Luang Nam Tha(LNT), Laos

Area Code 086, US$1=9540k 1B=279kip, Aug 24, 2007

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Luang Namtha is a small town in N of Laos between Udomxai and Muang Xinh. There are a few villages, near by, very famous for the weavings. The town itself is a planned town. There is nothing to see except a few hand craft shops. The streets are too wide and each block is too big. The main street coming from Muang Xinh or Udomxai is running from N to S, 3km. many GHs or restaurants, a bank, post office, telephone office are on this road.
Recently, a new highway was built from Huexai which made much easy to travel from Thailand to S China(Chiang Khong -> Huexai -> Luang Nam Tha - Boten(border) -> Kunming China)
Also travelers, who wish to visit hill tribe minorities, are increasing.
i Information office: not exist. Eco tour posts the travel information for Luang Namtha and Muang Xin at some restaurants, guest houses showing interests in and around LNT.
$ Lao Development Bank: Main Rd E side, 20m N from Market St. M-F 8:30-15:30, Cash$1 =9,540kip,TC$1=9560k 1B=279kip, T/C com 3%, $150 or more 2%
$ Bank CE Lao: on the main rd. N from the post office, opp from telecom office. M-F 8:30-15:30 Cash $1=9596kip. TC $1=9620k, 1B=279kip, Cash yen=77k, TC 77.2k, Chinese=1,250kip?. US$T/C->US$ cash 1.5% com. Visa card cash advance with US$ 3% min $100. ATM(24hrs)
$ Money Changer: South side of the morning market. 1B=280k, Chinese yuen=1260k
M0 Post Office: S or near the middle of town, on the Main Rd. E side.M-F8-12, 13-16:00
M1 Telephone office: Middle of town, on the Main Rd. W side, S from the park. M-F8-12, 13-17:00.
H Hospital: SE from the Morning Market.
Hp Pharmacy: Main Rd. opp from Thavy Xai GH and behid the bus station.
m1 Market: S of town, W from the Main Rd. S from the bus station. Mainly food market.
m2 Market: S of town, under construction
m3 Market: S from town,where airport and boat landing are located. No money change here.
@ Green Mountain Internet: Main Rd , 2 shops S from Many Chan GH. T211749, open till 23:00, 200k/min Burn CD 10,000k, Japanees OK.
@ KNT Computer: Main Rd. opp from Green Discovery, T211066, 7:00-22:00 250k/min(15% discount after 1hr) Print 2000k/p, Burn CD 15,000k

GHs are scattered around the town in 3km. It is hard to compare rooms. We list those from S to N. Old style GHs have been upgraded adding attached bathrooms. Some have HW with solar system. But bad weather, no HW.

On the main Rd or enter to side street from the main Rd.
Listing from S of the town to N of the town.
h1 Khammnivung GH: closed
h2 Darasavath GH: T211299 Almost S end of the Main Rd. E side. Near the intersection of the Main Rd. with the road leading the bus station. f sb s/d30,000k C3, ab s/d50,000k, ab HW a/c TV bf $15 C4 R In a large compound, the cheap rooms are in the old building and the expensive ones are new bungalows.Rec
h3 Khamking GH: the Main Rd. W side, S from the Manychan GH. T312238, ab s/d50,000k, TV s/d60,000k R(7-23) C4 New GH very clean.
h4 Manychan GH: On the Main Rd. W side, opp from the old market.T312209 sb s/d 25,000 t35,000k, la(10,000k) C4 R(7:30-21:30 moderate), Rooms have been upgraded. The restaurant is very popular and very delicious.
h5 Soulivong GH: T312253, Not on the main rd. From the main rd N from the post office, turn E and turn N at the next corner. Left side of alley. T312252 sb s/d 40,000 HW(Elect.) C4 Chinese GH
h6 Luang Namtha GH: T312087 Not on the main rd. From the bus station, go to W road and walk N 300m W side. Or From Post office on the Main Rd walk W 400m and turn right at the 2 nd corner. It is on the W side. f ab 30,000, TV d60,000k C5 GH like a house for high class, but many tour groups.Rec
h7 Saikhong Longsack GH & restaurant: closed
h8 Palanh GH: T312493 On the main Rd. E side. opp from Saikong Longsack GH sb d30,000k, ab 50,000k, TV d75,000k HW(Elect.) C3
h9 Seng Chanh GH: closed
h10 Tianfu GH: closed
h11 Sing Savanh: Northeast Gh in town, on the Main Rd. E side. T211141 sb s/d25,000k, ab s/d30,000k HW(bucket) la C2 Homely GH non smoking GH
h12 Hongthaxaisom Boun Hotel: Not on the main rd. Coming from Udomxai or Muang Xinh, turn right to the first street and walk 200m T312-079 d ab CW 40,000k,HW 50,000k, a/c HW d80,000k R(6-21 expensive)C2 It has a beautiful garden. It is a only place can be called as hotel. Rooms are big and comfortable.But very run down.

