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Tallinn is what Paris was 30 years ago, and what Prague wishes it was now. Yes, tourism has not yet come to this North Baltic city, so don`t be too surprised if the prices are lower than expected and the people are thrilled to meet a westerner. The old town was untouched by war, leaving it how it was in the mid century.

Old town begins at the Viru square, just outside of Viru Hotel. Here is Viru street, which leads to the town square (free maps). Here is the tourist office, great restaurants and the beginning of your Estonian adventure.

i Information Office: Raekojaplats 2 (Town square). T6457-777. 9.00-18.00 www.estonia.org . Helpful staff specialize in old city tours. They sell the Tallinn Card which entitles you to a city tour, public transport and entry to most museums (1 day 195EEK, 2 day 270EEK, 3 day 325EEK).

Tourist Board: Mundi 2, T641-1420.
AE American Express: - Suur-Karja 15. T626-6262 M-F 9-18.00 Sa10-17.00. Currency exchange and travel agent.
Parnu Brunch: 34 Kuninga, T4-445220
$ Eesti Uhispank Bank: Tornimae building. T/C no com M-F9:00-17:00
$ Hansapank: Liivalaia, 8, T/C no com. M-F9:00-17:00
M0 Post office: Narva mnt. 1, 2nd Floor. M-F8-19:00, Sa 9-17:00. Huge complex that also has internet 1EEK/min.
M1 Telephone office: Narva mnt. 1. Same building as the post office. Kiosk sell phone cards.
P Police: Parnu mnt. T6123-523. T110
H Hospital: Sutiste 19 T 525-652. T112
Hp Pharmacy - Tonismagi 5, T644-2262. 24 hours
s Supermarkets: Stockmann: Liivalaia 53. Huge five storey complex with Estonia`s biggest supermarket.
s Tallinna Kaubamaja: Gonsiori 2. Handy supermarket behind the Viru hotel.
ph Film development Fotomax: Vana-Viru 11, T 6314211;
ph Film development Expofoto:Kaubamaja 8, T646-6647.
la Laundry: Sauberland: Maakri 23, T661 20 75,
la LaundryKemiriin: Kopli 27, T660-3081.
E1 USA: Kentmanni 20, T 631-2021, M-F8.30-5.30.
E1c Canada: Toomkooli, 13. T 631-7978, M-F9.00-16.30.
E44 UK: Wismari 6, T 631-3461, TuTh10.00-12.00.
E81 Japan: Harju, 6 T 63-1031, M-F10.00-14.00
E371 Latvia: Tonimagi 10, T646-1313, M-F10.00-12.00
E48 Poland: Parnu mnt. 8, T627-8210, M-F10.00-12.00
aus & nz need 30 visa =
E7 Russia: Pikk 19, T 646 41 75, M-F9.00-12.00

