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Dubrovnik is the highlight in Croatia. Sadly some tourists don't bother to head so far S, but this town is really recommended. Named one of the most beautiful towns in the world for the last five years running in 'traveller magazine' a week could easily be spent here. Even Croatia's enemies know how beautiful Dubrovnik is as in 1992 the Serbians tried to bomb it to ruin the spirit of the Croatian people. Luckily only a few bullet holes and some fallen plaster can be seen, not ruining the most beautiful town in Europe.

The old town has one major street called Placa. To the west of this street is the entrance to the old town, and to the east the sea. The tourist office, airlines and travel agencies exist on Placa. Over 30 tiny lanes are connected to Placa, so a free map should be purchased at the Tourist office, which is the first building you will see when you enter Old Town.

Information Office: at the biginning of Placa, T426354. 8.00-21.00. Free maps.
AM American express Atlas Travel: Brsalje 17, T442574
amex.ts@atlas.tel.hr, climent mail
$ Dubrovacka Banka: Placa #16. M-F7.30 - 13.00, 14.00-21.00. Sa7.30-13.00, 14.00-20.00. Su8.00-12.00. Gives Visa money credit. 1.5% com for cash and T/C
$ Privredna Banka Zagreb: Siroka ulica. M-F8.00-13.00, 14.00-20.00. Sa 8.00-13.00. $1US-8.334. no com for cash. T/C com 1.5%
M0 Post /Telephone office: Siroka bb. M-F7.30-14.00. Sa9.00-13.00, 18.00-21.00. Also exchanges cash 1% commission $1US=8.302KN
P Police: ?
H Hospital: Roka Misetica, T431-777. 24 hour
Hp Kod Zvonika Pharmacy: Placa 8.00-20.00. T428656.
m Market:: Obala S Radica. 7.00-13.00.
c Supermarket: ?
E44 British Consulates: Petilovrijenci 2, T 412 916 , MTuThF 10.00-13.00. Emergency help with passports, crime, etc.

Local transport
B Bus: a good network runs from the long distance bus station (3km west of Old Town) to the Old Town. Tickets can be bought at any kiosk for 7KN. The bus stop at the western entrance of the old town. No buses are running in the old town.
ta Atlas travel Agency: Lucarica, last street walking east on Placa when looking south. www.atlas-croatia.com M-Sa8.00-19.00, T442528. Private accommodation, air tickets, tours to Yugoslavia, ferry tickets, currency exchange 1% com. $1US=8.331KN No T/C exchanged.

T Airport: 15km S from Dubrovnik. Access: minibus 20KN from the bus station
to Zagreb: Normal US$65, -26 US$33 by Croatia Airlines.
M-6.50, 15.00, 16.40, 22.15, 22.40, Tu-6.50, 20.20, W-6.50, 7.40, 10.25, 14.55, 17.10, 17.55, Th-6.50, 17.45, 22.50, F-6.50, 16.10, Sa-6.50, 21.20, Su-6.50, 17.25, 20.25, 23.15.
Air fare One Way Regular
Rome US$280, Tu16.20, Sa17.20
London US$340, Tu14.35, Su8.30
Tel Aviv US$420, M19.05, W14.20
Manchester US$395, F12.20
Paris US$365, W16.35
T Trains: Train: No train service. Nearest train station is in Split (4.5hrs north)
B Bus Station: #38 Put Republike, 3km W from Old Town.
Catch bus #1B, 2, 4, 6, or 9, from the bus station to Old Town and vice versa. Need a small luggage surcharge.
to Zagreb: 165KN 6.00, 7.00, 16.30, 17.15, 18.00, 19.00, 19.45, 21.00, 11hrs
to Zadar: 124KN, 5, 6, 8, 11, 15:30, 17:00, 7.5hrs
to Kotor(Montenegro) 15DM, dep time ?, 4.5hrs.
to Spli:t 84KN +1.5KN for luggage Many 5- 21:00, 4.5hrs
to Rijecka: 219KN 6.00, 8.00, 15.30, 17.00, 12hrs
to Rovinj: 289KN 15.30, 16hrs
to Ljubljana: 280KN 13.00, 15hrs
to Sarejevo: 89KN 8.00, 22.30, 6hrs
to Frankfurt: 609KN FSaSu5.00, 28hrs
to Zurich: 539KN ThSu6.00, 23hrs
F Ferries: #40 Obala S Radica, 5km W from the Old Town, 2km W from the bus station.
Local bus #1b & #9 from the ferry terminal.

