Changi Airport

Country Code 65 , $1=1.7192, Sep 10, 2001

Excellent airport. The facility quality is like one of amusement park. Best airport in the world.
Before you go through the Singapore immigration, you should do the following
1.) Call guest houses to make reservation.
2.) If you carry a PC, go to "e-Hub station" to get free internet.
3.) Get travel information, pamphlets , maps, etc.
4.) Change small amount of money to get small change, S$1.5 exactly to get a bus because you don't get any change back.
i Information Counter: Very helpful. If nobody around, call Terminal 1 T5412267, Terminal 2 T541-2302
$ Money changers: many inside of the airport. Major currencies and T/Cs to S$ or selling S$ to buy other currencies. The rates are slightly lower(about 1-1.5%) than the best rate in town. The rates vary between money changers, so shop around.
Rate cash/TC/ buying the currency
$(1.7192/1.7161/1.7701), GBP(2.4389/2.4359/2.6238), A$(0.8856/0.8727/0.9299), yen(1.434/1.417/1.477), R.Malaysia(0.44511/na/0.4876)
M0 Post Office: 24 hrs. both terminal.
M1 Telephone counter: International phone and fax services are available at the both terminals. Local calls are free. There are a few different phone systems, prepaid card system, credit card system. They are very cheap(30c/min) Star Hub system does not charge any connection fee. Singapore telecom charges S$1 connection fee.
H Medical Service: Term-1 and Term-2 , Dental service Term-2
Hp Pharmacy: Term-1 and Term-2
la Left luggage: 24 hr, small $1.03, Large S$4.12.
Coin lockers: small / large for 2hr-S$2/3, 24hr-S$3/4 additional 24hr S$5/7
sh Shower: $5.15,
Sauna: $10.30 incl towel soup, shampoo and a locker.
sw Swimming pool: Outdoor swimming pool with pool side bar. S$10.30 incl. Shower, at towel, a soup, shampoo, a locker. 7-23:00
ft Fitness Center: $10:30 towel, shampoo, etc. See swimming pool.
@ Internet: Term-1 and Term-2 S$2/15min. However
e-Hub at Term-2 allows free internet if you have a PC with Lan or modem anytime. Free assistance. Automatic IP allocation. Also 23:00-06:00 free internet. Very fast. If you are in Term-1 at night, you have to come to Term-2 before the shuttle stops.

to the town center(GH area):
By Bus #36
to Orchard Rd. or
By bus & Metro, take bus #24 or #34 to Tanah Merah MRT station
($1.1) then MRT to Orchard Street($1.4)
By taxi: $17-22.
You need surcharge 1.) Airport surcharge($3), 2.)FSaSu17-24:00 surcharge($5)
0-06:00 surcharge(50% extra)
By Airport shuttle
($7) to major hotels.

Local Transport
There are two terminal, Terminal 1(foreign airlines) and Terminal 2(Singapore Airlines) Both terminals are connected with a train which stops between 2:30-5:00?.

Airport hotels: Term-1 and Term-2, cheapest rooms. sb S$39.66+ for 6hrs. Extension is available with extra charge.

Many restaurants, from budget to high class. Most are open 7-24:00. The good budget option is A $ W at Term-2, 7-22:00 the prices are same as ones in city. Also outdoor cafe is available near the swimming pool with the view of aircrafts.

tv TV stations: for CNN, BBC, CNBC, Discovery channel, Nat'l Geography,, ESPN, Star Sport, Football Channel. Very comfortable chairs.
mo Movie Theater: Term-2, 24hrs. It is actually cable movie channel but it has a large screen, nice chairs, good sound system and dark rooms which is just like a mini movie theater. Popcorn and drink counter is open 24 hrs.
ga Botanical garden: 4 botanical garden oasis

Tax return:
When you leave, you can get the sale tax return.
Tax is 3%. The condition is that you have to buy good more than $100 from a shop posting the tax refund sign and the total amount must be more than $300.

Free city tour: It leaves at 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17:00. If you have 5 hours or more for transit, you can get the tour. Seats are limited so once you get off the plane, hurry to the counter. Only a small hand bag is allow to carry. Luggage deposit service available for the medium size bags. See luggage section for more detail.

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