Trakai, Lithuania

Area Code 8, E1=3.4528Lt, $1=4.25Lt, 18, July, 2000

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The town of Trakai has perfectly complimented the beautiful lake and castle with good accommodation, restaurants and activities. The whole town revolves around tourism and they make a huge effort in meeting your every needs, whether it be getting a fishing license to riding a horse. Most people come to Trakai for a day but if you did that, you would miss so much Trakai had to offer.

From the bus stop walk left to Vytauto. This runs along the lake all the way to the island castle, passing accommodation and the tourist office at 69 on the way.

i Information Office: Vytanto 69 T51934. M-F9.00-18.00 Sa10.00-17.00, Helpful staff offer information on accommodation, restaurants and sights. Map costs 5Lt.

National Park information Bureau: karaimu 5, T52759
S Lietuvos taupomasis bankas: Vytauto 37, M-F 9-16.00.
$1 Litimpeks: Vytauto 19, T52 535, M-F9-16.00. Rates are better in Vilnuis. T/C com. 2%
M0 Post/Telephone Office: Vytauto 22, T55 444, M-F9.00-17.00.Sa10/00-15.00.
P Police: Vytauto 46 T 52424
H Hospital: Mindaugo 17 T 52745
Hp Pharmacy: Vytauto 34 T 55 682, M-F9-18, Sa10-17.00

B1 Bus (minibus) station: Vytauto 1.
Minibuses leave Vilnuis every 25 minutes to Trakai. 2.80Lt
Minibuses leave Trakai every 45 minutes to Vilnuis. 2.80Lt
Buses leave Trakai every hour to Vilnuis. 2.50Lt

Local Transport
No local transport.
Tx A taxi stand is located at the bus station. 1.50Ls/Km
Travel agency
ta1 The Trakai Tourism Information Center (Vytauto 69) can book on going transport arrangements.

n Kibinie: Karaimu 65, 12-20.00. Lithuanian 5Lt-30Lt., Serves bar like snacks then turns into a drinking den for the locals. Good place to meet the locals. Rec

Festivals/National Holidays
January 1 New Years Day
February 16 Independence Day
April Good Friday and Catholic Easter
May 1 Labor Day
June 23 Mid Summer Night
July 6 Day of Statehood
November 1 All Saints Day
November 2 All Souls Day
December 25 Christmas

@ Internet @
No internet access.


Accommodation is excellent in Trakai, although the view from the bedroom window might have something to do with that. There are many B&B`s along the lake, all with the same facilities and view. So the owners make it their business to be friendly with you, so you may tell you friends. Thus more business.
h Hotel Galve: Karaimu str. 41. T51345.
sb s33Lt, d52Lt, C3, Simple but good hotel and cafe situated right on the lake. Rooms are small but clean. Ask for a view of the lake. Rec
h Guesthouse: Vytauto 1, T55148. sb s28Lt, d56L La, K, C3 Friendly owners and a great location make this a good place to stay. They also organize boat hire and fishing licenses. Rec
h Camping Kempingas Slenyje: Slenio str 1, T51387
sb d60Lt, t72Lt, q80 Lt, C3, 45 places in wooden houses. Situated next to the lake, the wooden cabins offer a nice home away from home while you stay in Trakai. Also has a sauna and a cheap cafe. Renting boats, tents (15Lt per person), waterbikes and yachts is available.

Of course fish, heads the list of most of the restaurants menus, and you can tell by tasting it, it was freshly caught. Prices are little higher here, than in the capital but Vilnius doesn`t have the view.
r Traku Viesbutis: Ezero 7, 12-24.00.International 10Lt-60Lt, Excellent outdoor seating right on the bank of the lake, on long wooden tables, and an outdoor fireplace. Food is a little pricey but it does have big proportions, and is excellent. Also a four star hotel. Highly rec
r Zidinys: Vytauto 91, 11.00-24.00. Lithuanian 10Lt-30Lt
Tiny restaurant that serves mainly local cuisine. Has a patio facing the lake but the staff will add 10% more for doing so.


S10 Island Castle: Built in the middle of the lake in the 14th century this is one of the most impressive castles you will ever see. On a recent publication about castles, this Trakai`s was put on the front cover. 10Lt (St-5Lt ).
S11 Peninsular Castle: The almost forgotten castle, is just 200 metres down Kestucio str, from it. Has decayed badly over the years but the foundation walls are still showing. Gives you a creepy feeling.
S12 Trakai Lake: Most accommodation organise boat hire, fishing equipment and fishing license all for 100Lt. The fish must be biting, because I saw many people come to sure with a bag of fish.

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