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Phone code 51, US$1 = 8.35KN, Sep 14, 2000

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Rab Town is a sleepy village on a sleepy island. Incredibly popular with German tourists most of the locals speak either a little English, Italian or German. The small winding cobble stoned streets in Old Town are nice, and the beaches are clean. Everything can be seen in a say, yet some Backpackers I met had been here for weeks.

Rab Town is made up of new town in N and old town in S, 2 min walk between them.

From the bus station, which is situated in the new town, old town is reached by heading east 20m to Setaliste Markantum Dominisa on the sea, then turn south 100m. This leads directly to old town and first building you see will be the Tourist Information Office on Kresimara IV, next to Hotel Istra. Head east on Kresimara IV for 100 m to Trg Krisofora. Looking east you can see three streets. Rab's old town is made up of these main streets, Donja ulica (lower), Srednja ulica (middle) and Gornja ulica (upper).

Information Office: 1 Kresimar IV 1. T 77 11 11. Organizes transport, accommodation and currency exchange. 1US= 8.32KN. 9.00-21.00. Free maps are available.
$ Rijecka Banka: Mali Palit 8. M-F8.00-11.30, 17.30 - 20.00, Sa8.00-12.00. cash No commission, US$1=8.37KN. T/C com 1.5% US$1=8.32KN. ATM.
M0 Post /Telephone office: Malit Palit 5. M-F 7.00-20.00, Sa7.00-12.00.
P Police: ?
H Medical Center: ?
Hp Pharmacy: Srednja ulica. M-Sa7.30-21.00
m Market:: North from bus station.
c Supermarket: 6 Kresimar IV. 10.00-13.00, 14.00-19.00.

Local transport
This town is very small. No public transport is necessary.
ta Tourist Agency: Atlas, Ul. Biskupa Draga 2, 725-028. Organizes accommodation. 9.00-21.00

T Trains: There is no train station. the closest train station is Rijecka 3 hours N by bus.
B Bus station: Mali Palit T724189. The buses to the destinations outside from Rad island use the ferries to cross the sea. The ferry ride is included in your bus fare.
to Zagreb: 6hrs
120KN 6.40,12.20 (1/7-31/8) 12.40, 18.20 (16/09-15/06) 15.40, 21.20 (15/06-15/09)
to Rijecka: 3hrs
73KN 5.40, 9.00, 14.40, 18.40.
No buses to Zadar, Split or Dubrovnik. However any of the buses above will take you to the main highway, where hourly buses from Rijecka travel S. This is common, so if you say 'Dubrovnik' to the bus driver, he will know exactly where to drop you off and charge you only
F A ferry: Kresimira IV,
to SPLIT: 7hrs
65KN F21.00
to Rijecka: 3hrs 50KN Su04.10
Access: From the bus station head east 20 m to Setaliste Markantum Dominisa on the water, then turn south 100 m. This leads directly to Kresimara IV.

February: February Days of Carnival in Rab ("Mesopust")
April: "Zadnja nedjelja KRIZI" Procession from all parishes of the island of Rab to the Cathedral with the miraculous image of the Mother of God from Rab. Holy Mass
May 27.-30: Sovereignty Day celebrations. International flat-water kayak racing.Appearance of the Rab cross-bowers, public festivities in town
June 29: St. Peter in Supetarska Draga - Holy Mass
July 15: Assumption Day - Holy Mass . Public festivities in town with entertainment program, parade of the Rab cross-bowers
July 16: Our Lady of the Carmelite in Barbat - Holy Mass and procession
July 20: St. Ilija in Mundanije - Holy Masses
July 27: St. Christopher (Saint patron of the town) Holy Masses.-
September 16: Nativity of the Virgin Mary in Lopar Holy Mass and cultural and entertainment program and public festivities
December: For the Christmas Holidays Classic music concert Concert of the Rab brass band

@ Internet @
i Tourist Office: see above, 1 PC, fast connection but often have to wait. 20KN/15 mins.
@ Biskupa: Draga 4. 5 PCs, fast connection.
20KN/10 mins.


Not much choice besides one close camping site and private accommodation.
h Camping Padova: T724355, 1km east of the bus station. 22KN/p with own tent. 5 minute walk, just across the bay from Old Town, this is a good cheap option.
Access: From the bus station, head east 20m to Setaliste Markantum Dominisa on the water, then north on Ivana Dominisa (which winds around the bay) for 1km.
h Private Accommodation.
The Tourist office, T771111, They find rooms in the center of old town for
sb s85KN, d100KN, t130KN. A discount applies if you stay three or more nights.

Like most other islands, the restaurants are a mixture of seafood and Italian. Excellent quality but more expensive than other islands.
r Kiflic: Mali Palit 8, Bakery. 1KN-9KN. 8.00-16.00, Rolls (1KN), Doughnuts (1.5KN), hot dogs (3KN) make this the cheapest option in town . A can of tuna in the supermarket (mali palit) is 6KN, to go with the roll bought here.
Access: From the bus station head N 10m to Mali Palit.
r Buffet Buza: Srednja ulica, 7KN-34KN, 10.00-14.00, 17.00-21.00, Sandwiches (12KN), Hot Dogs (7KN). Calamari 30KN. Small place with street outdoor seating. Popular with locals, and English speaking staff.
Access: From the tourist office walk E on Kresimara IV for 30m to Trg Kristofa. From here looking east you can see the three main streets Donja, Srednja and Gornja. Head East on Srednja ulica ).
r Supermarket: Malit Palit, 9.00-21.00. The deli section of the supermarket. Sandwiches to order. 3-15KN. Access: From the bus station head north 10 m to Malit Palit) .
r St Maria: Dinka Dokule 6, Hungarian Cuisine. 10.00-14.00 17.00-23.00. This Hungarian owned restaurant serve up huge portions of traditional Hungarian cuisine such as paprika stew (25KN), and beef goulash (22KN). Access: From the tourist office walk east on Kresimara IV for 30 m to Trg Kristofa. From here looking east you can see the three main streets Donja, Srednja and Gornja. Head East on Srednja ulica. This becomes Dinka Dokule after 100 metres).Highly Rec


Gornja ulicia(street):
From the tourist office walk east on Kresimara IV for 30m to Trg Kristofa. From here looking east you can see the three main streets Donja, Srednja and Gornja. Head east on Gornja.
S1 St Marys Bell Tower: 10.00-19.00. Free. On the cove of Old City stands St Marys Bell Tower, built in the 13th century. Many tourists come here at sunset, to see it shine over the Old City.
S2 Vigin Mary Cathedral: 10.00-13.00, 19.30-22.00. 6KN. Further west from Gornja ulicia 12th century,to many festivals in the summer.
Srednja ulica
This street, near Gornha ullicia, lights up at night and is full of Ice Cream shops, and small hidden nightclubs. Popular with German tourists this section of Old Town is considered a noisy for the locals, but is where the backpackers like to come and party.
S3 Anthony's Monastery: Srednja ulica 10.00-13.00-20.00-22.00. Near Vigin Mary Cathedral, 14th century Monastery free to the public.

S4 Fishing
There is a fishing equipment store next to the bus stop on Mali Palit. Simple rod and reel combos,
118KN. No license is necessary to fish from the shore. Many types of fish can be caught around the island, and is a popular practise for tourists. Some restaurants will cook you catch for a price.

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