Vilnius, Lithuania

Area Code 5, $1=2.82Lt 1Euro=3.4528, 9 July, 2004

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For the last three years it has been called the `New Prague`, and the residents of Czech Republic must look at their northern neighbors with envy. The old area of this town was added to the list of UNESCO World heritage in 1994. Since then Tourism has been increasing but it still keeping many local shops and the friendliness of the people.

From the bus stop walk left down Pelesos, turning left at Ausros vartu. This passes the hostel to the gates of dawn, which turns into Didzioii (passes the town hall), turns into Pilies and ends at the cathedral.

From the train station to the old town, it takes more than 30 mins on foot but we recommend you to walk because on the way you will find many charms of this town. If you prefer, take bus #5 10-15 min.

The Vilnius Tourist Information Center: Pilies 42 T629660. 9.00-19.00 daily. English speaking staff offer advice on transportation and accommodation
i The Vilnius Tourist Information Center: Vilniaus 22/Didzioji 31, M-F9-18:00, SaSu10-16. just between the train station and the old area.
AE American Express: Seimyniskiu 18. M-F8.00-17.00.
$ Exchange: 24 hour exchange at Train station and the bus station
$1 Vilniaus Bankas:Jogailos 9. M-F8-18:00. T/C com 2%
$2 Bank of Lithuania: Gedimino 6, M-Th8-17.00, F8-15:45, T/C com 2%
$3 Vilniaus Bankas: Gedimino 12, M-Th8-17.30 F8-17:30, T/C com 2%
$4 Parex Bankas: next to the train station, 24hrs T/C com 2%
M0 Post office: Vivulskio 23, M-F8-20.00, Sa11-19.00.
M1 Telephone office: Vilniaus 33, M-Sa8-18.00 Su9-14.00.
P Police: 02
H Hospital: Baltic&American Medical Centre: Antakalnio 124, T2342020, 24hrs, western standard surgery and check ups, with English speaking staff.
Hp Pharmacy - Gedimino Vaistine: Gedimino 27. 24hrs
Hp Vokieciu Vaistine: Didzioji 13, 9.00-17.30
E1 USA: Akmenu 6, T2665500, M-Th9.00-11.30
E1c Canada: Gedimino 64, T2490950, MWF9-12:00
E44 UK: Antakalnio 2, T2462900, M-F8:30-11:30
E Australia: Vilnius 23, T2123369, MWF11.00-14.00
E81 Japan: M.K. Ciurlionio 82b, T 23104 62, M-F10.00-12.00
E372 Estonia: Mickviciaus 4a, T27880200, Tu-Th10.00-12.00, 14.30-15.30.
E371 Latvia: M.K. Ciurlionio 76, T22312 60, M-Th10.00-12.00. 14.00- 16.00, F10.00-13.00,
Visa = $15US (30 day) - Australians
E42 Czech Republic:Tilo 1/2, T2661040, MWF10.00-12.00. Visa=$25Euro?(30day) - Australians and New Zealanders
E48 Poland: Smelio 22a, T2709004, M-F 10.00-13.00
Visa= $46US (30 Day) - Australians
E41 Switzerland: Rudninku 1812, T2120837
E45 Denmark: T. Kosciuskos 36, T2153434
E47 Norway: Mesiniu 52, T2610000, M-F10-12:00
E46 Sweden: Didzioji 16, T2685010, M-F9:30-12:00
E358 Finland: Klaipedos 6, T2121621, M-F8:30-?
E7 Russia: Latviu 53/54 T2723893
E7k Kazakhstan: Pilimo 6, next to Jewish Museum. it may move to a new bldg. Akmenu 6, opp from USA embassy.
Visa is issued here. price ?
s Supermarket: Maxima: Mindaugo 11, 8.00-24.00 daily
s Supermarket: Ikiukas: Pylimo 8-23:00
s Supermarket: Iki: 2F of the bus station 8-22:00
s Voveraite: Vokieciu 13, 8.00-24.00 daily.
s English Bookstores, Akademine Knyga: Universiteto 4, 10.00-18.00. Reasonable range of English paperbacks for 55Lt+.
s Littera: Jono 12, 9.00-17.00 daily, the university bookstore. Wide range in a great building.
la Laundry: Hostels do it for a load. 10Lt-12Lt.
la Vikdagis: Tuskulenu 35. Free home delivery. M-F7-22:00, Sa7-13:45
la Jogle: Jasinskio 16. M-F8-22:00, Sa9-16:00, Many other brunches

