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When other tourists travel through Parnu to nearby Latvia, don`t be detered, Tartu has a life that exists no where else in Estonia. It is dominated by students in the 17th century university. Thus the town is dominated by cheap restaurants, bars and nightclubs that the cash strapped students frequent everyday.

The main tourist strip is Raatuse (where the local bus will drop you off). On this square is the tourist office, american express office and a pod of beached whales laying on the ground called students. Heading past the town hall at the end of square will take you to the University, then just follow the students to where all the best places to go are.

Information Office: Raekoja plats 14. T 432141. M-Fi 10.00-18.00, Sa10.00-15.00 www.tartu.ee
Helpful office that organize accommodation and seem to know which ones are the best. Sells bi-annual Tartu Today for
12EEK. Maps are free.
AE American Express Kompanni 2, second floor. or Raekoja plats 16 T447-979 tartu1@estravel.ee. Client mail
Exchange: Eesti Uhispank, Ulikooli 1.
M0 Post office: Vanemuise 7. M-F9.00-19.00, Sa9.00-15.00, Su10.00-15.00.
M1 Telephone office: Lai 29. M-F8.00am-18.00, SaSu9.00-16.00.
P Police: Cnr Puiestee & Narva mnt. T 110
H Hospital: L.Puusepa 30.
Hp Pharmacy: 24hour pharmacy in Town Hall Square.
s Supermarket - Konsum: Ujula 2. M-F9.00-20.30.
s Photo Shop - Kodak Express: Ruutli 18. M-F9.00-18.00, Sa9.00-15.00. Film - 25EEK, developing 65EEK.

T Train station: Vaksali 6. Catch bus #4 to main square from station. www.tartu.ee/trains-info-index.html
To Narva
(3hrs) 83EEK, 6.30, 7.45m 10.15, 14.20, 17.30, 18.00.
To Voru (1 hr)
32EEK. 7.30, 10.00, 13.15, 13.50, 14.10, 15.00, 15.30, 17.00, 18.00, 19.00, 21.05.
To Valga (30mins)
36EEK. 10.55
From Valga to Riga (3 hour)
40EEK. 13.17.
To Tallin (4 hrs) 70EEK, 13.31, 17.50.
To Parnu (3.5 hrs),
78EEK, 7.30, 8.30, 11.00, 12.30, 13.15, 14.40, 15.35, 16.10, 18.30, 20.30.
B1 Bus station: Turu 2. Bus #5 from the main town and train station.
To Tallinn (2.5 hrs),
90EEK. Over 25 buses from 4.45 to 21.15.
To Parnu (2.5 hrs)
84EEK. 9.00, 9.40, 11.00, 14.30, 16.00, 16.30, 17.00, 21.45.
To Narva (3 hrs)
100EEK. 6.30, 7.45, 10.15, 11.00, 14.20, 15.35, 16.05, 17.30, 19.30.
To Riga via Valga (4 hrs)
150EEK. 6.45.
To Saint Petersburg (12 hrs)
160EEK. 5.30.

Local Transport
Bus: #5 and #6 revolve around the city going past bus and train station. a ticket: from Kiosk 6EEK,from the driver of bus 8EEK
Daily ticket
Tx Taxi- T36-6566, Taxis charge 6 EEK/km+10EEK(initial charge) . Student discounts are available.
Travel agency
ta2 South Estonian Travel Agency: 2 Turu st. T44-1581. Helpful travel agency that deals with domestic and international travel, including Russia.

Jubilee song festival: June 3 -17. International and local acts perform in the citys biggest open-air arena.
Midsummer Night Party: June 23. Huge celebration of beer dedicated to the shortest night of the year.
Student festival: July 8-15. Introduced last year, this festival is full of crazy students, singers and dancers parading around town.


Pub life
Because of the huge population of students, Tartu is said to have the best nightlife in Estonia. Pubs such as Krooks and the Wilde Bar are open nightly and the students are happy to practise their English talking to foreigners. Often a friendly conversation, could turn into an invite for dinner, whereby you must remember to bring an odd number of flowers to the host.

