Kaunas, Lithuania

Area Code 827, E1=3.4528Lt, $1=4.25Lt,, 28, July, 2000

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Despite having an old town almost as old as Vilnius and untouched by warfare, tourists don`t seem to make it here. The attractions are head but the Kaunas council need to make it easier for the tourists, with cheaper accommodation and more information offices.
From the bus station turn left on Vytauto pr., then turn left on Laisves towards the big church in the middle of the street. This street is the tourist strip which passes the accommodation mentioned and the tourist office (first street on right after the church). It leads to the old city.

Information Office: Mickeviciaus 36/40.T 32 34 36 M-F9.00-19.00 Sa9.00-15.00. Good information office fluent in English and German. Give out a free map.
S Vilnius Bankas: Laisves 82, T 30 71 11. M-F8.00-16.00. T/C com.2%
S Ukio Bankas: Gruodzio 9, T 30 14 01. M-F8.30-16.30. T/C com.2%
S Litimpeks: Gertrudos 4, T 22 41 64, M-F8.00-16.00. T/C com.2%
M0 Post/Telephone Office: Laisves 102. T 3242 86. M-F7.30-18.30 Sa7.30-16.30.
P Police: ?
H Hospital: Baltic-American Medical Clinic, Antakalnio 124 T 34 20 20, English speaking staff.
Hp Pharmacy: Aesculaturas, Gedimino. M-F8-18:00 Sa9-16:00.
s supermarket Vikonda: Savanoriu.24 hour
la Laundry - Maxima: Kreves 14b T 233692, 10.00-18.00.

T Train station: Ciurlionio 16.
To Vilnius (2 hrs) 10Lt, 15 trains/day btwn 4.08-20.55.
To Klaipeda (6 hrs) 25Lt, 00.40, 7.24.
To Riga (5 hrs) 55Lt, 23.46
To Moscow (17 hrs) 139Lt, 15.24
To Minsk (8 hrs) 100Lt, 04.43.
B1 Bus station: Vytauto 24/26. T 201955 for info. From train station head straight across the road to Vytauto.
To Klaipeda (4 hrs) 28Lt , 6.10, 8.20, 9.50, 11.55, 13.55, 14.40, 16.00, 17.30, 18.00..
To Palanga (4 hrs) 30Lt, 0.35, 2.15, 8,10.30,11.15, 14.50.
To Vilnius (2 hrs) 12Lt, Over 25 buses btwn 4.00-21.30
To Warsaw (8 hrs) 80Lt, 23.00.
To Riga (5 hrs) 60Lt, 7.25.
To Paris (35 hrs) 300Lt, WSu21.00.
To Vienna (20 hrs) 230Lt, W22.00.
To Prague (16 hrs) 200Lt, FSu13.30.

Local Transport
The trolley-bus: very efficient. 0.60Ls (student0.30Ls) and available at Kiosks.
Luxury a minibus covers the same routes for 2Ls.
Tx Ivaldis: T36-6666, 1.20Lt /km.
ta2 Travel agency: Baltic Clipper, Laisves 61. T32-0300. 9.00-17.00 Organises plane, bus and rail travel.

Festivals/National Holidays
January 1 New Years Day
February 16 Independence Day
April Good Friday and Catholic Easter
April 18-20 Folklore festival
May 1 Labor Day
June 23 Mid Summer Night
June 24 Kaunas dance festival
July 6 Day of Statehood
August 27 Puppet Theatre Festival
November 1 All Saints Day
November 2 All Souls Day
December 25 Christmas

@ Internet @
@1 Kavine Internetas: Dauksos 12 T 22-5364, www.cafenet.ot.lt, 10.00-22.00. 5Lt/hr.


Much more expensive than Vilnius, Kaunas has not yet realized it needs cheaper accommodation to attract the backpackers on the way to the coast. Most of the accommodation is very standard and would not be recommended in other towns, but in Kaunas it is the only choice.
h1 Lietuva I: Daukanto 21 (third right on tourist strip), T22-5992. sb s90 Lt, d140Lt, t150Lt, C2,
A former grand hotel is now just old and run down, however the friendly staff and its location, make this the best option for the budget traveler. Situated just 20 meters from the main street. Separate bathrooms..
h2 Monela: Laisves 35 (tourist strip), T2217 91.
sb s78Lt, d116Lt, t150Lt, C2
Extemely standard hotel which small rooms without bathrooms. The sign out the front of the hotel reads Lietuva II (this used to be connected to above), but is currently doing outside reservations.
h3 B&B Litinterp: Kumeliu 15-4, T14 690 (Head down the toursist strip Laisves until it turns into Gertrudos; take the last left down Kumeliu before the road ends).
sb s60-80Lt, d100-120Lt, t150-180Lt C4
Private bed and breakfast accommodation in the heart of old town is a good valued option. It is best to ring them up at least a day before to get your plans organized properly. You can request an English speaking host if you like.

Surprisingly the restaurants on the tourist strip (which you think would be expensive) are quite cheap, and the food is good. The cuisine is more national in flavor with more cabbage rolls stuffed with meat vendors everywhere you turn.
r Dziugo Greitas Maistas: Laisves 46, M-F9-21.00, Sa8.30-22.00, Su11.00-21.00. fast food
Burgers, chicken, milkshakes.
Standard fast food shop on the tourist strip.
r Laume: Laisves 65, 9.00-24.00, 15Lt-30Lt, International
It looks fancy from the outside. It does have good portioned food at an OK price.
Lasagne 12Lt, Steak 15Lt. Has a good outdoor seating area. Highly Rec
r Fortas Irish Pub: 63 Donelicio, M-Th11-24.00, FSa 11-03.00, Irish/English 4Lt-15Lt
A brand new typical Irish restaurant where the locals like to come. Slightly more expensive pub, that gets busy at night time with drinkers. Guiness 11lt
r Paulinga: 56 Laisves, 10.00-20.00, Local 2Lt-8Lt
Cheap and filling meals on a street dominated by more expensive alternatives. Simple outdoor seating at half the price of the restaurant next door.
Highly Rec


S1 Devil`s Musuem: Putvinskio 64, Tu-Su11.00-17.00 closed on the last Tuesday of every month. 5Lt , 2.50Lt Student.
Open in 1966 this museum has an interesting collection of paintings, sculptures, masks and cartoons of the devil. Interestingly Lithuanian culture see the devil as a fool who can be tricked and exploited by humans.
Highly Rec
S12 M.K.Ciurlionis State Art Musuem: Putvinskio 55, open Tu-Su11.00-17.00 closed on the last Tuesday of every month. 5Lt, 2.50 Student.
Born in Southern Lithuania in 1875, Ciurlionis is one of the countries most famous artistrs. The collection here is well above 400 of his works.
S13 Church of St Michael the Archangel: Nepriklausomybes 14, mon/fri 9.00-15.00, sat/sun 8.30-14.00.
Relatively new but dominating church designed by the ruling Russians of the time. It is said to be the towns favourite spot for weddings. Only open to the public since 1991.
S14 Basilica of Saint Peter and Paul: Vilniaus 26.
Built in 1408 it is the only gothic church of basilican design in the whole of Lithuania. There are many alters, and tombs within which make it an interesting visit.
S15 Old Town:
Miraculously unharmed by the wars or occupations, this part of town reminds me of Prague`s Jewish sector. There are many small restaurants and bars to keep you refreshed while walking around.

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