A Vilnius International Airport: Rodunios Kelias 10A, T2306666, Access: From the airport to the city: Buses every 10-15min. Bus #1: to the train station, Bus #2 to the center to then Seskine
SU Aeroflot: Pylimo 8/2, T2124189
BT Air Baltic: Seimyniskiu, 1a International Business Center 2F, T2758535,
LSK Aurela: Rodunios Kelias 2,T2395530
AAT Austrian Airlines: J. Basanaviciaus 11/1, T2791416
LVR Aviavilsa: Rodunios Kelias 8/103, T2739003
OK Czech Airlines: Valanciaus 4/9, T2151503
OV Estonian Air: Rodunios Kelias 2,T2739022
AY Finnair: Rodunios Kelias 2,T2619339
TE Lithuanian Airlines: A. Gustaicio 4, T2306017
LO LOT: Rodunios Kelias 8, T2739020
LH Lufthansa: Rodunios Kelias 2,T2329290
SK SAS: Rodunios Kelias 2, T2356000
T Train station: Gelezinkelio 16. Tourist Information, toilet(free very clean)
To Kaunas (2 hrs) 10Lt, many between 5:07-20:20
To Klaipeda (5 hrs) 36Lt, 7.00, 17.00, 23:00
To Trakai (30mins), 2.5Lt, 4.28, 5.28, 6.48, 8.24, 12:03, 15:30, 17:30, 19:35
To Moscow (17 hrs), 85Lt, 3 trains/day via Belarus.
To Saint Petersburg 100Lt, 17:14
To Minsk (4 hs) 27Lt, 6:26, WFSa15:18
To Riga (6 hrs) 65Lt, 7:09
To Warsaw, (7 hrs) 95Lt, 20.58.

Bus station: directly opposite the train station.
Bus Information: #1 counter, 6-21:00
Many bus companies, toilet(1Lt), luggage deposit Bagazas Siuntos(3Lt/p, 5:30-21:00), Bar ATM, Supermarket(2F), Baltic International: T2151377, 6-22:00, TOKS Bus company: 8-222:45, Some bus company offer student discount 10%

International Buses
Latvia Riga: 40Lt, 5hrs, 10:00, 17:00
Estonia Tallinn: 90Lt, 10hrs, 7:00, 21:45(via Riga)
Byelorussia Minsk: 21Lt 5hrs, Tu8:00, 22Lt 5hrs, 5:50, 22Lt 4hrs 12:50
Russia Moscow 104Lt 23hrs, MWFSu10:00(via Riga)
St. Petersburg: 44Lt, 19hrs TuThSa13:00(via Riga), 99lt, 22hrs, 10:00(via Riga)
Czech Prague: 160Lt 20hrs, TuF16:30,(via Warsaw), 194Lt 23hrs, MWF9:00(via Warsaw)
Poland Warsaw: 97lt, 8hr, 9:00, 12:50, Gdansk: 113lt, 24hrs, 22:50(via Kanaus)
Slovakia Bratislava: 292Lt, 27hrs, TuThSaSu17:00(via Wien)
Austria Wien/Vienna: 300Lt 24hrs, TuWSaSu17:00(via Kanaus, Krakow)
Germany Stuttgart: 266Lt, 26hrs, WThSu19:00(via Dresden), Berlin: 198Lt, 19hrs, TuThSu6:30, 215Lt, 18hrs, WSa15:00. Bremen: 304Lt, 26hrs, TuThFSu6:30 (via Hunbeurg). Munchen/Munich: 307lt, 33hrs, WSa15:00(via Berlin, Frankfurt)
Denmark Copenhagen/Kopenhagen: 340Lt, 27hrs, MW6:40(via Kanaus)

Local Transport
The trolley-bus is very efficient. Tickets cost 0.80Ls (0.40Ls for student) and can be bought at Kiosks. For pure luxury a minibus covers the same routes for 2Ls.
Travel agency
ta Baltic Travel Service UAB: S???ciaus 2, T2120220, Reservation for transport, rooms, visa
ta Baltic Tours: Tumo-Vaizganto 91, T2313311. M-F 8.00-18.00 English speaking staff.
ta Avanturas UAB: J.Basanaviciaus 16/5 T2652355
Russian visa
$55(reported in 2000), Belarus $70 same day service. (reported)but if you have Russian visa, you don't need the visa. Ukrain $100+ insurance fee.
ta Villdola: opp from Gedimino Tours. Russian visa $55 (reported in 2000) Ukrain Transit $70+ insurance fee

c Cinemas:Lietuva, Pylimo 17. two screens, latest movies. 8Ls. St 6Lt
c Vilnius: Gedimino 5a, 12Lt, St-6Lt
th Lithuanian National Opera & Ballet Theatre: Vienuolio 1, not only opera or ballet, many other performances are held. 20-200Lt
th Lithuanian National Drama Theatre: Gedimino 4, 20Lt

