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Area Code 0245. $1=16.5, 5 July, 2000

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Kuressaare is often missed by international travellers as they instead travel to Parnu. Estonians however are smart enough to come here in droves, making this island the most popular national tourist destination. The facilities although small, and friendy as foreigners and not often seen in these parts. Spend two to three days walking the streets, drinking with the locals, buying crafts 30% cheaper than in Tallinn and ofcourse head to the beach to see the Bishopric Castle.

When you arrive by bus head down Pihta tee to Tallinna. This is the only big street in kuressaare. It passes the police station, supermarket, bank, tourist office, and ends at the Castle.

Tourist Information office: Tallinna 2 (Town Hall building). T 331 4520. May-Sep9-19. Oct-Apr - 9-17.00 www.tourism.ee/oesei Extremely helpful office where they take time in telling you what Kuressaare has in terms of food, sights and accommodation. Maps cost 15EEK. Maps at the bus station cost 10EEK.
$1 Eessti Uhispank, Kohto 1 (opposite Town hall). Exchange rates are not as good as they are in Tallinn or Parnu. You can change T/C at no commission.
M0 Post office: Torni, M-F 8.00 -18.00. Sa 8.30 -15:00
Post code is 93813
M1 Telephone office: behind the post office. M-F 8-18.00 Sa9:00-16:00.
P Police: Cnr Rossi & Raua
H Hospital: Vallimaa 30.
B Bus station: Pihtla tee 2.
s Supermarket: Tallina 1, Convient supermarket in the centre of town. 9.:00 - 22:00
m Market Stalls: Directly behind the supermarket are the stalls where the townsfolk sell such items as honey to hats. A very friendly atmosphere is present here where the vendor like to talk more than sell.

@ Internet @
@ Internet access: Kitsas 1. 15EEK every 30 mins. There are pool tables and a bar which makes it a lively spot for the locals.

B Bus: Pihtla Tee #2, for long-distance and local buses.
To Tallinn (4 hrs)
147 EEK. 7.30, 9.30, 11.45, 13.30, 15.15, 17.50.
to Parnu (3 hrs)
115 EEK. 5.30, 7.45, 15.30
to Tartu (7 hrs)
175 EEK 3.30, 7.45, 15.30.
F Ferry: East of the island at kuivastu, 30min by bus from the center and 10 min to the mainland.

Local Transport
The town is very small, thus walkable. Local buses run from the main bus station to smaller towns north of Kuressaare such as Pidula and Leisi.

n The Budweiser Pub: Kuaba 6, is a rowdy place where you can meet the locals. International tourists rarely come to the island so the people welcome you with open arms. Beers cost 20EEK.

January 1 New Years Day
February 24 Independence Day
April Good Friday and Catholic Easter
May 1 Spring Day
June 24 Midsummer
December 25 Catholic

The accommodation in Kuressaare is a litle bit higher than what a budget traveller would want to spend. This is due partly to the popularity of this coastal town, and the limited spread of hotels/B&B`s. The three mentioned below are all excellent in their own way. The price of Mardi, the facilities of Parnu Guesthouse and the sheer luxury (and all you can eat breakfast) of Repo Hotel.

h Hotel Mardi: Vallimaa 5a (5min. behind the supermarket), T245-33285. dr 200EEK, d470EEK, K,La C3 It doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside it is clean. Friendly staff speak some English. Probably the cheapest option in town.
h Parnu Guesthouse: Parna 3 (Head towards the castle from the Town Hall and take your third left, watch for Parnu street on your right). T 245 57251.
d450EEK, K, La, CTV. I. bf C5 Excellent option. This spotless private residence has such luxuries as a cable TV. Very friendly staff and within close walking distance of both the town and the castle. Highly Rec
h Repo Hotel: Vallima 1 (just before Hotel Mardi), T24533510, s600EEK, d750EEK I, C4, La, CTV, bf
A bit pricey, but close to town, spotless and a huge buffet all you can eat breakfast make this a good option to spoil yourself.
Highly Rec

Food is cheaper here than in Tallinn. Cafeteria style restaurants where the price is determined by the weight of the place are the most popular and cheapest option. Chicken and of course fish are the most popular dishes in this coastal town.
r Pizza Kohvik: Turu 4, M-F11-19.00. Sa11.00-17.00
Pretty good
pizzas start at 17EEK. Eat in or take way.
r Restoran Siva: Lossi 4, M-F8-21.00. Sa9-21.00
Local, Canteen style restaurant, which is very popular with the locals. Huge serving of Chicken potato and salad for 46EEK. Highly Rec
r Maiasmokk: Kitsay 2, M-F 8-18.00, SaSu9-15.00
Incredibly cheap
pastries, crossiants cost just 2EEK and chocolate buns 1EEK. Perfect for breakfast. Highly Rec.
r Veski 100: Parna 19. Su-Th11-24.00. FrSa12 - 02:00 Fantastic 1899 windmill converted into a pub/restaurant is the pride of the island. Has four floors. Slightly pricey restaurant but does have a good outdoor seating area. Highly Rec


S1 Bishopric Castle: 30EEK, St-15EEK, Easily the Islands main attraction, and unlike many other castles around Europe, you can walk through nearly every passageway. Built in 1260 it is one of the best castles I have seen. Walk to the top and have a coffee at the castle cafe.
S11 Raekojo pl. : The very small Raekojo pl(street) is lined with old buildings, most notably the town hall which holds the tourist office on your left and an art gallery on your right.

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