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Area Code 241 $1=0.59Lt, 13, July, 2000

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Cesis has just began to understand tourism. It has one of the best castles in Latvia, a tiny but interesting old town and friendly locals who talk to you on the street if you have a backpack on.

From the bus/train station walk straight ahead down Raunas iela to Vienibas (the main square). Here are the banks, supermarkets and Hotel Cesis, which will give you a free map. Head past Aroma cafe on Lencu and take your first left through the carpark to the castle.

Information Office: Tourist Information office is at Pils 9. M-F10-16:00, Sa11-14:00. It is situated in the building next to the stairway leading to the castle`s lake. Fairly helpful staff explain the history of the town. If you arrive on a Sundaty (when the office is closed), the Cesis History Musuem also has English speaking staff that can give you information. Hotel Cesis gives out free maps at reception.
$1 Unibanka: Raunas iela 8, M-F9-17.00. Am Ex T/C for 1% commission.
$2 Hipoteku Banka: across the road from $1. offers slightly better rates for cash. M-F8.30-17.00
$3 Pirma Banka: Raunas iela 11, also changes currency. M-F9-12.30, 13.30-17.00.
M0 Post /Telephone office: Ruenas iela 13, M-F8.00-18.00, Sa8.00-16.00.
P Police: Pils iela 12
H Hospital: 15 Palasta.
s Supermarket: The biggest is Interpegro on Raunas 15. Sells basic items including fresh meat and fruit. M-F9.00-19.00 SaSu?
s Photo developing, Rigas Liela: M-F9.00-18.00 Sa9.00-16.00. Film 3Ls, develping (24) 3.50Ls.

T Trains: Raina iela
To Riga (2 hrs) 2.80Ls, 8.20,11.50,13.35,16.30,19.24.
To Sigulda (1hr) 1.60Ls, 8.20, 11.50, 13.35, 16.30, 19.24
B1 Bus: Directly across the road from the train station.
To Riga (2 hrs) 2.20Ls - 27 buses/day. btwn 4.25- 19.50.
To Sigulda (1 hr) 0.95Ls - 27 buses/day. btwn 4.25-19.50. (
Warning - Buses to not go directly into Sigulda but stop at the bus stop 2Km S of Sigulda an Vidzemes soseja).

January 1 News Years Day
April Good Friday and Catholic Easter
June 24 Midsummers Festival
First Saturday of July National opera concert
November 18 National Day
December 25 Christmas

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No internet facilities in Cesis


Accommodation is poor in Cesis, as there are only two options. Hotel Cesis is excellent, but excellence comes at a price. The other option is more budget friendly but is a long way out of town with no public transport heading to it. I would suggest that if you don`t want to pay $20US each for a double with your partner, stay in Sigulda, spend the day then leave on a later bus.
h Cesis Hotel: Vienibas Lakums 1 (just off the main square), T4122392, s22Ls, d31Ls, TV, La, H, I, TV, bf C5 Exceptional hotel that reminds you what cleanliness is. Perhaps the biggest bathrooms in the baltics. Pricey but you do get what you paid for, with excellent service, huge buffet breakfast and just 1 minute walk from the Castle. Highly Rec
h Putnickrogs: Saules iela 23 (walk of the train tracks down Vaives iela, fifth street on your right is Saules iela). s4.50Ls, d7.50Ls C? Very basic accommodation and a little bit far away, however since this is the only other accommodation in town, it is much better for the budget traveler than the Cesis Hotel. Rec

Tradition Latvian meals are more common in Cesis than in other towns. The small milk bar type restaurants are always crowded with locals, and although you have no idea what you are ordering (an egg type dish is very popular), the meals are always cheap.
Raunas: On the square, 9.00-21.00, Chicken, 2-5Ls Reasonably priced food. Outdoor seating only when the sun is up.
r (No name): 13 Rigas iela, M-Sa7-20.00, Su10-18.00
1-3Ls, Don`t blink or you will miss it. This is where the locals come to eat. Soups .40Ls, Pizzas 1.90Ls.
Highly Rec
r Cafe Populare: GF of Cesis Hotel, 9-22.00
2-5Ls, A bistro in the daytime with great outdoor seating.
r Aroma: In the square, 9.00-21.00, 1-3Ls. Popular cafe that serves coffee (0.40Ls) cakes (0.35Ls) and ice cream. Has the best outdoor seating in Cesis. Highly Rec


S1 The Cesis Castle:
The castle, its surrounding parks and lakes is incredibly beautiful. The town's people have just let everything grow which gives it a spooky medieval feel. To walk through the ruins, you must buy a ticket at the Cesis History Musuem directly in front of it in Pils. To see just the ruins in
2Lt (1Lt students). To see everything including the museum and climb the tower is 5Lt (3Lt ). An English guide book costs 3Lt.
S2 The National Opera:
On the first Sa. of July, the Latvian National Opera Society hosts a play on the steps of the castle. The whole town attends and witnesses an incredibly powerful performance as their voices echo through the ruins.
2Lt for standing room (sit on the hill), 5Lt for sitting room and 7Lt for the best seats.
S3 Jana Baznica Church:
This medieval church is worth a visit, especially on a Saturday. Couples wait for Summer Saturdays to get married in this old chapel and welcome you to attend. Heading north from the church is where the old city starts.

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