Udomxai, LAOS

Area Code 084, US$1=9580 1B=279kip June 29, 2007

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Udomxai seems to me a base for Chinese business. For travelers it is a major transport hub in N of Laos. From here, you can go N to China or Phonsali, W to Muang Xin, E to Muang Ngoi, S to Lung Prabang.
Electricity is available for 24 hrs.

By bus: The bus station is about 1km S from the center. Coming from Boten or Luang Nam Tha, get off just after the bridge. Good place to find a room. Coming from Luang Prabang, walk N for 10mins from the bus station.

i Provincial Tourism Office: on the Main Rd. opp from the market.map is available.
$ Bank C.E. Lao: on the Main Rd. E side, just N from the bus station.M-F9:00-15:30, Sa8:30-10:30. $1=9,580, 1B=279k, Chinese 1,200k?. Visa Cash advance(US$) 3.5% com min US$100
$ Black Market: Some shops in Market change US$, Baht, Chinese yuen, but their rate was lower than the official ones. They are happy to change Baht to kip. A shop in front of Pholay restaurant change money 1 yuen(Chinese)-> 1250k.
M0 Post office: on the Main Rd. E side. N part of the town and Sing Thong Hotel.M-F7:30-11:30, 13:00-16:00, Sa7:30-11:30
M1 Telecom office: on the Main Rd. E side. Just n from the post office. M-F8:30-16:00
ph Pharmacy: small shops on the Main Rd. and on the small road S from the market.
m Market: on the Main Rd. N side from the river. Former bus station.
sa Red Cross Sauna: Walk 300m on the small road W from Phouxai Hotel M-F16-19:00, SaSu 8-10:00, 16-19 Sauna 10,000k, massage 1hr 20,000k Night view from the terrace after sauna is excellence
A Airport:1km S from the center. Go S on the main Rd and turn left at the Y intersection. At the end of this road.
QV Lao Aviation:only at the airport. 8-12, 13:30-16:00.
e snooker club: Cross the bridge to S and turn left at the first corner.
@ Internet cafe:at Litthavixay GH 200kip/min

Border Crossing to China
Border: Boten(L)/Mohan(Ch). You can go there from Udomxai or Luang Namtha by bus. Also international buses run from Vientiane -> Luang Prabang -> Udomxai -> Boten -> Mengla -> Jinghong -> Kunming and from Houexai -> Luang Nam Tha -> Boten -> Mengla.
Between immigrations: take a pickup
3 yuen
Exchange in Laos side:
Shops change money. 1yuen(Chinese)=1250k, 1B=278k
Exchange in Chinese side:
Ladies selling fruit change money. 1yuen(Chinese)->1270k, 1300k -> 1 yuen.
Bus from Chinese immigration
to Mengla: pickups 14 yuen.
From Mengla, you continue traveling to Jinghong, Kunming.
From Boten/Mohan International buses leave to Jinghong,Kunming around 8:00

HOTEL INFO (2003 info)
To most of the budget accommodation, go out the station, turn left and cross a bridge. Most guest houses are on the left of the main road. The Chinese hotels are noisy at night because of Karaoke.
Low Medium High

(2007 info) no location info for GH below
h Bouakhao GH: f sb s25,000, d30,000, ab 35,000kip
h Lao - China GH: T020-5988860. f ab TV d40,000 HW C4,
h Xin Xin GH: T020-5879676. f s30,000k, ab TV 40,000k

Near Bus station
h25 Phoxay GH: in front of the bus station T081-312250,
f sb 30,000k, ab TV d40,000kip C4 Rec (2007 info)

South from the bridge. (2003 info)
h1 Dongsagnuane GH: Main Rd. The first GH after the bridge.
f sb 15,000, ab 20,000kip C2. Basic
h2 Linda GH: Main Rd. S from h1. f ab d40,000 HW C4, High class GH. very good. TV(Thai) at the lounge Rec (2007 info)
h3 Seannalat GH: Main Rd. S from h2. f dr10,000/p ab d30-35,000kip C3 3-5 bed dormitories. Big beds, new bathrooms. Cheapest option if you are single. Rec
h4 Dokhounadeng GH: Main Rd, just S from h3.
f ab d15-30,000kip C1 lowest valued rooms in town.
h5 Kong Chai GH: on Main Rd. Turn E(left) just after h4 and go into alley 50m.f sb25,000, ab d35,000 HW C4 friendly staff. HighlyRec
h6 Vong Prachit GH: on Main Rd. W side, Further S from h4 T312455 f ab 40,000 HW C4 Sauna and bath house are attached.
h Litthavixay GH: .f ab d60,000 a/c d100-150,000k HW C4 @(200k/min) (2007 info)

