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Tourists often overlook the fifth largest town in the Czech Republic, which is a shame because it once was the powerful seat of a great empire. Today the former wealth and 10,000 students of the Palacky University give a relaxed excursion into what the Czech Dynasty once was, and, because of the lack of tourists that Prague and Czecky kromlov have, the locals are friendlier.

Information office IKTS Olomouc: Upper Square - The Town Hall Horni nam 1 T58-5513385. March -November 9.00-19.00, Dec - Feb - 9.00-17.00 infocentrum@olomouc-tourism.cz
Give out free maps have accommodation listing. Staff speak excellent English.

Tourist information centre: at train station - Helpful, informed T 58-5785620 M-Sa 8-12, 13-18 Su 14-18:00
$ Bank KB: Denisova M-F 8:30-12:30 13:30-16/17 Cash/TC $29.23/29.87, ?45.84, 46.93, Eu31.77/32.07, Y24.79. 2%, min 50kc.
$a ATM: many in town centre, also at train station.
M0 Post/Telephone Office: Horni namesti 27.
P Police: Smetanova 14, T 58-5223333.(foreign police and passport office),
H Hospital: I.P. Pavlova 6 T58-5851111
Hp Pharmacy: Aksamitova.24hr
s Prior Dept Store: Legionarska
s Supermarket Billa: Hynaisova 11
s Supermarket: Komenskeho 3, 24 hr grocery
ta GTS: Horni nam 371/1 T58-5237190 www.gtsint.cz M-F8-17:00
ta CKM Olomouc travel agent: Denisova 4, T068-522-0127 ckm.olomouc@iol.cz
@ Internet: U Dominikan 48kc/hr
@ Internet Barumba: Mlynska 4, 10kc/20min
c Cinemas: Central-Denisova 47, Metropol-Sokolska 25,
Lipa-tr Svornosti 2, outdoor-Pekarni ul (only in Summer)

www.vlak-bus.cz - train/bus connections in English/German.
T Train Station: Masarykova trida. T585-785490 Clean station, efficient staff luggage 24hrs but closes for short 15-30min, 10kc. Tourist information centre at train station - Helpful, informed T 585785 620 M-Sa 8-12, 13-18 Su 14-18
Exchange at station: $29.27kc, ?45.94kc, Eu31.80kc 2%, min 20kc.
fares (kartaZ fares)
to Brno 120kc,
1.5 hrs 7.39, 9:38, 12.06, 13.38, 15.36, 18.28. More train if you change at Nazamvsilce.
to Prague 3hrs 6.00, 7.00, 7.46, 8.51, 10.51, 11.48, 14.11, 15.13, 16.11, 17.20, 18.11, 19.52.
to Warsaw
955kc (882kc) 7hrs 4.15, 11.40, 12.40, 16.03, 19.52, 0.52, 1.30.
to Krakow
Krakov 539kc (467kc) 3-5hrs 0:40, 10:45, 12:18, 14:18, 15:44.
to Bratislava
292kc 4hrs 5.28, 7.52, 9.38, 12:33, 13:38, 16:32, 18.47
to Vienna
621kc (549kc), 3.5hrs 5.22, 7.38. 11.09, 14.59, 15.36, 18.50, 19.05, 2.17.
to Breclev
100kc, to Budapest 1024kc (kartaZ 952kc)
B Main bus station:
to Brno
70kc 1.5hr then, trantour to Praha 200kc. 8:00, 13:45, 14:00, 17:00
ta Transtour Olomouc Bus station Sladkovskeho 37 T58-5312341 M-F 8;30-16;30 transtour.olmouc@connexmorava.cz

Local Transport
Bus: the towns sights are manageable by foot, but will probably need to use the efficient tram system to get to/from train/bus station on arrival departure.
tickets: 20min-
6kc (6kc large luggage), 40min - 8kc, 1 day 26kc. tickets from yellow machines at main stops.

May 20 - Jun 10 - Olomouc Musical Spring. Many national musicians play around the streets of Olomouc.
Jun: Song Feast in Olomouc - Festival of children's choirs.
Jun: Olomouc Benefice - The festival of Olomouc.
Sep 2 - September 16 - International organ festival.
Sep 18 - Oct 16 - Autumn Festival of Spiritual Music
Dec: Christmas Lights, Olomouc is covered in Christmas directions.




