Athens, Greece

Country code 30, Area Code 1, $1=376Drx, Dec 20, 2000

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Prices in Drx is old info(2000), ones in Euro is new(2004).

Information Office: #2 Amerikis, T331-0561, 2 min. walk (NE) from Sindagma sq. M-F9-19, Sa10-15. helpful. You can get most standard information immediately but if you ask complicated ones which they have to look for, They are not so happy. Athens News: English new paper, 300Drx but you can get free copies at tourist information office.
AM American Express: Ermou Str. #7, M-F8:30-16, Sa8:30-13:30, Exchange cash 500Drx, T/C no com for any kinds. US$1=378.8Drx, 100yen=332.5Drx.
$ Exchange: Many banks and post offices change foreign currencies including T/C. money but the commission is not cheap. For cash or T/C 1000Drx. Only Euro T/C not require the commission.
$a ATM: everywhere. 24 hrs. Very convenience.
$ Money changer: Stadiou 58, Just E from Omonia sq. M-F8:30-19:30, SaSu9-20:30. US$1 cash=384, 100yen=352, T/C US$1=376, 100yen=334.3Drx. No commission. Highly Rec
M0 Post /Telephone office: Syntagma, M-F9-20:00, Sa7:30-14:00. Long queue. There are a few small brunches through out the town. Exchange. US$1=382.5, 100yen=334.8 exchange com. 1000Drx.
P Police: T100/T109
P0 Tourist police: Metro Line 2 Sygrou/Fix station. T171
H KAT Hospital: for injury emergency room Metro Line 1 KAT station walk E 10 min. free treatment.
For sickness, ask at tourist office or tourist police or T105, Free hospital changes everyday.
H SOS Medecins: 24 hurs. T331-0310,
Hp Pharmacy: Omonia #21, MW8-14:30, 17-20, TuThF8-14, 17-20:00
m Market: Athenas, S from Omonia sq. One of the most interesting market. full of local products. Many cheap restaurants are located near by. Highly Rec
c Supermarket: ?
la Laundry: ?

Embassies and Consulates
E1 USA: #91 Vas Sofia, T72-12951
E1c Canada: #4, I.Genadiou Street, T727-3400
E44 UK: #1 Ploutarhou street, #727-2600
E Australian: #37, D.soutsou street. T645-0404
E New Zealand: 268 Kifissias Ave, Chalandri T687-4701
E Netherland: 5-7 Vas Konstantinou Ave, T723-9701
E France: #7 Vas Sofias, T729-7700
E Germany: #3 Karaoli Dimitriou Street, T728-5111
E Italy:
E81 Japan: 64 Vas Sofia ave. T775-8101 Metro Line 3 Megaro Moussikis station. Or Bus #8 from Syntagma
E Singapore: 10-12 Kifissias Av Maroussi T683-4875
E Korea: 124 Kifissias Ave Amphelokipi, T628-4080
E Taiwan: 57 Marathonodromon Ave. T687-6750
E India: #3 Kleanthus street, T721-6227

E Bosnia and Herzegovina:
E Bulgaria: #33a Stratigou kalari street T6748105
E Hungary: 16 Kalvou street Psihikou T672-5337
E Romania: #7 Em Benaki street Psihiko T672-8875
E Slovenia:
E Yugoslavia: 106 Vas Sofia T777-4355
E Croatia: #4 Tzavela street Psihiko T677-7049
E Turkey: 8 Vas Georgiou B7 street T724-5915
E Estonia: 48-50 Patriarehou Ioakim street T722-9803
E Latvia: 24 Akti Posidonos, Pireas T412-3138
E Poland: 22 Chrissanthemon & 21 Kamelion Street, Psihiko T677-5740

Local transport
Good transport system, Metro, Bus, trolley bus. You buy a ticket and stamp it by your self. when you get on a bus or enter the metro station. penalty is very expensive. 120,000Drx. Different ticket system for bus/trolley and metro except 24 hour ticket good for Metro & Bus, 1000Drx. 5:30-24:00
Metro: single
Euro0.6(no change lines), 90min E0.7(possible to change lines, but only 1 direction.) Day E2.9, week E10. There are three lines.
Line 1(Green):
Kifissia(N end) and Pipeas(S end and port for ferry.)
Line 2(Red): Anhios Antonios(N end )and To Aghios Dimitrios(S end) through Syntagma
Line 3(Blue): Monastiraki(W end) to Airport Eleftherios Venizelos(E end)
Bus/trolley: single
ta STA Travel: 130 Tsimiski str, Thessaloniki, T031-239-300
ta STA Travel: 43 Voulis str, Athens, T01-321-1188, F321-1194,
ta Pacific Travel: #26 Nikis str, T960-1013, F323-3685, friendly staff
ta Soturuou Travel: 30 Nikis str., T322-0503
Airfare to Japan, OW133,000Drx, RT214,000Drx Egypt Air 3 month open
London, 64/78, Paris 46/73, Rome 58/75, Milan 44/77, Frankfurt 55/79, Munich 45/65, Budapest 56/79, NY 94/139,000Drx
ta ISYTS: International Student & Youth Travel Service: 11 Nikis Street 1F, T3221267, F3221531, m-f9-17:00, Sa9-13:00 Many Youth fares for International flights/trains/buses/boats. ISTC/ISIC/IYTC card 3000Drx
ta Aosta travel: Xalkokonduae #60, T523581

