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Karlovy Vary is located near the border to Germany, a resort, famous for hot spring for healing, swimming and drinking spring water. To come from Prague, buses are the faster and cheaper than trains. Buses from Prague, probably stop at the centrum bus stop before the terminal. Get off there and try to find the street sign toward "centrum".
You may buy a map or get a free map at the information center. But big map boards are everywhere in the spa area and this area is very small. I don't think you will miss anything even though you don't have a map. There are many places claiming "Tourist Information Office" such as one just in front of the post office(It looks official but it is not), but most of them are private and aiming only selling maps, books and booking accommodation. You cannot expect any free information or services from them.

Kur Info: Official tourist office, in the moddle of the Spa Area, near the Virdelni bridge. T25457, Apr-Oct M-F7-17:00, SaSu10-16:00, Nov-Mar M-F7-15:30. This is the proper information office. There are free pamphlets which contain the map of Spa Area.
Warning: "City Info" in front of the mai Post office is private travel service, not a place you can get information for free.
AE American Express: Vridelni 51. not recommnend to change money nor T/C
Exchange: Many money changers in town and the "Spa area" Many say "no commission". But compare the final net rate before the transaction. Best rate is $38.65kc, GBP=58.8kc
$ KB Bank: in the middle of "Spa Area" M-F 7-17:00. Probably best place to change T/C
M0 Post office:Masaryka 1, just at the entrance of the Spa Area, M-F7-19, Sa8-13, Su8-12:00
P Police: ?
H Hospital: ?
Hp Pharmacy:
s Supermarket Mestska Trznice: at the main local bus stop. M-F6-19, Sa7-19, Su9-17

Train: There are two different train station. We don't supply the train information because it is too inconvenient to use.
T Karlovy Vary Holni Nadrazi: 3 km from the center. Most train arrive here from Prague via Chomutoy. From there, you may take a bus or a local train to the center of Karlovy Vary.
T1 Karlovy Vary Dolni Nadrazi: 5 min W from the centrum bus stop and next to the Main Bus station. Local trains connect from here to the Karlovy Vary station. But there are only 6 trains daily.
B Main bus station: 5 min W from the center.
To Prague, 73-110kc(the cost varies.) b5:30, 6:30, XS6:45,8, P8:30,9, 10, N10:30, S1150, X12, 13, V13:30, X14, V14:30, 15:30, XN16:20, X16:45, NSV1830, N19:30
To Airport then Flores bus terminal: 6, 7:50, 15:20, 18:20. a/c bus
110kc. Bus code
B1 Bus stop for the centrum: Most of the local buses stop here. Buses from Prague stop here but buses to Prague will not stop here.

Local Transport
Bus: There are many buses are running in the city. 8kc(12kc from the driver.)
Funicular: from the S end of the "Spa Area". OW25kc, RT40kc. 9-19:00 every 15min.

No info at this moment.

c Cinemas: Vitezna 50 and I.G.Masaryka #3
sw Bath: at the Thermal Sal Hotel, probably the first hotel you see when you enter the "Bath Zone" 30kc/hr.

@ Internet @
@1 Internet cafe: at the Thermal Sal Hotel cafeteria 40kc/30min.


Karlory Vary's private travel agents or private information office had been successfully hid the budget accommodation for the long time from major travel guide book researchers. They arrange accommodation. Their pension starts from 550kc/p (450/p if you stay more than 2 nights.) However you can find cheaper rooms without them.
h Domov M La'desei: Lidicke 38. T017-3221671, ab 530/p TV, Fr, sb 310kc C4. Excellent view over looking the valley. Bus#1,10 Na Rodni. Just N from the Bath Area but it is on the hill. Highly Rec
h Hestia: Stara Kysibelske #45, T017-322-5985, sb 320/p Bus #6, Vychodni. It is on the same hill area but the other side of the hill so no view.

In the Spa Area, many restaurants and cafes are setting tables out side and prices are obviously expensive. But in the center of the town itself, many restaurants are serving food with reasonable prices.
Spa Area
r Diana: at the top of the Diana peak, next to the funicular station. Excellent open-air restaurant. Spagetti 60kc, meat + dumpling 105kc.
Ideal place to have a lunch in a hot day.
r Grand Hotel Restaurant: at the end of the "Spa Area" beautiful classical interior, meal 300kc, desert 80+, coffee ?kc.
r buffet: just at the entrance of the Spa Area. Form the post office, across the bridge. This is the last stop to be able to eat with normal prices, except Diana.
Town Centrum
There are many cheap restaurants/bufet can be found in the town outside of the spa area.
r Mestska Trznice: M-F6-19, Sa7-19, Su9-17, buffet, in the supermarket next to the bus stop of the centrum. Excellent choices for coffee, desert and meal.


The valley is long and narrow stretching to S from the main part of the town. The valley is called "Spa Area". There are many beautiful old buildings are along the both edges of the valley. Tourists are wondering around the area carrying special cups, stopping at the hot springs and drinking the spring water with them. Those springs are located at places called "Kollonade". They are well marked on the maps with numbers. The cups cost from $2-3 and could be good souvenir. But if you don't want to buy, take your own cup and drink as much as you want for your health. All springs have names and numbers. Most of them are inside of the beautiful colonnades. Those are well marked on the map. Many map boards can be found everywhere in the town.
S1 Sadova Kolonade:The first colonnade in a garden which you will see just after you enter the Spa Area, built in 1881.(under renovation.) The #13 spring, Sadovy premen near by.
S2 Mlinske Kolonade: Roman style colonnade, built in 1881. It houses #6-10 springs.
S3 Trzni Kolonade: Victorian style colonnade. It houses #2 and 5 springs.
S4 Diana Peak: take a funicular from the S end of the "Spa Area". OW25kc, RT40kc. 9-19:00 every 15min.
Tower: 9-19:00, 10kc. Not good view for the Karlovy Vary but excellent view for the surrounding area.
S5 Hiking: there are a few trails From the peak Diana to Loket 15.5km, Karlory Vary 1.7km
S6 Karlovarske Museum: open WS 9-12, 13-17:00. display history, anthropology , art, craft of the area
Hiking: there are a few trails From the peak Diana to Loket 15.5km, Karlory Vary 1.7km
S7 sv. Petra a Pavla: an unique church on a hill NW part of the Spa Area. Take a street, Petra Velkehe or Sadova. Sorry no detail for this church.

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