@ Internet @
@ Interneto Kavine: Gedimino 4. 8.00-20.00 3Lt/h, 2Lt/30min
@ V002: Asmenos 8, 8.00-24.00, 6Lt/hour.
@ Ralinga Internet Center: Pylimo 20, 9-18.00, 7Lt/hour.
@ Klubas Metro Kavine: Pylimo 43, Raugkos 2, M-Th 11-24:00 F11-29:00, Sa12-29:00, Su12-24:00, 6.5Lt/h on the way to the old area from the train station.


The hostels in Vilnuis are the best in the Baltics, so booking them in advance is a must. The Old Town Hostel has become more famous than its crazy owner, Livijus, the Jesus look a like psycho.
h Domus Maria Hostel:Ausros vartu 12 (from the bus station walk past Mcdonalds then turn right on Ausros vartu). T2644880. s159Lt, d209Lt, I, L, TV. C3
Renovated to mid-range hotel. Excellent location just outside the gate of dawn (old town).
h Filaretai Hostel: Filaretu 17 (catch bus #34 from outside train station and get off at the 7th stop)T2154627, dr29Lt, d50Lt, I, L, K, CTV, C4 Sheet included. If this hostel were closer to town it would be the best in Lithuania. Luxuries including cable television, big kitchen and a quick laundry service (10Lt) make this an excellent alternative to the above, but why is it so far away. Rec
h Litinterp B&B: Bernardinu 7-2, T2123850 (from cathedral haed up Pilies (straight ahead) and take your first left) sb s80Lt-100Lt, d120Lt-160Lt C4
This B&B service is a good alternative if you do not want to sleep in 8 bed dorms, but stay in a real Lithuanian home in the heart of Old town.
h Elektros Tinklu Statyba(guest house): Stepono 11 (3rd left down Pylimo, Bus #2 #5 #7 from train station) T2160254, dr 40Lt, K, C2 Good location and friendly non-English speaking staff make this a good option. Communal kitchen and bath (no shower) for guests. Ok if the Old Town hostel is full.
h Milzinu Paunksme Hotel: Kedru 6(from the old area, 20 min on foot.) T2339887, ab d120-150Lt, TV sw sauna C4 a bit far from the center but good facility.
h Hotel Panorama: Sodu 14, T2738011, ab d120Lt, t139Lt, CTV C4. Near the train station. Good place. Reservation recommended.

Oddly the English/Irish pubs have the least expensive meals, but I an sure this is how they attract the huge student population in the town.
r The Pub: Dominikonu 9, M-ThSu11-26:00 FSa11-29:00 English/Lithuanian 10-250Lt Excellent restaurant pub frequented by the students from the University across the road. Have a huge beer garden up the back, which is covered by umbrellas when it rains so you can stay there any time. Dishes such as Shepherds pie and bangers and mash are 12Lt and are big portions. Depending what night it is, jazz, blues or rock band will play outside. Highly Rec
r Prie Parlamento: Gedimino 46, M-Th10-27:00, Sa10-29.00, Su10-26:00. English/Lithuanian 10-25Lt, Extremely popular pub/restaurant that is constantly full. Has a great balcony and outdoor seating and the meals are large. Downstairs is the towns best nightclub Ministerija, so this is the perfect place to have a bite to eat, then go down stairs. Highly Rec
r Bix: Etmonu 6, M-Th110-26:00, FSa11-29:00
Pub food 8-15Lt, Owned and named after the most popular band in Lithuania, Bix is somewhere between a rowdy pub and a MTV set. Meals are good, and the locals are always sitting on the outdoor seats.
r Skanaus: Ausros vartu, 7-20:00, Bakery - 2-7Lt, The best place to go for breakfast in Vilnius. They have a huge selection of doughnuts, pastries, pizza slices and biscuits, daily soup(4Lt), salad(7lt), Good outdoor seating. This place is brand new, but has already maintained a large clientele. Highly Rec
r Cili: Gedimino 23, 10.00-24.00. T261907, 8-35Lt, Is it raining outside and you couldn't be bothered leaving your hostel. Than ring Cili for a home delivered pizza where you choose the ingredients. Offers a 35Lt pizza, the biggest I have ever seen (it fed 8 people). Rec
r Gero Viskio Baras: Pilies 34, M-Th10-25:00, F10-29:00, Sa12-29:00, Su12-27:00. Snack food. The busiest nightclub in town is very popular with tourists and locals who either like to kiss of punch tourists. Music is laughable but the place does have a good atmosphere every night of the week. Rec
r Balti Rambliai Kavine: Vilnius M-F11-24:00, SaSu19-24:00, Indian cafe, relaxing atmosphere with Indian music. Coffee 2.5Lt, outside seating. Highly Rec
r McDonald: in front of the train station. 6-23:00. Also a few brunches in town.
r Miyako: Konstitucijos 7a, T2487060, 10-24:00, Japanese 25-35Lt,
r Aukstaiciai: Antokolskio 13, T2120169, 12-24:00, Lithuanian, 10-30Lt, cheap and large volume, good local food. Rec