A Airport Eleftherios Venizelos: SE from the center. There are 3 terminals. W ternimal: For most of international flight.
E terminal: For Olympia Airlines
New Charter flight terminal:
Airport Express Bus tickets are joint tickets for day ticket and Expree bus ticket. You have to validated when you take pulbic(metro, city bus ,etc and the experss bus.)
Access: By Metro to town 8Euro,
Airport Express bus E95
to Syntagma 2.9Euro
Airport Express bus E96
from Pireas 2.9Euro
2000Drx, after 24:00-5:00 3500Drx. Ask to use meter. Airport surcharge 300Drx, luggage 50/piece
T1 Larissis Train station: trains to N connecting trains to Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey from Thessaloniki Access: Metro Line 2 Larissa stationTrains for North. NW from Omonia sq.
Interrail: Fare: -26/ +26, good for a month.
1 Zone- 67100/95700, 2 Zone-88700/124300, 3 Zone-101300/142400, all Zone-115600/163000
Train to Sofia, Bulgaria,
14850Drx + couchette 3500
Train to from Thessaloniki to Istanbul 14850Drx couchette 3500Drx extra
, IC: Inter City, CC: Couchette
To Thessaloniki(from T1):
4100Drx(7.5hr), IC 8250(6hr) CC, IC8:00, 8:24, IC10:10, IC13:03, 14:24, IC17:05, IC18:08, 18:40, CC23:17, 23:55
To Meteora(Kalambaka):
T2 Peloponnes Train station: trains to Patra(W) to get a ferry to Italy. Access: Metro Line 2 Larissa station and take a bridge to cross the rails to the other side of the rails.
To Patra
: 1580Drx(4.5hr), IC2980Drx(3.3hr), 6:29, IC8:49, 9:37, IC12:07, IC14:06, 15:26, IC18:20, 22:19
To Olympia: 2510Drx(7+hrs), 6:29, IC8:49, 9:37, You have to change train at Pirgos. The connection is not good at all.
There are many bus stations. You had better ask to travel agent, tourist information or reception for your hotel.
B Kifisos Bus Station: Mainly buses to W. Access: metro Line 1 Kato Patissia 10 min walk to W or Bus #51 Omonia bus E51 from near Omonia sq.2 block W(Menandrow st.)25mins.
To Olympia: 5900Drx(5.5h) 9:30, 10:45, 12:30, 15:30
Patra(A): 3650(3h) Many 6:00-21:45
B Liossion Bus Terminal B: Athinon + Kifissou, Mainly domestic buses to N. Access: Bus #24 from E side of Syntagma(Amalias St.)20mins
To Delphi(B) 3250Drx(3h) 7:30, 10:30, 13:00, 15:30, 17:30, 20:00
B Bus Station: International buses leaves from train station(T2). Fare OW/RT
Bus to Bulgaria, RT fare valid for a year., students up to 26 years old
To Sofia:,
15500/28500, student 12700/23000drx, 07:00, (from Sofia to Athens 08:30 arr 21:15)
To Blagoevgrad:,
14200/22500, student 11000/20000, 07:00, (from Blagoevgrad to Athens 08:30 arr 21:15)
To Varna:
22000/40000, stu 17500/31500 dep 17:00(Varna to Athens dep 10:00)
Bus to Albania, RT fare valid for 90 days.
To Tirana:
12000/21500, 21:00(Tirana to Athens dep 07:00)
To Turkey
RT fare valid for 6 months. Youth for 13-24 years old
From Athens to Istanbul,
23,000/41300, youth 18400/33000, 19:00,arr. 17:00. (from Istanbul to Athens 10:00, arr 06:00)
From Thessaloniki to Istanbul,
15500/27200, youth 12000/22000
From Larissa to Istanbul, 19000/34200, youth 15200/27300
B Private bus company: Ask the location.One bus company is 28 Oktovriou + Alexandras.
8700(7.5h)many 7:00-23:00(Sa till 22:00)
F Ferry: Port is Pireas: Access: by Metro 1, 20min. 0.6-0.7Euro. Many travel agents sell tickets. Ferries leave different places in the port, usually 10-15min on foot from the Metro station. Ask a travel agent for your boat when you get Pireas. Many shops at the port for food but expensive.
Island Pass for Cyclades(Santorni, Myconos, Naxos, Paros, Ios, etc.)
15000Drx including two trip from/to the main land ports and 6 trips between the islands. Good for high speed Minoan Flying Dolphins but requires two coupons. The tickets valid until the end of the same year.
Paros/ Naxos:
4700 5h, 7600 3h, Ios 5100 7h, Mikonos: 4800 5h, 7800 3h, Santorini: 5600 9h, 11100 4h, Iraklio(Crete): 6400 11h
8563 14h
For the ferry to Italy, you have to go to Patra by bus/train.