h Poets' Corner: Sokolska 1 T777570730 www.hostelolomouc.com Backpacker hostel run by Australians. dr 270kc d750kc Laid back, friendly atmosphere. Lots of information - excellent guide map to the city
Access: Tram #4,5,6 from train st. to Nem Hrdinu.
h Betanie: Wurmova 5 T58-5405330
h Hotel Palac: Tr 1 Maje 27. T58-5522409. sb s550/d750kc Cheap but stylish old style hotel situated above the towns most popular casino. A short 10 min walk out from the old city or a 2 min tram, Rooms have cable television.
Access: From the town hall head N on Ostruznicka to Maje.
h Hotel Envelopa: Listopadu 8a. University complex. ab s300kc d600Kc Former university dorms, revamped. Good standard, attractive rooms, Clean. (.Black Cat strip bar/disco attached Entrance fee 100kc) Access: From the train station head W on Masarykova trida to Listopadu. Tram #1,5,7 'envelopa stop' Highly Rec
h VJ Kokeje: Smeralova 12 University dorms, (Same complex as Envelopa above) T58-5638175 s/d 270/370kc High standard University accommodation. Some available all year round. Highly rec

There are several restaurants with terraces around the town hall/astronomical clock and are excellent places to people/square watch from any time of the day but especially in the evening.
Undoubtedly the best restaurant in Olomouc is Hanacka Hospoda (Dolni nam) and proudly knows it. Everyone eats here at some point, you'll probably eat your main meal here every day, and take coffee at Cafe 87, snacks elsewhere just for variety.
There are several new, trendy restaurants/bars in the recently renovated brewery quarter.
For Asia food - several options in town such as Taste of India
r Hanacka Hospoda: Dolni nam. Undoubtedly the best restaurant. You'll probably eat your main meal here every day. Excellent value lunchtime specials.Highly rec.
r Sam Express: 45-70kc 8:30-22:00. Western Cafeteria style food. Extremely popular with locals Has an American burger joint type atmosphere. Although the food is not the healthiest or tastiest, it does have a few tofu dishes, is cheap and the portions are large. Pizza 30kc. Branch at train station.
r U Krokodyla: take out - unfriendly to tourists, better options elsewhere.
r Cafe 87: Denisova 47 Airy, artie cafe with cheap, good coffee. Interesting, delicious mix of quiches and deserts. Run by lovely woman, aided by young daughters Highly rec.
r Cafe Mona Lisa: Horni nam 20 Stylish gallery-style cafe. Relaxing environment.
r Cajovna Drevena panenka: Hrncirska 12. Wooden doll teahouse, impressive decor, excellent teahouse, terrace with park views, offering water pipes alongside a good range of teas, coffees, vegetarian food.Rec
r R Cafe Caesar: Town Hall, Horni nam Italian Excellent square-watching place. Popular.
r Potrefena Husa: Opelatova.Pasta 80kc+ pivo20kc, espresso 21kc. Very trendy, the place to be seen. Intimidating, lousy service - ignored if you're not cool. Worth a visit though - great for (yuppie) people watching.
(not checked 2003)
r Hospoda U bakalare: Zerotinovo nam. 11-15.00, 17.30-22.30 From Horni nam. Head E on Skolni which leads to Zerotinovo nam. Czech food - 15- 75kc. Classy surroundings situated in a charming square . Very small with only 8 tables but the menu is cheap and the food is good with excellent service. Highly Rec.
r Mc Donalds: Horni nam 1.


The best thing about Olomouc's sights is that most of them are free, because walking through the town square (Horni nam), you can see the many fountains, and town hall.
S1 City Hall and Astronomical Clock: (clock movement watching daily at noon) This is the picture postcard of Olomouc. Situated in the middle of the town square. At night the city hall lights up giving a perfect example of renaissance architecture. The tower rises 75m above the town. It can be climbed at 11.00, 15.00 daily, with an English speaking guide for 10Kc, St-5Kc Not as famous as it Prague's counterpart, Olomouc clock was built in 1947 but is still interesting to see the mechanics of it.
S2 Holy Trinity Column:
Built in 1716 - 1754, this is the greatest piece of baroque statuary in the Czech lands. More than 30 meters high it positioned in front of the town hall and also lights up with the sun goes down. What is most charming about it, is at night the local musicians gather on its steps and play through the night.
S3 Fountains:
Olomouc is the city of fountains. There are over 7 in the old town and are incredibly popular with children on hot days. The most popular one is Caesar's Fountain built in 1725. Other fountains, situated around Horni nam, are the Hercules' Fountain (1687), Jupiter's Fountain (1734), Mercury's Fountain (1727) and Neptune's' Fountain (1683)
S4 City Fortification: The old town is surrounded by the crumbling city walls built around the early 18th century, in defense of southern and western attacks. On the southern side if the old towns are restaurants that are built into the arches of the walls.
S5 Muzeum Umeni: 15kc

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