S1 KGB Museum(Museum of Genocide Victims): Gedimino 40 (entrance Auku 2a), Tu-Sa10-17:00, Su10-15:00, 2Lt(Sep-Jan St-1Lt), Photo permit 4Lt, Video 10Lt, headphone English tour 8Lt. Disturbing museum set in the former KGB cells where thousands of Lithuanians were tortured before being shipped off to labor camps. Descriptions of cells are written in English, including the water cell (cell filled with water), and solitary cell (where a man would have to stand up for days). Final pictures of murdered people may be too much for some people. A must see. Highly Rec.
S2 The Cathedral: Katedros 1.
Huge impressive structure that all roads seem to lead to. The walls of the church are filled with religious artifacts and paintings. A archeologist found millions dollars worth of treasures in the concrete walls of the church in the1980`s but remained quiet until Lithuania had independence, so the Russians would not steal it. He was given Lithuania's highest honor. Mass on Sundays is open to public.
Highly Rec.
S3 The Old Town: Vilnius is being called `The new Prague` and the similarities are obvious. Parts of the town have been re-constructed but the most of this area well kept since 16thC. Filled with tight cobble stone streets it is easy to get lost in the old city. Head south to one of the oldest Universities in the world, Vilnius Univercity, built in 1579, and chat with the lounging students who are glad to practice their English.
S4 Frank Zappa!!!: Kalinausko 1. Perhaps the weirdest monument in the world, built by Zappa fun club in 1995. Lithuanian students thought they would honor a relatively unknown foulmouthed American guitarist from the 70`s. Not bad for someone who had never been to Lithuania. Just plain weird but enjoyable nevertheless.
S5 Gates of Dawn: 100m past the Old town hostels.
This last remaining part of the ancient fortification wall was transformed into a chapel in 1671, and today is the majestic sign that you are entering the Old City. Full of women praying, gold and silver statuettes line the enclosure.
Highly Rec.
S6 Castle Hill: east of the Cathedral, Take a stroll up the hill to see the 14th century remains of Vilnius` finest viewpoint. Legend has it that a Grand Duke saw a iron wolf howling on this hill, which signified that a great town should be built there. Good for a sunny day. Rec
S7 National Museum of Lithuania The Old Arsenal: Arsenalo 3, W-Su10-18:00, 4lt, St-2Lt, guided tour 15Lt. It displays prehistoric Lithuania
S8 National Museum of Lithuania The New Arsenal: Arsenalo 1, W-Su10-18:00, 4lt, St-2Lt, guided tour 15Lt. It displays Lithuanian History of State and Culture
S9 National Museum of Lithuania The Castle Tower of Gediminas Hill: Arsenal 5, 10-19:00,: 4lt, St-2Lt, guided tour 15Lt. 14-17 th C castle.
S10 Lithuanian Art Museum: Didzioji 4/Boksto 5, M-F8-12, 13-17:00. It houses paintings, Etchings, prints, sculptures, textiles, amber, etc since 16 th C It is a good place to see Lithuanian art.
S11 Open Air Museum of the Centre of Europe(Europos Parkas): Joneikiskiuk 15148, 9:00-sunset 10lt, St-8lt, Built in 1991 by Lithuanian artists commemorating that this was the center of Europe. More than 100 works of art are displayed from all over the world. Access: From Zalgirio stop at Kaluvariju street, take a "Zalgirio-Europos Parkas - Skirgiskes" bus. 20mins.

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