald: Str Republicii(almost N end of the pedestrian street.) Good landmark but it is expensive comparing to other decent local food.
r Stradivari: Piata Sfatului + Muresenilor street, Set menus 60,000-65,000 lei ,big pizzas 30,000-35,000 lei. Rec
r Gustari: Piata Sfatului. Main dishes 40,000 - 60,000 lei. Best place to try such as sarmale (stuffed cabbage and meat rolls) with mamaliga (polenta). Highly rec
r Bella Musica: Piata Sfatului + Baritiu street, across from Panasonic.traditional r dishes Go to the cellars downstairs. Main dishes 60000-80000 lei. Wonderful environment and food. Don't miss "Ciorba de fasole in paine" (beans soup served in bread) Highly Rec
r Spaghetteria: same location as Bella Musica, but upstairs.Romanian Main dishes 30000-50000. Cheaper, nice , but far less character than Bella musica.
r La Pizza: Republicii street + Armata romana street. Pizza 20000 - 30000 lei.
r Mado: Republicii street, higher class fast food (burgers & chicken dishes for 50000-60000 lei) + ice cream bar. 08:00-02:00
r Ciao:, next to Mado, pastry shop. 8-21:00, excellent
r Casablanca:Bd 15 Noiembrie next to Patria cinema. the fast food


S1 Piata Statului: The main square at the S end of the pedestrian street, Str. Republicii. Very beautiful square surrounded by classical buildings. In the middle there is a the history museum, which was a town hall. Many restraints have tables out side.
S2 Black Church: near the square. 10-17:000. For tourists, 8,000Lei, Concert TuThSa 18:00-, 12,000Lei Gothic church with many Turkish rugs are hanging in the church.
S3 Mt. Tampa:A mountain on E side of the town. You can climb up the hill on foot which takes about 1 hour from the NE of the town. (Walk toward the hill from MacDonald)or by cable car. The view from the top is excellent.
S Cable car: RT20,000 Lei OW15,000 M12-16:00, T-F 9:30-18/19, SaSu 9:30-20:00 It takes you up to the 960m from 573m. To View point: When you get off from the cable car, turn right and walk 100m. You may end up to the old view point which is totally run down and very dangerous. From there climb up to the top of the hill.
S4 The first School of Romania(Primei Scoli Romanesti) and St. Nicholas Church(Biserica St. Nicolae): From the square, walk E and turn right on the road which traffic is against you. This raid leads through the Gate, Schei Gate and continue walk another 500m South. The school and the church are on the left. There is a small museum Tu-Su 10-18:00. Entrance ?Lei. Nobody ask me to pay any nor any sign of entrance fee.
You can come back to the center by bus #4.
S2 Black Tower: and White Tower: On the hill W of the town, there are two towers. You can walk up or walk a nice pass at the edge of the hill, along the old city wall, which pass are very quiet and peaceful.

S1 The National Museum of History: In the middle of the Piata Statului, Tu-Su 10-18:00, 4,000Lei Very small exhibition and only written in Rumanian. No worth of visiting.
S2 Art Museum: on B. Eroilor next to Capitol Hotel, Tu-Su 10-16:00, 6,000Lei
S3 Museum de (Textile) next to the Art Museum, Tu-Su 10-16:00, 6,500Lei

Out of the town
S Poiana Brasov: About 5km S from Brasov. There is a cable car which take you up to 1800m. In summer, ideal place for hiking and In winter for skiing. There is a tourist office where you can get information.
Access: From a bus stop, W of the B.Eroilor, Bus #20. 5,000Lei
S Bran: This is a village where there is the most famous tourist attraction in Romania, "Dracula's castle"
1 hr by bus from Brasov.
Bran castle was built in 14th C. to defend against Turks. "Count Dracula", Vlad Tepes who might have stayed here in 15th C.
50.000 Lei, student 35.000 Lei, camera 30.000 Lei.
Ethnolographical Museum:
Vama Bran Museum:
a bus from Augogara#2.
Accommodation: Many pensions are being built every year. Private rooms can be arranged with Bran-Imex T068-147-6360. s150-200,000, d250,000+
Festival: ?
Transylvania sight information on web:
Medieval Transylvania;
for fortified medieval churches and citadels in Trasylvania region

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