Plzen, Czech Republic

Area Code ?, $1=39kc, Aug xx, 2000

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We just list the schedule of the transport at this moment.

T Train Station: ?
To Prague: 78kc, 114km 1.5hrs, Many trains ,
To Ceske Budejovice: 90kc, 176km 2.0hrs, Many trains ,

B Bus: ?
For -26 can get about 10% discount for international buses.
EL: Eurolines
BL: Bohemian Lines
Paris EL: 2420kc 22:00(A7:30+1)
Munich EL: 850kc M-Sa10:45(A16:20) Su16:45(22:20)
Zurich EL: 1900kc 19:30(A9:00+1)
Brussel BL: 1990kc TuThFSu19:50(A7:15+1)
This bus goes through Luxemberg and Oostende. The fares are same.

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