Thessaloniki, Greece

Country code 30, Area Code ?, $1=376Drx, Dec 20, 2000

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Beautiful port town in N of Greece. It has many historical monument for Greek and Roman. It is also very important transport hub to former Yugo countries, Bulgaria and Turkey. You probably change your bus/train here.
Prices in Drx is old info(2000), ones in Euro is new(2004).
i Information Office: Aristoteliou sq #8, not confuse with the street of the same name. This square is located at the S end of the street,Aristoteliou. M-F7:30-15, Sa8-14:00
Access: Bus #3 from the train station.
i Information Office: at Train station: 05:00-02:00, Primary train information desk but the staff kindly help travelers.Map is available.
AM American Express: There is one here. The information will be provided later.
$ Exchange: Many banks and post offices change foreign currencies including T/C. money but the commission is not cheap. $1=1.25Euro, T/C com 2Euro
$a ATM: everywhere. 24 hrs. Very convenience. Also one at the train station. Only place to get Greece money on SaSu
M0 Post office: Etumikis Awinis #11, M-F7:30-20:00 Also at the train station.
P Police: T100/T109
P0 Tourist police: at the train station.
H Hospital:?
Hp Pharmacy: ?
m Market: Market: Egnaia street, N end of the Aristoteliou street. Many cheap fruit and food. It closes by 17:00. Rec.
c Supermarket: ?
la Laundry: ?

Local transport
B Bus: 100Drs.
The main road is Egnaia is connecting the train station and the center of the town.. #3, 10, 11, 17, 19, 37 are running on this road.

A The Airport: There are flights to the Greek islands. Contact the airline companies.
T Train station: E part of the town, to the center 15 mins on foot. Many cith buses are connecting this with the center, such as bus #3.
ATM, Post office, 2 banks(M-Th8-14, F8-12), free toilet, information desk, luggage deposit 6-21:30(
Eruo 2.9)
The fare Normal/Youth(-26)
To Sofia
6200/5200, dep22:00, To Istanbul 40/36Euro, dep7:25, To Beograd 11000/8950 dep18:15,
To Athens
4160/na, IC supplement 4150, couchette 1750, IC dep13:00, 15:00(6 hr), local dep18:20, 22:25(8hrs), couchette local train 23:40(7.5hrs)
B Bus Station: in front of the train station.
International bus office at the train station. Private bus companies to Athens are located opp from the train station. To Athens:
8700/-24year old 6700, many buses through out the day.
To Sofia
6500/5300, dep7:30, 12, 14, 22:00,
To Istanbul
Eruo 44/36 dep14:30
F Ferry: There are ferry services to islands. on Leoforos Nikis, nera the tourist office. No other info at this moment.

no info at this moment

@ Internet @
Many Internet cafes are near Rotanda and Kamra
@ Harry's Spot: Alexsvolou, 500Drx/30min.
@ Pl@net: off from Harry's 10-18:00, 600Drx/hr, after 18:00 800Drx/hr
near the Rotanda. There are few around here
@ Interspot: T968116, 800/hr
@ Enterprises: 10-17:00 700Drx/hr after 17:00 900Drx/hr
@ INK:

No Info at this moment.

Many cafes and restaurants in town. Some of the ones in the center are very trendy. Local restaurants are found in E part of town, N from the White Tower, Etunikis Amminis.
Subraki Euro 2, coffee Euro 2,


The list below is the limited at this moment.
S1 Aristoteliou Street: Beautiful street, full of nice shops, restaurant, cafes in well- preserved classical buildings.
S2 Rotanda of St Geoge: E part of the town on Egnaia road. 8-19:00 free. It was built 306AD for God for Roman, many be Zeus or Kabeiros. Later in 5 th Century it was converted to Christian church dedicated to Archangels. Very beautiful mosaic inside.
S3 Ag Sophia: 9 th C mosaic.
S4 White Tower: E part of the town on the promenade of the port. It was originally a part of the fortress and the wall guarding E, which has been removed.
S5 Agion Dimitrios: Agion Dimitrios street, 5th C largest church in Greece. beautiful Byzantine mosaics. Free
S6 Agia Ekaterini: Well preserved 13th C church. frescoes inside Free
S7 Galerian Arch: Built before 305AD.
S8 Archeological Museum: Near the White Tower. It houses a tomb of Phillip II, Alexander the Great's father.
S9 New Museum Byzantine Culture: Stratou St. free
S10 Kastra quarter: Turkish quarter which is the only old area survived from the fire in 1917
S11 Halkidiki Peninsula: 69km from from Thessaloniki and the center is Poligiros. This peninsula has beautiful beaches.

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