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Area Code 1, $1=8.53, Sep 30, 2000

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Zagreb is an old city filled with the spirit of the young. All through the spring and summer months, festivals and performances are being held throughout the streets. A superb culture of restaurants, pubs and theatres exists in Zagreb, and this is a great 3 day stopover if heading to or from Hungary/Slovenia.

Trg bana Jelacica is the center square of Zagreb. The two most popular streets, Tkalciceva and Opatovina, are both connected to the northern part of the square. The train station is 2km south of it on Praska. While the bus station is 2km east of the train station on Branimirova.

Information Office: Trg bana Josipa Jelacica 11. M-Sa9.00-19.00. Extremely helpful and friendly staff. Give out free 'Zagreb A-Z info' booklet.
AM American express Atlas Travel: Zrinjevac 17, T427623 client mail service
$ Rijecka Banka: Ilica 102. Exchanges com. cash 1%. T/C 2.5%, US$1=8.46KN.
$ Privredna Banka: Ilica 5. Exchanges com cash 1%. T/C 2.5%. US$1=8.457KN.
$ Exchange office: A - Tours: at the bus station 24 hour. US$1=8.455KN
M0 Post /Telephone office: Branimorova. 24 hour. next to the train station.
P Police: ?
H General Hospital: Sveti Duh 64. T3712 111
Hp Pharmacy: ?
m Market: Dolac 2. One of the great fruit and vegetable markets in Europe.
c Supermarket: ?
la Laundry: Kaptol 11. M-Sa9.00-18.00. Price?

Embassies and Consulates
E1 USA: Andrije Hebranga #2-4, T4555500, M-F8.00-16.30
E1c Canada: Prilaz Gjure Dezelia #4, T4848058, 12.00-15.00.
E44 UK: Vlaska #121/III, T4555310, MTuThF8.30-17.00, WSa9.00-12.00.
E Australian: Hotel "Esplanade" Mihanoviaeeva #1, 1000, T4566617. M-F9.00-12.00.
E Italy: Meduliaeeva #22, T4846386. MWF9.00-17.00.
E81 Japan: Ksaver #211, T4677755. TuTh9.00-12.00,

E Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ul. Pavla Hatza #3, 10000, T4819418, MWF9.00-12.00.
E Bulgaria: Novi Goljak #25, 10000, T4823336. M-Th9.00-12.00. No visa needed = US and EU countries, Visa required Australian, New Zealander, and South Africans single $53. multiple $123.
E Hungary: Krlein gvozd #11a, T422654. M-F9.00-12.00. No Visa: Asian countries, New Zealand, Canada, US and EU, Visa req.Australians Single entry 30 day visa - $45US, Double entry $95US.
E Romania: Srebrnjak #150A, T2430137. M-F9.00-17.00. Visa not req.US, EU, Visa Req.Australians, Canandians, Irish. Price US$?
E Slovenia: Savska c. #4/IX, T6311000, 6311011. MWF9.00-12.00.
E Yugoslavia: Mesieaava #19, T4680552, M-F10.00-14.00.

Local transport
B Bus/tram: An excellent tram/bus network. Tickets, 5.50KN from kiosks good for a bus/a tram, and valid 90 minutes, transferable if you are going in the same direction.
From the bus station catch tram 2, 3, 6 ,8 to the Train station or tram 6 to get to the center, Trg bana Jelacica.
@From the train station catch tram 6, 13 to get to Trg bana Jelacica.
ta A -Tours: at the bus station, 24 hours.

