Pakben, LAOS

Area Code ?, Black US$1=8000 1B=200kip May 17, 2001

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Pakbeng is a small town between Huexai and Luang Prabang. For those who want to travel slowly on the Mekong river stay here for over night. Also you can travel from here to Udomxai to go to N Laos without going to Luang Prabang first to save a day.
All GHs, shops, restaurants and the market are stretching for 2km along the main road between the pier and the bus station.

Electricity is available only 18-22:00

$ Money changers: No bank/official money changers here. Baht and US$ can be changed at GHs, restaurants, boat ticket office. $1=7,500-8,000k, B=190-200kip
M Post office: 1500m from the pier or 200m from the bus station, W side of the Main Rd. 8-16:00
Hp Pharmacy: opp from the Post office, E side of the Main Rd. 8-16:00
Hp Pharmacy: opp from Phanh Thavoung GH E side of the Main Rd. 8-18:00
m Market: 500m from the pier, W side of the Main Rd. 6-15:00. worth visiting,
s No mini mart in town

B Bus station: located at the end of the town. Tuk-tuk to the bus station, 2000k/p or walk 25 min from the pier..
All buses leave at 8:30 or as soon as they get full.
To Muang Sai:
25,000k, 7hrs, Muang Beng 14,000k 5 hrs, Muang Houn 11,000k 3hrs, Udomxai 25,000k 7hrs
F Boat Pier: S end of the Main Rd.
Ticket office: next to the Sakira Hotel, E of the main Rd. Little wooden hut, 8-16:00. You can exchange money
Baht=190k, US$1=8,000k
Slow boat:
to Luang Prabang(7hrs) or Houexai(10hrs) 50,000k/500B+5000k, dep8:30
Fast boat to Luang Prabang(3hrs) or Houexai(3hrs),
120,000k/620B. Boats depart when they got full between 8:30-16:00

Since electricity is available in the evening, no GH has HW. Some GHs provide HW in buckets.
Hotels are listed from the boat pier.
h Bunme GH: 30m up hill from the pier,then turn left, then another 100m end of the dirt road. Next to the river, f sb s/d20,000k R(6-21 moderate) C3, Quiet nice location. Excellent bf and excellent river view. Highly Rec
h Sakira Hotel: f ab s/d30,000k, la(1000/p) R(7-22:00 Expensive) C2. Once it was the best place in town but it has been run down very much. Unfriendly owner and dirty rooms. Riverview at the restaurant.
It is reported very good from a traveler.
h Nang Phet GH: 80m from the pier. W side of the Main Rd. sb s/d20,000 C2 small rooms, thin walls very noisy from other rooms and other restaurants near by, basic bathrooms
h Mon Savn GH: 100m from the pier, W side of the Main Rd. f sb s15,000 d20,000 free tea la(1000/p) HW(bucket)C2 Cute but very small rooms. Basic
h Dockhoune GH: 80m after Sakira Hotel, E side of the Main Rd, .f sb s/d20,000k R(6-21:00 Moderate) C2 Friendly owner. Small and dark rooms. Nice river-view restaurant
h Phanh Thavong GH: Next to the market, W side of the Main Rd. f sb s/d20,000k t30,000 la(1000k/p) HW (bucket) R(6:30-22 cheap)C3 Large nice comfortable rooms, and beautiful balcony. Rec
Reported not rec from a traveler.
h Done vilasak GH: After Phan Thavong GH, W side of the Main Rd. sb s/d 20,000 C2, Nice GH and nice balcony.
h Monhmany GH: After Dockhoune Restaurant, sb s/d15,000 C1 Dark and simple rooms
h Mime GH: The last GH on the Main Rd. sb s10,000 d20,000 C1 Wooden Lao house. Basic rooms but very friendly family. The wife cooks noodle soup for the guests in the evening. Tasty

Many located along the Main Rd, near the pier. Food is quite expensive in town.. The cheap food stalls are opp from the market. Sticky rice/noodle soup 5000k.
All restaurants are local restaurants.
r Khamniaw Restaurant: Closest restaurant to the pier. W of the Main Rd. 7-23:00, Large menu
r Boumy Restaurant: N from r1, W side of the Main Rd. Moderate. 7-22:30, Nicest restaurant in town.
r Sjouksakoune Rest. 30m N from the Sakira Hotel. E side of the Main Rd. 7-22:00, expensive, Riverview
r Pine Kham Rest: 7-22:00, Moderate Simple and cozy restaurant, Riverview
r Dockhoune Rest: N from the Pine Kham Restaurant, E side. 6-22:00 Moderate, Riverview

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