A Airport: 3km from the city.
flights info
bus #2
from the Viru Hotel at the foot of the Old City for 10EEK every 20 min from 06.00-24.00.
A taxi should cost no more than
A hotel van that stops at Olympia, Viru and Palace Hotel leaves hourly for
a1 Estonian Air: Vabaduse valjak T6313-302
a2 SAS: Ravala 2 T6279-399
a3 Finnair: Roosikrantsi 2 T6110950
London $200, Berlin $230, France $280, Vilnius $220, Hesink $130, Prague $280, Madrid, $380
T Train station: 5 min walk north of the Town Hall Square up Nunne. Trains are slow and bumpy but are more scenic than the crowded buses. The main destinations are Tartu and Parnu.
to Tartu (4 hours)
70EEK. 7.32 , 13.38, 16.40, 18.24
to Parnu ( 2 hours)
40EEK 6.35, 17.22
to Viljandi (3 hours)
56 EEK. 7.50, 18.05.
to Rapla (45 mins)
21 EEK. 10.20
to Lelle (1 hour)
27EEK. 14.20
to Turi (1 hour)
37EEK. 19.16, 21.35
to Narva ( 2 hours)
77EEK. 7.06, 16.19
to Saint Petersburg (10 hours )
160EEK. 23.49
to Moscow (20 hours)
230EEK 16.02
to Riga (7 hours)
170EEK, 13.10
B Bus station: Lastekodu 46,
Access: tram #2 from old city.
to Tartu (3 hours)
55EEK. Over 35 buses/day between 6.20 - 23.00
to Parnu (3 hours)
65EEK. every 30min between - 7.00 23.00.
to Kuressare ( 4 hrs including ferry)
147EEK. 5.45, 7.00, 9.30, 11.40, 13.40, 15.40, 17.15, 17.20,18.40, 19.45.
to Viljandi (2? hrs)
70EEK. 6.50, 7.20, 8.45, 10.00, 10.30, 11.30, 13.00, 15.30, 16.20, 17.30, 18.10.
to Haapsalu (2 hrs)
55EEK. 9.30, 10.30, 11.15, 12.00, 12.50, 13.30, 14.10, 14.45, 16.00, 17.20, 17.50, 18.30, 19.00, 20.00, 21.00
to Narva (1? hrs)
95EEK. 20 buses 7:10-21:00.
to St Petersburg (12 hrs),
150EEK (10% for students). Eurolines.6.40, 11.00, 13.30, 21.30
to Stuttgart (40 hrs),
1650EEK. 7.00
to Frankfurt (36 hrs),
1600EEK. 7.00
to Berlin (29 hrs),
1650EEK. 7.00
to Munich (38 hrs)
1600EEK. 7.00 (Change at Berlin)
to Riga (5? hrs)
200EEK. 12.15
to Vilnius (11? hrs).
300EEK. 12.15
F Ferry: Access: tram# 3 from viru hotel. 15min walk up mere pst. information (in English)T631-8550 providing schedules and advice for when using the Ferry.
Ticket office: Sadama 4 and at the end of Terminal A.
To Helsinki (3 hours),
75EEK, Over 20 ferries with many companies starting btwn 7.00-18.30.
To Stockholm (14 hours)
320EEK, 22.30.

Local Transport
Tram services: operate around Old Town. Tram #2 will take you to the bus stop. Tickets are bought at kiosk, 6EEK. Stamp ticket on the tram. But to be honest there is nothing much to see outiside of the old town.
Travel agency
ta Baltic Tours: Aia 18, T630-0400. Good travel agency that can handle all your visa needs through the Baltic and Russia.

c Cinemas: Kosmos: Parnu Mnt, 45. 28EEK
c Cinemas: Soprus: Vana Posti 8, 35EEK

Tallinns answer to Germany`s Octoberfest. The first week of July is spent in celebrating the almost constant sunshine and almost constant beer. Many Finnish tourists embark on the town from Helsinki so accommodation must be booked early. Every pub has longer opening hours, and outdoor seats are everywhere.

@ Internet @
@ Post office: 1EEK/min.
@ Internet Cafe: 4F of Kaubamaja shopping complex. 20EEK/30mins.


There is not much choice for budget accommodation in the old town of Tallinn, but hotels outside of it are dirty soviet style buildings so book Hostel Van Tom at least two days before.
h Hostel Van Tom:Vaike-Karja 1&2F (Walk from the Viru gate, turn left on Sauna off Viru) . T 631-3252 dr (12 people) - 195EEK (180EEK with YHA) sb d 550EEK, I, K, C4 What a building. The first floor is a pub, the second is a hostel and the third is a strip club. The Van Tom is known as the best hostel in the Baltic with spectacular showers and bathrooms. It can get a bit noisy at night, with the strip club overhead but this is easily the best option. The 10th night is free. The only place to stay. HIGHLY REC
h Old house Bed & Breakfast: Uus 22 (Walk from the Viru gate on Viru, 2nd right off Viru), T 641-1464 sb d 420EEK, C4 Excellent location in the old town. The owners are friendly and the rooms are clean. A real budget find for those who do not want the noise of a hostel. REC
h Eeslitall: Dunkri 4 (off Town Hall Square) T 631-3755
sb s400EEK, d 700EEK, C3 A good option if you are coming in late at night. This budget hotel is situated right in the action, just a few steps from the Town Hall. Rooms are incredibly basic but showers and toilets are spotless.
h Merevaik: Sopruse 182 (tram #2 from Viru Hotel and get off just pass Linnu Tee) T529-604
dr( 3 people)- 180EEK (170EEK with YHA card)
s245EEK, C2
Come here as a last resort only. The price is good but this former soviet building makes you glad that the Russians no longer control Estonia. Bleak concrete building with basic facilities. Ten minutes out of the old town.
h Tallinn Technical University Student Hotel: Nomme Tee 47 (same tram stop as above), T 655-2679
s160EEK, d320EE, K, C3 Close to the Merevaik this student hotel runs all year. Facilities and cleanliness and limited with pretty cramped rooms but it is OK if everything in the old town is booked for a night.