A The Zagreb Airport: 30 min away by bus. Access: "Airport" bus runs from the airport to the bus station from 5.30 to 19.30 every 30 min, 20KN.
A taxi
to or from the airport will,150KN - 200KN.
Croatian Airlines:
Trg N S Zrinskog 17, T4872727.
Normal fares from Croatian airlines .Fare OW
London $220, Amsterdam $220, Tokyo $990, Melbourne $1100, Paris $220, Rome $209, Cairo $259, Dubrovnik under 24 US$33
Train station: Trg kralja Tomislava 12. 2km S from the center. Access: From the bus station catch tram 2, 3, 6 ,8, From the center(Trg bana Jelacica): tram 6
to Split: 8hrs 164.
20KN 5.45, 22.40.
to Rijecka: 5hrs
92.80KN 1.14, 12.15, 16.40.
to Budapest: 7hrs
156KN 7.05, 13.20,15.50. see below for more details
to Ljubljana: 2.5hrs 5.00, 5.55, 13.05, 23.55
to Munich: 11hrs
480KN 5.55, 7.30, 23.55
to Vienna: 7hrs
314KN 5.37, 7.30, 23.55.
to Berlin: 17hrs
1212KN 5.37, 7.30, 23.55.
B Bus Station: Drziceva bb. 2km east of Train station. 3km south E from the center.
to Rab Town: 6hrs
120KN, 11.50, 18.15, 20.30, 22.30.
to Porec: 6.5hrs
115KN, 01.25, 03.00, 04.10, 13.23, 15.40.
to Split: 7hrs
110KN, 30 buses from 04.30 to 23.00
to Dubrovnik: 11hrs
165KN, 4.45, 5.30, 5.45, 6.05, 7.30, 8.05, 18.15, 18.40.
to Pula: 7hrs
150KN, 24 buses from 01.25 - 23.40
to Berlin:
1053KN, WSa10.00
to Bratislava:
570KN, Sa04.00
to Budapest:
?KN, see below for more details.
to Bled:
260KN 9:23
to Ljubljana:
170KN, 9.23, 10.05, 11.25
to Paris:
1390KN, M7.00, M16.30 Sa16.30
to Zurich:
765KN, W17.00
to Amsterdam:
1337KN Sa16.00
Access: from Trg bana Jelacica: Tram #6. From the train station: tram #2,3,6,8

from Zagreb, Croatia: to Budapest(Keleti/Deli Sta.)
*: Deli station. No mark: Keleti.
There are two different routes.Hungarian border sta.: Murakeresztur or Gyekenyes. Croatia border sta.: Kotoriba or Koprivnica. #1-Varadine 5:38, #2-Varadin10:28,
Venice Ljubijana Zagreb Kotoriba (C) Murakeresztur(H) Nagykanizsa Budapest
-447km -142km 0 km 148km 154km 168km 398km

Fare from the Hungarian Border $1=288Ft(00.8.30) 0 Ft



#1-- 06:19/06:22 06:29/06:40 06:53 /
7:05 09:40/09:43 09:50/10:20 10:31/10:32 14:38
#2-- 11:08/11:09 11:16/11:30 11:45 /
08:14 13:50 --


17:45/18:10 18:20/18:23 21:43
/ 19:58 20:05 /

Venice Ljubijana Zagreb Koprivnica (C) Gyekenyes (H) Nagykanizsa Budapest
km 88km 103 or 109km 132km 362km
/ 06:15 06:33 /
21:22 02:45 05:37 06:47/06:54 07:05/07:47 08:14/08:16 12:08
/ 13:20 14:40 /
13:20 14:24/14:29 14:40/15:10 15:39/15:40 19:43
15:50 16:52/15:54 17:05/17:20 *20:55
/ 18:30 18:47/

To Baros(Hungary): cost ?, 174km, 9,10:30, 13:30, M-Sa(4:30,8), Su9:00

Zagreb(C)(Bus) Barcs(H)(Bus) Barcs(train) Pecs Budapest
0 km 174km 0 km 64km 292km
M-Sa04:30 08:45 / 09:19 10:34/c M-Sa04:30
M-Sa08:00 12:45
Su09:00 13:00
10:30 14:45 18:15 20:55
13:30 17:40 20:30 21:25

March 21 - April 4: Spring Time Jazz Fever. World renowned jazz musicians perform at numerous jazz clubs around Zagreb including the BP Jazz Club.
May 27 - 29: The Zagreb Philharmonic Festival.
June: Week of Contemporary Dance
. Students and professionals perform numerous styles of dancing in the streets and theatres.
June: Eurokaz International festival devoted to avant-guard theater.
July and August: The Zagreb Summer Festival - Musical pieces performed by Croatian composers. Often held in cathedrals.
July 17 - 21: The Zagreb International Folklore Festival. Local and international performers perform in traditional dress.
July 10 - 14: The International Festival of Animation. World renowned festival attracting famous animators.
October 1-15: The Zagreb Jazz Fair Similar but bigger than the Spring Time Jazz festival.
Mid-October: International Days of Jazz. Centered on seminars, and exhibitions more than performances.
November: Zagrebfest Pop festival first held in 1954.