June - September: Open air Sunday events. Every Sunday in Summer is celebrated with musicians and entertainers performing in the old town streets.
July - September: Dubrovnik Summer Festival, actors musicians and artists perform on numerous stages around the Old City.
September:World Music Festival - Nationally televised event with musicians from around the globe.
December 31: New Years Eve Festival. Dubrovnik and Hvar are considered the best places to celebrate the new year. Festivals are held in Placa.

@ Internet @
@ @Internet: uz Jezalte 1KN /min. 10.00-24.00. 5 Terminals. Usually busy because it is the only internet cafe in the old town.


No cheap accommodation in the Old Town of Dubrovnik (the only place worth staying), but the Atlas travel agency (last street walking east on Placa when looking south) organizes hundreds of private rooms. sb s90, d130 t150KN. When you step out from the ferry many women offer their rooms, but their rooms are rarely situated in the old town.
h Ante Michocevic: Strosmaerova 1, T02-0426172. The second last street walking east on Placa when looking south is Marojice Kaboge. Walk south down it which leads directly to Strosmaerova. sb s75, d120 t150KN C3 This is an excellent private room accommodation option which is not advertised by the travel agencies in the heart of the old town. There are five rooms on the third floor of this private house overlooking the sea. The owner (Mrs Michocevic) is extremely friendly making you home made ice cream every night, and cleaning your room everyday. This was the friendliest place I had experienced in Croatia. Highly Rec.
Mrs. Fatima: Smokvina 2, ? Private room reported good.

Pizzeria Marinero: Boskoviceva 6. Pizza. 10.00-14.00, 18.00-24.00. Fourth last street walking east on Placa when looking north. Popular pizza house with take away and eat in pizzas. Small pizzas 14KN, large pizzas 35KN. Has the latest closing time for any pizzeria in the old town making it very popular for party goers. Rec
Fast Food Laus: Boskoviceva 11. Snacks. Fourth last street walking east on Placa when looking north. Long running establishment which make such unhealthy snacks like cheeseburgers and fried chicken. 10.00-15.00, 17.30-24.00. Open late so popular with party goers.
r Restaurant Jadran: Poljana paska Milicevica, Situated at the entrance to Old town before Placa. 10.00-16.00, 17.30-22.00. Steaks. Excellent food and excellent value. Has a cheap lunch time menu for 49KN which includes soup, bread, main course and dessert . Set in an ancient courtyard this is very popular with tourists. Highly Rec.
r Shanghai: Starcevica 25. Chinese. The street outside the entrance to old town, 50 metres from the local bus stop. tue-sun 12.00-24.00. The best Asian food in Croatia sit just out of Old Town. It is not cheap around the 60KN range per head but the food is great with fresh ingredients and the staff speak many languages including English. Rec.
r Cafe Blues: Zamanina 5, 10.00-14.00, 15.30-24.00. Ninth street walking east on Placa when looking north. Small and cosy pub where locals are welcoming to tourists. Unlike the name suggest does not play any blues but has blues memorabilia all around the walls. Only holds 25 people so get there early. Often it stays open until the last person leaves. Highly Rec.
r Jazz Club Bo-Bap: Kneza Damjana Jude bb. 9.00-01.00.Walk east on Placa until you get to Pred Dvorom, then head south directly to Kneza Damjana Jude bb. Trendy nightspot full of young locals. At the time of publication the pub was always full, because it showed the Olympics. At night time, local jazz bands play until midnight. Rec


Dubrovnik is full of history, from its medieval beginnings to the remains of the Serbian war fought only 8 years ago. Although everything can be seen in just a day, the tourist office said that most people stay for a week, but I must warn you staying in the old city for a week might feel like you have been transported back in time.
S1 City Walls: Entrance to Old Town at the beginning of Placa. 9.00-18.30, 10KN The city walls surround the whole of Old City almost 2km in length. First built in the 8th century and restored in the 16th, it is the most popular and scenic of all the attractions.
S2 The Synagogue, Zudioska: Third last street walking E on Placa when looking N. MThF 11.00-13.00. Free The second oldest synagogue in Europe is the most sacred sight for the Jewish Community in Croatia. Only open for 6 hours a week, so you must plan before hand and be respectful for the praying Jews that visit it.
S3 Museum of Dubrovnik: Pred Dvorom 3. End of Placa, looking south.9.00-19.00 10KN, students 5KN.Collection of coins, military artefacts and other items of Dubrovnik's history.
S4 Museum of the Franciscan Monastery: Start of Placa. 9-18.00. 5KN Inside is Europe's oldest pharmacy, filled with medieval medicines made of roots, herbs and other strange antidotes. can see the three main streets Donja, Srednja and Gornja. Head east on Gornja.

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