The food is diverse and excellent in Tallinn. Strangely the best priced food is found in an Irish pub, where as the weirdest can be eaten on medieval plates at the Olde Hansa. Prices are reasonable and quick munchies like pizza and gyros can be bought at many eateries on Viru.
r Molly Malone: Mundi 2 (on Town Hall Square), Su-Th11.00 - 24.00, FSa11.00 - 2.00 NIGHTSPOT
English/ Irish food
Usually Irish pubs are expensive but not this one. Even the locals come here to eat because it is one of the cheapest options in Tallinn. Everyday they have a special meal, as Friday is cheap fish and chips day (35EEK)and Tuesday is cheap curry day (30EEK). The atmosphere is excellent and after 10.00 turns into a great nightspot.
Highly Rec
r Harley Davidson Bar: Dunki 11 (north from Town Hall Square). 11.00-03.00 NIGHTSPOT
Estonian Snack food , 25-50EEK
When you enter this place you might be tempted to run straight out again. It looks like a small biker bar where even the staff wear leather but after further inspection, this is a real find. Situated in a medieval cellar that just keeps on going back 20 meters, the small but cheap menu has items such as sandwiches, sausages and skewers. A great place for a quick bite to eat, then dance on the dance floor to the early hours of the morning.
Highly Rec
r Olde Hansa: Vana turg 1 ( last left before Town Hall Square). 10.00-22.00, Medieval Estonian , 40-220 EEK
This restaurant might not be cheap, but it is one of the unique eateries in the world. Owners consulted historical experts to see what should be put on the menu. Deer and wild boar are popular dishes and the service is the best in Estonia, as they parade in their medieval costumes and speak over 4 languages. Be sure to have the hot honey beer (40EEK).
Highly Rec
r Pizza Americana: Muurivahe 2 (West of Town Hall Square following Kullassepa), 11.00-22.00 Pasta and Pizza, 30-80 EEK, This place has pretty ordinary food, but the pizzas are large and the price is cheap (55EEK for an Hawaiian pizza). Good for taking a pizza to the park.
r Voitlev Sona: Parnu mnt 28 (Follow the Narva mount from Viru Hotel), 10.00-0.200 NIGHTSPOT, 30-100EEK
This is the place to go for the trendy types but surprisingly still has a cheap menu. They tend to go for the healthy low fat salad type options but the food is still good with big portions. After eating go down stairs to the nightclub and dance with the incredibly attractive staff.
Highly Rec
r Bar Hollywood: Vana-Posti 8. 20.00-05.00. NIGHTSPOT, Situated in an old library, this nightclub holds the best looking clientele in the Baltic. Cover charge is step, especially on Wednesday (ladies night) for 75EEK. Inside is three floors of Techo dance hits and over 10 bars, complete with caged dancing girls. One of the few attractions in Tallinn that cannot be missed. Highly Rec


S1 Old City:
Virtually untouched by war, except for a day in 1944 when the Russians bombed a small percentage of it, the old city has thrived because of the simple fact that it has not changed over the years. The government have done a good job in restricting any redevelopment, making Tallinn`s old town equal too or even better any other in the world, including the more touristy Paris and Prague. Your should spend a week walking through the winding cobble stoned streets and be delighted in finding, hidden paths such as Katariina Kaik which looks like a slice out of medieval Italy. There are many museums and art galleries in the old city, that are best found by accident when exploring the streets.
S2 Toompea Castle:
Built in the 13th century, the castle stands over the old city like a watchful mother. Those who climb the hill towards it will see a postcard picture, filled with the Old town and the harbour so close besides it. Most of the old wall still remains unlike Riga and Vilnius, which gives the impression that the old city could be put under siege at any time. Entrance free. Open 9.00-18.00 daily.
S3 Town Hall square:
It is the oldest town hall in Europe and the mecca for Old Towns activity. Many cafes have outdoor seating in the square which is full of legends and history. The town hall (9.00-17.00 daily, free), which puts its shadow over the square was home to many executions including one day in 1806 when 72 people were hung. On every Saturday in summer is a market selling nic nacs and a stage where folk dancing is performed. The tourist information office on the square have information concerning guided tours that begin in the square.

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