No info at this moment.

@ Internet @
Many internet cafes in Athens. quality and fee are very similar. Some offer free coffee.
@ Elefheroudakis Ibt'l Bookshop: 17 Paneposthimos, 6F, T331-4180 M-F9-21, Sa9-15:00, free,, 2PC you can wait at cafe
@ Astor Internet cafe: 28 Oktpvrioi, #27, 500Drx/20min. 1000Drx/hr
@ Museum Internet cafe: Just N of the National Archeological Museum 500Drx/20min, 1500Drx/hr
@ Internet c@fe: Stadiou #7, near Syntagma 10-22:00 500/15min. free coffee
@ YH on Victor Hugo: at the cafeteria for YH. 350Drx/15min, 1200Drx/hr


During summer time, most of the hostels are packed. Come early or book a head. Private hostels offer discount during winter time. Prices are summer prices.
h Athens int'l YH: 16 Victor Hugo street. T5234170, F5234015. ab dr170Drx. C3 (4 bed)Cheapest. If you are not member, you can stay only a night. If member 3 days and ask the extension. During peak time, make advance booking or come very early morning for waiting list. If you are late and don't have any place to stay, come here at 18:00 for the possible cancellation. Highly Rec
h Hotel Argo: 25 Victoros, T5225939, opp from IYH, sb dr s3000/p C3
h Diana: kotsita 3 T8239361, sb dr 2000Drx/p, s3500Drx C3
h Zorbas: 10 Gkyilfordou street, T823-4239, ab dr3000Drx C4 (6 beds),
h Hotel Dioskouros House: 6 Pittakou str. T3248165, S from Sindagma, E from Plaka
dr4000-5000Drx C3, The manager change the price according to how desperate you are. No recommend
h Student Travelers Inn: 16 Kypathineon street, Plaka T3244808 dr5000Drx/p

r Mr Baker: S end of Akadimias, great bakery. You can enjoy coffee and cake
r Fuurinnkazan: Apollonos #2, T329170, SW from Sindagma Sq. M-Sa 11-22:00. Japanese
expensive but lunch has some cheap set menu 2000-2500Drx, dinner 2200-6000Drx.
r Local restaurant: #94 Em Benaki, E from Omonia sq. full of local people specially for lunch. Food from 1600Drx. Rec
r Aria Cafe: #72 Em Benaki, cafe, trendy cafe


The list below is the limited at this moment.
Admission for student half price,
S Acropolis: 5.85Euro incl the museum. 8-18:30
Bus #230 from Syntagma or Metro 2 Akropoli station
S National Archeological Museum: 44 Patission St. 5.87Euro M12:30-18:45, Tu-Su8-18:45 Trolley bis #2,4,5,9,11 or Metro 1 Victoria Station
S Artemis(Vravrona): Bus A5 from Akadimias street
S Dafni: Bus A16 from Eleftherias sq. or Metro
S Delta Falirou: Bus 450, 550 from Vas Konstantinou ave.
S Glyfada: Bus A2,A3,B3 from Panepistimiou street(university)
S Likavitos hill: Great view to entire Athens. Access: 15 mins on foot from Metro 3 Evangelismos then take a cable car(9-23:45, round trip 2.93Euro)
S Temple of the Olympian Zeus: 8:30-15:00, 1.45Euro, Access: Metro 2 Akropoli Station
S Out from Athens
Archaeological Site of Mykines:
8-19:00, 1500Drx.
Corinthos Museum:
8-19:00, 1200Drx
Archaeological Site of Dekphi:
8-19:00, 2000Drx. Museum: M12:00-18:30, Tu-Su8-19:00
Archaeological Site of Epidavros: 8-19:00,
Nafplio Museum:
Tu-Su 8:30-14:30, 500Drx
Temple of Poseidon:
10:00-sunset, 800Drx.

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