@ Internet @
@ Cyber Cafe: Teslina 12. M-Sa 10-22.00 Su3.00-22.00. 12Terminals 8KN/15min


Easily the best and really the only option is the hostel mentioned below. It is close to transport, reasonably priced and full of other backpackers. Private accommodation can be found but often the rooms are not central and because it is a big city, it is not worth it.
h Omladinski Turisticki Centar: Petrinjska 77, T4841261
From the train station head 50m E then 100mN on Petrinjska.
sb dr70KN, s150KN C2, Very basic but excellent location , makes this the best valued accommodation in town. There is no better option in Zagreb so this 500 bed hostel is always busy. There is no curfew but everyone must get up at 8:00 for daily room cleaning. Rec
h Hotel Astoria: Petrinjska 71, T4841222.
From the train station head 50m E then 120m N on Petrinjska.
s300KN, d500KN bf C4, Just three doors north of the hostel mentioned above, this three star hotel is good value compared to the much pricier options around town. The price includes buffet breakfast, bathroom and TV (note that Croatian TV often has English programs with Croatian subtitles). Rec
h Zagreb Youth Hostel: dr 72KN reported

r Hamby: Ilica 1, 10.00-24.00. 10KN+
From Trg bana Jelacica head 20m W on Ilica. Situated in a shopping mall at the beginning of Ulica, this
fast food restaurant is very popular with young locals serving hot dogs (10KN), cheeseburgers (15KN). Very popular around midnight.
r Trattoria Leonardo: Skarlinska. Italian. 11.00-15.00, 17.00-23.00. 25KN+, From Trg bana Jelacica head N on Tkalciceva 100m, then turn E on Skarlinska. Reasonably priced restaurant with great outdoor seating and always full. The hostel recommends this restaurant.
r Ice: 50 Tkalciceva. night spot. 17.30-03.00. From Trg bana Jelacica head north on Tkalciceva 100m. Extremely popular night spot full of young university students, situated on the trendiest and most lively street in Croatia. Huge outdoor seating area is full in summer. Beers 5KN. Rec
r City: 27 Tkalciceva. 11.00-14.00, 17.30-01.00. Greek snacks. 10KN+, From Trg bana Jelacica head north on Tkalciceva 100m, Souvlakis-16KN, Good option if you want to walk around while eating.
r Shanghai Laterna: Mletacka 11. M-Sa11.00-23.00, Su12.00-21.00. 8KN+, From Trg bana Jelacica head W on Ilica 100m then head N on Tomiceva to Markov trg. Then walk around the church to Mletacka. A real find, hidden in one of the oldest streets in Zagreb, where the locals still shout from their windows at one and other. The local girl who told me about this said 'keep it quiet' because it is their favorite. A rustic old building away from the crowds. Entrees 8-20KN, mains 30-50KN. Highly Rec
r BP Jazz Club: Teslina 7. 19.00-01.00. Nightclub/ Snacks. From Trg bana Jelacica head S on Praska 50m, then head W on Teslina. Excellent jazz club where local and international bands play nightly. Popular with music students the 70's type decor give it that great seedy atmosphere. They serve snack food like potato wedges (19KN) and nachos (22KN). Rec


S1 Ethnographic Museum: Trg Mazurulicev 14, Tu-Th10.00-18.00, F-Su10.00-13.00. 10KN, students 5KN. From Trg bana Jelacica head S on Praska 200m, then head west on Trenkova 200m which leads to the museum. Features traditional costumes throughout the history of Croatia. What is interesting is the geographical differences in the costumes. Probably the most popular museum in Zagreb. An English guide to the museum can be bought for 60KN.
S2 Mimara Museum: Rooseveltov trg 4. (next to Ethnographic museum), 20KN, students 15KN. M10.00-17.00, TuWF10.00-19.00, Th10.00-14.00. From Trg bana Jelacica head S on Praska 200m, then head W on Trenkova 200m which leads to the museum. Croatia's leading art gallery has works from ancient unknown painting to Rembrandt.
S3 Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary: Kaptol Hill. 9.00-17.00. Mass: Su9.00, 11.00. From Trg bana Jelacica north on Kaptol 30m. This church dominates the skyline and at night time gives a spooky atmosphere while Zagreb is sleeping. Built in the 13th century it still performs mass for Zagreb's Catholics.
S4 Tkalciceva: From Trg bana Jelacica head N on Tkalciceva. This is the trendiest and liveliest street in Croatia. Situated on it are 20 restaurants 15 pubs, and 2 nightclubs. All the establishments have outdoor seating and in summer time every seat is taken by 8.00pm. Places like Ice are great to meet the locals who get dressed up, to impress and look at other people. Every country has a street that it is known for, and this will soon be Croatia's.
S5 Opatovina: Known as the student street, it runs parallel to Tkalciceva. Lined with old rustic pubs prices are 10% cheaper here than its neighbor. Because it is less touristy the local students are very welcoming and keen to practice their English with you.It has the same outdoor seating yet there is not as much people traffic.

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