Johor State, Malaysia

Phone code: 07, $1=RM3,31 , Oct 30 2007

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Mersing is a small town on the East coast of peninsular Malaysia. It is visited mostly because this is the port for the Tioman island and other small offshore islands. It is possible to do some trekking in nearby forests. Travel agents and Guest Houses offer day-tours that include visit to rubber plantations, palm oil plantations, etc. Other popular one-day tour is to visit and snorkel around 4 or 5 of the offshore islands.
The town is small enough to walk around. No need for taxi. There are no rickshaws or bus service in town. Taxis for out-of-town destinations. Taxi stn is next to city bus stn.
The beach in Mersing is not for swimming. It is dirty (plastic bottles, junk), shallow and muddy. According to the tour info staff the nearest beach for swim is 10km N: "Air Papan" 15RM by cab, ow.

METIC (Mersing Tourist Information Center): Jalan Abu Bakar, near the jetty (jetty=pier=port)
T:7995212 F:7993975, M-Th 8-13:00,14-16:30, F8-12:00, 14:45-16:30, Sa8-12:45. Simple map is free
Bank: $1=RM3,31 , Money changer RM3,32?
Bank: ?, Money changer ? no commission (some moneychangers charge RM5 com at the same rate. Shop around!)
$2 Bank CIMB and MAYBANK: on Jl. Ismail. T/C com.RM5+RM0,15/check
$3 Moneychangers: Gold shop on Jl. Abu Bakar cash no com.
ta Giamso Travel agent: 20m ahead same side of Jl Abu Bakar cash T/C com RM5
$a ATM at Bank BBMB and at Maybank, both on Jl. Ismail
M0 Post Office: Jl. Abu Bakar at the 2nd roundabout
M1 Telephone: Jl Dato Timur behind Merdeka Hotel
P Police: Jalan Sultan. Walk E on Jl Abu Bakar. Turn right after the post office.
H Hospital: E end of Jalan Ismail
Hp Pharmacy: on Jl. Abu Bakr next to Bank Islam. Some others in town.
s Mersing mini market: on Jl. Ismail
s Giant Super: on Jl. Ismail
la Laundry: at the bridge. (there is only one bridge in town, easy to find)
ph Photo shops: 2 shops.on Jl. Ismail.

T Train station: NO train station in Mersing
B1 EXPRESS bus station: at R&R Plaza, near the jetty.
Transnational bus company:
-to KL:
RM23, 6 hours, dep 10, 11, 12:30, 18:00, 22:00
-to Kota Bharu:
RM37.1, 9 hours, dep 11, 22:00
-to K. Terengganu:
RM26.2, 6 hours, dep 12:00, 22:30
-to Kuantan:
RM12.6, ? hours, dep 12:00, 22:30(take a K.Terrengganu bus)
-to Singapore:
RM10.5, dep 12:00, 13:30
S&S International bus company:
-to KL: VIP
RM29, dep 13:00
-to Ipo:
RM36.3, dep 19:00
-to Batterworth:
RM55.3, dep 19:00
-to Mellaka:
RM17.5, ? hours, dep7:15, 13:15, 17:30
-to Johor Bahru:
RM8.8, dep 11:30, 17:39
B3 City bus station: under construction.

Jetty: on Mersing river, near to the sea. boats to Tioman island.Schedule can be changed.
to Tioman: During off season there are less boats or no boats
speed ferry
ow RM35 duration 2h, dep 7:30, 10:30, 11:30, 14:30, 17:00,
From Tioman to Mersing dep 7:30, 9:30, 13:00, 15:30
speedboat -
ow RM45 7:30, 15:00, 17:30 duration 1.5hrs.
From Tioman 10:00,15:30?

2000 info listing below.
To Singapore
(info from Mersing :every day. dep. around 13:00 dur approx 3h. ow200RM , (from Singapore dep 9:00) Itdoes not run during monsoon. For info you might ring Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort. T4191000

to Pulau Besar (not to confuse with the other Besar island offshore Melakka), dep 12:00 (from P.Besar 10:00)
ow RM25, rt RM50

to Pulau Rawa. Private island owned by the resort. Accommodation from RM100 (sb,f,d) dep12:00 (from P.Rawa 10:00) Book ahead boat fare might be included in the accom. fare.

to P.Tinggi & P. Sibu : from Tanjung Leman

Local Transport
rb Rental Bicycle: no service found.
Travel agents: Many around town; along Jl. Abu Bakar, Jl. Ismail and at R&R Plaza(next to the jetty)
ta1 Travel agent: At the first roundabout(ra) next to restoran Malaysia
ta2 Sun&Sand Holiday: at Embassy Hotel 3. Jl Ismail T:7994995 F7995279

Entertainment/Festivals/National Holidays
c No info at this moment.

@ Internet @
@1 Eddy Internet: At the eastern roundabout,10:00-24:00, RM2/hr

Easy Internet: At the eastern roundabout,10:00-24:00, RM2/hr Japanese OK


There are 3 backpacker style hostels, some rent-a-room style hotels (only 2 rooms in a family's house) and many chinese style hotels.
h2 Omar's Backpackers' Hostel: Jl. Abu Bakar easy to find: walk E along Jl Ismail. On the ledt side after the 2nd ra. T7995096 F7994434 mobile0197744268 dr10 (6 bed, w/balcony) sb,f d20 (the 2 d rooms diveded by partitions).K C4 Friendly Omar organizes 1day boat tours to the beautiful offshore islands. Rec
h5 Hotel Golden City: 23 Jl Abu Bakar, T7995028, sb sRM10, ab sRM15 dRM20 C?
h6 Hotel Mersing: 1 Jl Dato Mohd Ali, just behind the 2nd roundabout, just passing the post office. T7991004, sb f d20 , ab f d25, ab,a/c s/d35-40. C3
h7 Embassy Hotel: 2 Jl Ismail T7993545, f ab d28, a/c ab d50 C3 reported: noisy
h8 Country Hotel: 11-E Jl Sulaiman, T7991799, f ab s30 d40, a/c ab HW s50 d60 C2-3


r1 KFC: Jl Abu Bakar, near the western roundabout., 10-23:00
r2 R&R Plaza: This shopping center has 3 local restaurants. also Indian food. cheap
r3 P-1: 20 Jl Dato Mohd Ali, T7994603 Travelers' cafe Pizza RM11.5, breakfast RM4.5+ This is the only travelers cafe in town. Swiss owner.
r4 Yong Seng: 20 Jl Dato Mohd Timor(hotel Mersing). Chinese Economy rice(meals over rice) Chichen rice RM3.2


S1 Endau Rampin National Park: Waterfall, jungle, trekking (rainforest) 3day/2night tours including accom in tents, meals approx 480RM/p. 1 day trip also possible, thought not running at the moment.
S2 Islands: 1day tour by Omar or Comfort GH price, 60RM/p Omar's: approx 7 hours visiting 3 or 4 islands Picnic lunch, snorkelling equip., boatride included.

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