Bai Chay(Ha Long City), Vietnam

Area Code?, $1=16,000D, July 23, 2007

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Bai Chay is located N from the Halong bay area, the most important harbor for large tourist boats. If you come to the port before 11:00, you can catch a tour boat to Halong bay. But it is very hard to find a good deal to enjoy Halong Bay cruise because all boats are for organized tours, not for independent travelers and the prices offering at the harbor are very expensive.

Orientation: Hotel area and the bus station are about 3 km away from the harbor to E. Local buses are running on the main road. It is not difficult to travel between them.

Arriving from Cat Ba
The main road is just in front of the harbor. To the right, the bus station and hotel area, and to the left Hanoi.

$ Bank: at the port $1=16,000VD
B Buses are running on the road in front of the pier. Facing back to the pier, to the right, Bai Chay town 2-3km, and to the left Hanoi. You can get a bus to Hanoi on the road To Hanoi(My Dinh Bus station) 40,000VD
Around noon, many tourist minivans depart from this pier. Ask for empty seat, to the drivers. The restaurant next to the pier and the hotel, across the street are good place to look around. The minivans are going to the Hanoi tourist area.
h Accommodation: As you come out from the pier, take a road to right, 2-3km from the pier, there is a roundabout. From here take a road to uphill. There are many hotels, mini hotels on this hill.Local buses are running on this main road.
F Bai Chay Boat Pier: There are many companies are selling tours, boat trip in Ha Long Bay and some other area. Some boats go to Afternoon trip to Ha Long Bay dep 11:30 for 3-4 hrs boat trip incl. food and tea. Price $10 Hard to get cheap tours.

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