Can Tho, Vietnam

Area Code 071, $1=16,200D, July 2, 2007

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The center of the Mekong Delta and an ideal town to look around this region. The famous water market is about 1 hour from here by boat. If you do not join to a tour, you can rent a boat to look around the Mekong Delta area

Arriving: If you come here by a public bus, the bus station is 2 km N from the town center, at the corner with a big road to a ferry pier and a relatively smaller road to the town center. Come out to the smaller one and take a bus toward right to the last stop, Chau Van Liem street. Good starting point to find a budget hotel.

$ Bank: Phan Binh Phung St. + Ngo Quyen st. ATM
$ Vietnam Bank: Hoa Binh Blvd.
M0 Post Office: 6-21:00
m1 Cho Can Tho Market: in the middle of the town, along side of the river.It is used to be a town market but now it is a market for tourists.
m2 Market(Cho Tan An): SW from the Cho Can Tho. Just walk along the river from Cho Can Tho.Local market.
m3 Market(Cho An Lac): hardware market.
F Ferry: just S from the market.
F2 Boat Pier: N part of town and N from the market. Around SE end of ngo Quyen st. many people come to you and offer their boat service with $2/hr/p You need at least 3 hours to visit the floating market.
s Minimart: At SE end of Ngo Guyen, Also many small shops are along Chau Van Liem St,
ta1 Daingon: almost in front of the boat pier. T650855 boat trip incl 2 floating market + small canal trip $20/p
ta2 Cantho Tourist Travel Service: #20 Hai Ba Trung, T821852,
@ Internet: Chau Van Liem St. + Phan Binh Phung St. next to Hau Giang "B"Hotel. 300D/min


h1 Ninh Kieu Hotel: #2 Hai Ba Street(river side) T821171, a/c ab HW CTV fr Old rooms d$25-30 C4, New d$40-50 C5 @(free with your own PC) bf
Probably the most highest class hotel. From the new rooms you can get some view but not so good.
h2 31 Hotel: # 31 Ngo Duc Ke, T825287, f ab HW d$5, CTV d$8, a/c ab CTV fr $10 C4 R $10 rooms is huge but the others are small. Quite aggressive to sell tours. $10 room is Highly Rec
h3 Quoc Te Hotel: #12 Hai Ba, T 822080, a/c ab HW CTV fr s$19-40 d$27-49 C4 @(free in lobby)
h4 Saigon Cantho Hotel: #55 Phan Dinh Phung street + Nguyen Thai Hoc, T825831, a/c ab HW CTV fr s$35 d$40 C4 bf(buffet) sauna.
The buffet breakfast is $2 for visitors. The best value in town.
h5 Nha Khach Hau Giang Hotel(HG): #27 Chau Van Liem street. T821950, a/c ab HW CTV fr d180-220,000 C4 A bit old.
h6 Phuong Hang Hotel: #41 Ngo Duc Ke street, T814978, f ab HW TV(V) d80,000 fr d100,000VD C3
h7 Hien GH: #106/3 Phan Dinh Phung street, T812718, a/c sb HW s$5 d$7, a/c ab CTV fr d$8-9 C4 Very good home stay run by very nice people. Highly Rec
h8 Asia Hotel: #91 Chau Van Liem, T812800, a/c ab HW TV(V) fr d$23-32 C4 Very good local hotel Highly Rec
h12 Tay Do Hotel: #61 Chau Van Liem, T827009, a/c ab HW CTV fr d25-30 C4 bf
h13 Xuan Mai mini hotel: #17 Dien Bien Phu T823578, f ab HW CTV fr d$8, a/c d$10 C4 Highly Rec
h14 Hoa Binh Hotel: #5 Hoa Binh Avenue, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$20-30 C4 bf(buffet) large rooms. Buffet bf for non guests 30,000Vd
h15 Kim Lam Hotel: #138 Nguyen An Ninh T817019, a/c ab HW CTV fr d$25-35 very new hotel with modern interior and furniture but due to the fact which it has just be built, it is full of chemical smell.


B Bus station: 2km NW from the center, the market.
By local bus from Chau Van Liem+Hoa Binh
To HCM: 67,000VD
To Chaudoc:
39,000VD Many
To Ha Tien:
55,000VD Many
To Rach Gia:
47,000VD Many(4:00-15:30)
To Phu Quoc island
, go to Rach Gia or Ha Tien(E by bus, 2-3 hrs) and taka a ferry.
Boat from Rach Gia
Kien Gian Hydrofoil:
14 Tu Do St. T077-877742, dep 8:00 arr 11:40,
Boat from Ha Tien ?
F Boat: We have not confirm where the boat leaves. Please ask at your hotel.
180,000VD dep7:30

S Cai Rang floating market: is 1 hour away from the town by boat. The highlight of visiting Mekong Delta. $6-8/p
Hiring a boat: Just hanging out E end of Ngo Guyen, you will be approched by people who offer boat services. $2/hr/pAt least 3 hours for this tour.
Tours: ask at your GH.
S Phongdien floating market: Another very popular floating market.
S1 HCM Museum: TuThF 7-11:00, 13:30-16:30

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