Mui Ne, Vietnam

Area Code 062, $1=16,400D, July 6, 2007

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Mui Ne Beach is relatively new tourist destination, between HCM city and Nha Trang, E from Phan Thiet town.
Many hotels are located on a very long beautiful beach, about 10km.
Many tourist buses are arriving here everyday from HCM, Dalat and Nha Trang around noon.
To find a guest house is a bit difficult because hotels are scattered on the long beach. But it seems to be that there are two major areas. If you have already decided which hotel you want to stay, just tell the bus driver to stop for you.
If you want to look for, the area you may end up may depends on your tourist bus company. Hanh Cafe and TM Brothers Cafe may take you to the West area and Sinh Cafe to the Eastern area. Your bus stops at each hotel and wait until you check the rooms. If you do not like it, They will take you to the next one.

All facilities are on the main road(Nguyen Dinh Cheu)

ta1 Sinh Cafe: 144 Nguyen Dinh Che, T847542. E part of Muine.
ta2 Hanh Cafe: 125A Nguyen Dinh Che(W part of Muine), T847597 There is another brunch in Muine.
ta3 TM Brothers Cafe: Nguyen Dinh Che(W part of Muine), just E from Hanh Cafe
@ Internet: W from Hanh Cafe: 300D/min


h0 Giardino: #129 Nguyen Dinh Cheu, T847477, a/c ab HW d150,000VD C4 huge rooms and huge beds common balcony and common space Good rooms but it is not on the beach
h1 Hep Hoa: #80 Nguyen Dinh Che, T847262, f ab HW d$10 C4 with a table & chairs in a porch. nice beautiful garden Rec
h2 Xuan Nyen: Nguyen Dinh Che T847476, f ab CW backside d$8, beach front d$10 C3 mos-net
h3 Keng: #72 Nguyen Dinh Che. T647015,, f ab HW $7 C3 large rooms.
h4 Hong Di: #70 Nguyen Dinh Che , T847014,, f ab d$8, HW d$10, a/c d$14 with bf d$15 C4 Nice garden and hammock Highly Rec
h5 Wind Champ: Resort: #68 Nguyen Dinh Che, T847001,, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$25 C4 sw Korean management hotel and restaurant.
h6 Nam Khai: #107 Nguyen Dinh Che, T847728, a/c TV(L) ab HW $8 C4 mos-net large


r Good Morning Vietnam: km 11.8 Mui Ne Beach


Tourist Bus:
Information at Hanh Cafe:
To Saigon:
dep 1:30, 14:00 4hrs, To Dalat: dep 7:30 6.5hrs
To Nha Trang: dep 13:30, 5hrs
Information at Sinh Cafe:
144 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, T847542
To Saigon: dep 11:30, 13:30 4hrs, Also buses to Dalat & Nha Trang.

Day tour $5-10
, dep at 8:00 return at 15:00, including White Sand dunes, Red Canyonm Fishing village. The price differs according to the number of tourists. Independent travelers have to joint to a big group, unless you have to pay more. It seems to me that Sinh Cafe has quite number of tourists every day. If you ask other travel agent, they may put you to Sinh Cafe tour. If so the price could be $10/p, when Sinh Cafe is asking $5/p
If you could rent a motorbike, you can visit all sights. However the area around White Sand dunes is very sandy on the road. Drive carefully.
S1 White Sand dunes: 35km E from the beach area. huge white sand dune. Probably one of the highlight of Munie.
S2 Fishing village: 5km E from the E end of Muine Beach A small fishing village where you can see small round boats
S3 Red Sand Canyon: just W from S2, A small canyon but it is really red. During rainy season, expect your cloth gets really dirty.

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