Lao Cai, Vietnam

Area Code 020, $1=16,300D, June 30, 2007

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Border Crossing
Vietnam time 7:00-17:00 Chinese time 8:00-18:00
When you cross the bridge for the border, it is said to pay 2000D, but you don't have to. Recently no "unofficial fee" are no longer necessary.

Arriving from Hanoi by train: take a moto to the border, 4-6000VD for 2-3km ride.
Arriving from Hanoi by bus: The bus arrives at the town bus station. It is possible to walk to the border. Cross the bridge and turn left.
Arriving from the Sapa: The minivans go to the town center(the bus station) then to the train station. If you want to cross the border, tell the driver to let you get off near the border.
Arriving from China: To the train station: Take a moto to the train station. To get a ticket to Hanoi is very hard. See train information below. To Sapa, cross the bridge and go to the town market. Just after crossing the bridge, a minivan for Sapa is waiting.

I Immigration office: at the border 3km by motorbike taxi 4-5,000D
@ Internet: There are some near the train station. They are cheap but slow and only Vietnamese and English

T Train station: about 2km S from the border and the Lao Cai town.The train ticket counter is open only 7-9:15, 16:30-21:00. It is very hard to get high class sleeper tickets(beautifully decorated tourist classes which prices are not listed) because those tickets are sold only to travel agents. Hard seats and some 2nd class hard bed sleeper tickets can be sold at 16:30. Many people try to get the tickets so come early and stay in a line.
#: Weekend only, %: Peak only
 % SP6



# LC6


Lao Cai 08:40





20:15 21:00
Hanoi 19:10





04:30 05:05
Train Fares
HS: hard seat, SS: soft seat, ac: air conditioned
U: upper bed, M: middle bed, L: lower bed
unit 1000VD HS/SS/acSS

Hard sleeper
U / M / L

Soft sleeper
U / M / L

Soft sleeper
U / L
LC train




SP train




B1 The bus station:  3km by moterbike taxi 4-6,000D from the train station. just W side of the large bridge.Bus to Hanoi and minibus to Sapa leave from here.
B2 Minivan to Sapa:  in front of the train station Many minivans leave from the train station connecting to the trains from Hanoi but between the trains, there are almost no minivans leave from here. Go to B1 25000VD You will be asked at least 30,000VD

There are a few near the border and in front of the train station.
Ones around the train station are a bit over priced. Cheap ones are near the border.
Near the train station
h1 Hiep Van: #342 Nguyen Hue, T835470. As you come out from the train station, you will see this first. a/c ab HW d$10 C4. Shower only 20,000VD
h2 Nha Nghi Hoang: next to h1, T240877 a/c ab HW d120,000 C4. Shower only 20,000VD
h3 Nha Nghi Khanhvan: As you come out from the train station, walk straight, It is on the right side, T836788 a/c ab HW d120-150,000 C4
Near the border, listing from the border(N to S)
h5 Hons Phuong: 17D Nguyen Hue, E side, T830419, a/d ab TV(L) DVD d$10 C3 Nice rooms Rec
h6 Binh Mino: #39 Nguyen Hue E side, T830085, a/c ab d180,000VD C4 a bit too old and expensive.
h7 Hoa Vinh: #67D Nguyen Hue, after passing the traffic light, E side. T871540, a/c ab TV d$10 C4 large rooms Rec
h8 Khach San Tan Tien: Nguyen Hue, opp from Hoa Vinh, T835588, a/c TV ab HW d120,000 C4 OK size
h9 Nam Hai : #62D Nguyen Hue, next to Khach San Tan Tien. T830618, a/c TV(L) fr ab HW s130,000 d150,000 C4 tea large rooms Rec

There are a few near the train station. Food stalls at the train station and in front of the station, you must bargain.

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