South from the bridge. Turn right(W) at the gas station opp from h3 (2003 info)
h7 Sivan Kam GH: at the end of the road. Right side. f sb d20,000 t25,000 HW C4 Clean comfortable size of the rooms. friendly staff best valued GH in Udomxai. HighlyRec
h8 Phouxay Hotel: at the end of the road f sb s30,000, ab TV d40,000, C4 It has a big garden and court yard. It seems to be the very good hotel. Now run down very much.
h9 Phuthut GH: at the end of the road left.f ab s35,000 d40,000 HW C4 Rec

N from the market. Go out to the main road and turn right. (2003 info)
h10 Sing Thong Hotel: Main Rd. The first big building, E side.
a/c sb $15-$20 HW C4 Proper hotel, huge rooms. But too expensive.
h11 Nong Leng GH: next to h10, f ab 20-25,000 C2 Rooms are better than the lobby. But still no good place to stay.
h12 Hotel Fusan Laos: Next to h11 to E.
a/c ab 60-70(with Chinese yuen) HW TV C4 Rooms are OK but it still does not have the double value of other GHs in town.
h13 Linda GH No2: Go further up of the same street of above and turn right at the first corner, f sb 30,000 HW C4 Rooms are small. Double rooms and triple rooms are same price.
N from Sing Thong Hotel
There are a few accommodation. But all hotels are for Chinese workers. The qualities are too bad and expensive. Not recommended for any travelers.

There are many restaurants in town. N from Sing Thong Hotel, S from the bridge and at the bus station. Many open from 6:00 to late night. The basic things such as coffee(3000k), drinks are almost same. Bread(small) 2000, large 3000kip at the bus station. Usually the portion of food is big. You better go with a group and share the dishes. Lao tea is free.
r1 Supiln Restaurant: Walk up on the Main Rd.from the bus station and turn right at the Noisauath Restaurant to s small alley. Lao food. Good and cheap food. Best valued in town Rec
r2 Karya Restaurant: Walk S on the main Rd and tirn left at the first corner.Lao food. Cheapest and most delicious food in town.Huge portion. Try any meat with ginger. Highly Rec
r3 Polay Restaurant: on the Main Rd. W side, just S from the bridge, opp from Linda GH. Frozen yogurt 500k? coffee 3000k?, noodle 7000, Curry 20,000k, meat meal 20,000k. prices are a bit more than Supiln but closer from the main GH area.

A Airport: 1km S from the center. To Vientiane TuFSu10:00 $71, To Houexai WSa10:00 $35.
B Bus station: 1km S from the market.
More buses are available if enough people want to travel in afternoon. Normally Luang Namtha or Boten buses run until 15 or 16:00
Vientiane VIP 120,000kip


16:00, 18:00
Vientiane 110,000kip 9:00, 14:00
Luang Prabang 45,000kip


8:30, 11:30, 14:00
Luang Prabang VIP 50,000kip


Luang Namtha 32,000kip


8:30, 11:30, 15:30
Boten(border) 28,000kip


8, 9, 11:00 & more
Phongsali 60,000kip


Pakmong 17,000kip 8:00 & more
Pakbeng 33,000kip


8:30, 10:00
Mohan/Borhan(China) 30,000kip, 30yuen




49,000kip, 30yuen


This bus may stop at the several destinations in China.
The following destinations, you may go to Pakmong and change. Ask at the bus station.
Muang Kwa 28,000kip

Muang Noi / Nong Kgiaw 31,000kip

9:00, Boat from Nong Kiaw to Muang Ngoi 10,000k??
Sam Neua 70,000kip?
Bun Neua 42,000kip?
Ban Nambak ? kip change bus to Muang Noi
International bus to China(Jinghong/Kunming):
A bus, coming from Vientiane/Luang Prabang, stop at a hotel next to Linda GH very early morning (4:00 or 5:00) then continue traveling to the border.
To Mengla 50yuen, to Jinghong 100 yuen, to Kunming 240yuen. This bus stops for very short time.

S Pagoda: on a hill in the town. take the road toward Phoxai Hotel from which you can find a path to climb up. Excellent view.
S Water falls: must bargain with tuk-tuk driver. RT for 3 person + waiting 50,000k 11km on the way to Nong Khiaw. You had better to take a bus to Nong Khiaw. Not much water due to the season, end of dry season. But if you walk down the river, you can visit a nice village.
(2000 info)
S Market at Muang La: Special big market. 28km from Udomxai 1hour.

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