Ekraan 1, Riia 14. English with Estonian subtitles.
Illusion, Raatuse 97/

@ Internet @
@1 internet access: Cafe Virtual, Pikk 40 www.kodu.ee/virtual , 30EEK/hr


Accommodation is the best Estonia has to offer in Tartu. The B&B`s are cheaper than hostels, and extremely friendly, whereby the owners will welcome you into their home, dinnertable and life. Below are the best I came across and found hard to leave.
h Herne B & B: 59 Herne (North from main square on Jaani), (no number as yet)
s200EEK, d400EEK, TV, La, I, Fr, bf C5,
Outstanding brand new (2 weeks old) B&B, that has spotless services and a friendly owner. Has a sauna, laundry, internet access and transport services to the bus and train station. Even has a BBQ in the backyard. The owner will even buy your tickets for you. Now that is service.
Highly Rec.
h Livi Oja: 20 Vaikne Str (across the river to Puiestee, turn left then right on Nurme). T 401 429
d400EEK (300 student) C4, Tv, La, I, F
Sauna, kitchen and large lounge room are the highlights of this small but cosy B&B. The landlady speaks almost no English so it is best to learn a few Estonian words. The information office regularly send people here as it is their favourite.
h Guesthouse Oru: Oru 1. T 422 998
s450EEK, d550EEK C4
A little bit more upmarket than the previous two and is in a slightly closer location. Has a great fireplace, sauna and English speaking staff.
h Hostel Tartu: 3a Soola Str. T 432 091
Tarhotel@server.ee dr275EEK, d500EK, I, K.C2
Very basic accommodation which is actually more expensive than some of the B&Bs mentioned above. Not recommended by the tourist information office. Far better places else where.

The food is secondary to where you want to drink in Tartu. All the pubs fill up by 10.00, so it is best to go out for a meal in the place that you want to stay. Big portions are common, and bread always comes to the table before you order. A local told me this was the towns gift to the broke and hungry students who would be future leaders of the country.
r Wilde Irish Bar: Vallikraavi 4, T309765. 11.00-02.00
www.wilde.ee, English/Irish 15-70EEK
Excellent pub with a full student atmosphere. Cheap entrees start at 15EEK, while the 60EEK is the best shepherds pie in Estonia. Great outdoor seating on the terrace. Later in the night, the Wilde transforms into the best nightspot in town. Look for Oscar Wilde and his Estonian counterpart, Eduard Wilde sitting on the bench outside.
Highly Rec
r Tsink Pleek Pang: Kuutri 6, T 441789. 12.00-24.00
www.tsinkplekkpang.ee, Chinese 25-90EEK
Good Chinese food and perhaps the only Chinese pub in Eastern Europe. It is lined with windows so the seating is good to watch people go by on the popular Koutri. Because of its close proximity to the University, it is often full.
r Pronto Pizzeria: Kuutri 3 T432 002. 10.00-22.00
Pasta/Pizza 13-60EEK, Popular student hangout with huge cheap pizzas. Has American style booths, which are always full. Rec
r Atlantis: Narva mnt. 27,TuTh22.00-03.00, FSa22.00-04.00., Huge complex overlooking the river is a popular night spot for those who want to be seen. Heavy entry fee of 75EEK keep allot of the students away. Mostly Top 40 music.
r Varjend: Pargi 8, website: www.hot.ee/varjend
, FSa10.00-05.00.
Crazy drum and bass nightclub situated in an old public toilet. Incredibly hard to find unless you have a local showing you the way, it is still one of the most original nightspots I have ever been. Beer -
15EEK. Highly Rec


S1 Tartu University:
The most prestigious University in Estonian was founded in 1632 by the Swedish King Gustavus II. The main building is on Ulikooli where students lounge on the steps for most of the day. Inside is the Museum of Classical Art which is a series of Greek statues (6EEK, students 3EEK). For 2EEK more you may visit the detention cell in the celler of the building. Such offences were, sleeping in class { 2 days detention}, speaking out of turn {1 day detention}, insulting a women {5 days detention} and being drunk {8 days detention}.
Highly Rec
S2 Town Hall Square:
This large area is littered with cafes and students sun baking on the cobblestones. The dominant feature is the town hall built in 1775. It is said that like many of the other buildings in Tartu it is slowly sinking into the marshy ground.
S3 St Johns Church:
Up Ulikooli is St Johns Church, built in 1323, making one of the Baltics oldest constructions. It is in crumbling decay, which explains why on the wall is a sign (in English) reading "Beware of falling bricks, we are not responsible for your death". It is in the process of being restored. Rec
S4 The Emajogi River:
It is said that Tartu`s river changed direction hundreds of years ago. This is supported by documents insisting that the Russians sailed huge ships down it to the Black sea. Today the river is much thinner, making ideal for boat excursions (boat rental: Tiiga 8 T427 982), or just watching the towns people catch the cat fish that swim there.
S5 Haanja Nature Reserve:
Travel agencies organize tours to this breathtaking region. Known as the "country of lakes, valleys and hills", this part of Estonia has all three.

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