Greece General Info.
Capital AThens
Min. Budget $30/day

Country Code 30 ,US $1 = 376Drx, Dec 2000

More info will be added to this page shortly.

Official: Greek, but many can speak English. Recommend to remember The Greek letters. They look complicated but actually they are very simple. If you remember their symbols even you don't speak Greek, you can read many signs.

Summer and high season: Jun - Sep Hot, but from the middle of September it becomes windy in islands. For the islands to enjoy beaches, July - early September
Winter: November - March: It gets very cold sometimes. it even snows.

Currency / Exchange
Currently the currency is Euro, not Dracma any more. However it was Dracma at the time of our research and all info is based on Dracma so we keep the information beow.
Currency - Dracma (Drx),
- 10, 20, 50, 100, Notes - 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10,000Drx
Cash or T/C:Many banks and post offices exchange cash and T/C. but the commission is 1000Drx for each transaction. Euro T/C does not require commission.
ATM- many ATM the towns. Even Island towns.

Basic Travel Costs
Big Mac/set meal 650/1100Drx, Water 130Drx, Breakfast 1200Drx, meal 2000drx, Greek coffee 450Drx, filter coffee 600+, Hostel in Athens 1600-5000, Drinking water 160Drx

Opening hours
Shopping: M-F8.00-13:00, 17:00-20:00?
Banks: M-F 9.00-17.00. ATM 24 hrs.

not require for most citizens.

Border Crossing
From Brindisi Italy to Patra, W part of Greece., by ferry. The ferry is free with Eurail Pass. The ferry stops at Kofu.
From Turkey: By train and boat. The info will be add soon.
From Macedonia to Thessaloniki(Greece): By train and bus
From Bulgaria to Thessaloniki(Greece): By train and bus.

International Transport
See Border crossing

National Transport

Local Transport
Athens and Thessalokini has good bus system.
Athens has Metro.
Many islands has good bus system.

Tourist Information
Most of the major tourist towns have tourist information office.but the opening hours are short and closed on Sunday. They usually very helpful and a lot of handout material.

Country code: 30
Local Phone: Card phone exist everywhere. Cards can be purchased at kiosks and cost 1000Drx
Phone, 3min assistant call/direct call 1 min.
Japan 420/140, AZ 294/98, NZ 690/230, Canana,UK,USA 294/98
Mail Europe Japan
Postcard 180 200
Letter 180 200
Parcel 1 kg air 2600 1500
Parcel 2kg air 2600 1500
Home Country Direct
First dial 00-800 then the following number
USA 1311, UK 4411, Japan 8111, AZ6111, NZ6411, S.Korea52211, Singapore 6511, HK55201, Germany 4911., Can 1511, Malaysia 60311, Irland 35311, France3311

UNESCO World Hertiage Listing

Acropolis Athens
Monasteries of Daphni,
Hossios Luckas and Nea Moni of Chios, S from Livadia, W from Athens

Archaeological site of Vergina(Makedonia) Veria
, SW from Thessaloniki
Paleochristian & Bizantine Monuments, Thessaloniki
Mount Athos, Halllidiki peninsula, E from Thessaloniki
Meteora(Thessalia) Kalombaka, Center of the main land.

Archaeological site of Myceanae(Mikines) and Tiryns(Tirintha)
near Nafplion, NE of Peloponissos
Mystras, Sparti, SE of Peloponissos
Archaeological site of Olympia, NW of Peloponissos
Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassas(Peloponissos) Andritsena, W of Peloponissos
Epidaurus, Argoliolaouea

Monastery of Saint John "the Theologian" and the cave Apocalypse of the island Patmos,
Phthagoreion and Heraion of Samos(N,Aegean Sea, NE island)
Delos, island near Mykonos
Medieval city of Rhodos

YH in Greece
Thessaloniki YH:
44 Alexandre Svolou str. T031-225-946
Patra TH: 62 Heroon Politechniou str, T061-427278
Olympia YH: 18 Prazitelous - Kondili str, T0624-25580
Crete Heraklion YH: 5 Vironos str. T081-288-281
Crete Rethimno YH: 45 Tobazi str. T0831-22848
Crete Plakias YH: Rethimno Proince, T0832-31202
Santorini Fira YH: Fira T0286-22387
Santorini Perissa YH: T0286-82182
Santorini Oia YH: T0286-71209

No info at this moment.

No info at this moment.

No info at this moment.

For emergency teatment seems to be free except medicine.
Tap water is drnkable in Athens.


Cinemas show latest Hollywood products, with Greek subtitles. 2000Drx

Festivals/National Holidays 2000
January 1: New Year
January 6: Epiphany
Mar 13: Ash Monday
Mar 25: National holiday
Mar 28 - April1 Easter Holidays
August 15: Assumption of Mary
Oct 28: National Holiday
December 25, 26: Christmas


The internet exists in every town mentioned in the city information section. Prices are highbut the connection is very fast.

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