Near the former bus station. Walking on a street, between the former bus station and the food market, toward the main Rd.(E)
h15 Cha Reuhsin GH: T312393 opp from the SE corner of the bus station. f ab s/d30,000k C4 Free map of Luang Nam Tha Rec
h16 Keosouphone GH: Just S from Cha Reuhsin, f sb s/d20,000k, ab s/d30,000k HW C4
h17 Bounthavoung GH: T312256, Walk from the sauna to N, W side.. f ab HW d40,000k C4 New GH clean Rec

Others Very South from the town
h17 Vila GH: Main Rd. on the W, about 700m S from the Darasavath GH. T312425, f ab s/d50,000k R HW(solar) C5
New GH. The most cleanest GH in town. But it is a bit far from the center. Mostly tour groups or travelers with a car.
Rec (2001 info)
h18 Boat Landing GH: T312389 At the boat landing S part of the town.ab $15-20 HW C4 The owner speaks good English.Very nice GH in very quiet area.

Not Recommend List
h Loming GH, Alingya GH, Kikham GH:

Some GHs have restaurants. But choices for good food is very limited. Coffee is expensive everywhere, 2500kip, except Manychan GH. So as other local food for foreigners. You just buy dim sum(500k) or sticky rice(500k+) at the food market for your long bus journey.
h2 Manychan GH: Thai food. Very tasty. beer lao 9,000k, beef meal 40,000k, The chief is very talkative and friendly woman but she is planning to go to USA to live so you may not see her anymore. Highly Rec
r Chinese/Thai restaurant: Enter W from Green Discovery, n side. Cheap and large volume Popular for Chinese poeple. Rec
r1 Banana restaurant: the Main Rd. N from KNT Internet soup 5,000k+, veg food 8,000k+, meat food 15,000k+, sticky rice 3,000k, shake 5,000k
r2 Kikham: on the Main Rd. E side. opp from the town park. Local food. Very basic restaurant, relatively cheap. lots of locals.
r3 Phonsay Restaurants: dish 8-15,000, coffee 2,500, coke 2,000.
r Panda Restauratn: cheaper than others. drinks 2000k+, meal 6000k+

rb Rental bicycle Shop: N from Many Chan GH: 10,000kip/day mountain bike 15,000k, motor bike 50,000k, deposit $50!! or your passport. Also available form some GHs

TRANSPORT April, 2004
A Airport: 5km S from town. By tuk-tuk 3-5,000kip/p.
QV Lao Aviation: Not found in 2007.
B Bus station: Relocated to N from the town toward Boten.
To Udonxai:
32,000k 8:30, 12:00, 14:30 4hrs
To Luang Prabang:
70,000k 9:30 8hrs
To Vientiane:
140,000k 8:30 20hrs
To Muang Xinh:
20,000k 8, 9:30, 11,12:30, 14, 15:30, 1.5 hrs.
To Boten:
20,000k 8:00, 9:30,11:00, 13:00, 2.0hrs
To Mengla(China):
45,000k MWF13:30(coming from Houexai) 4hrs
To Xiengkok:
35,000k 8-15:00 Many, 3.5hrs
To Houexai:
65,000k 9:30, 13:00, 4.5hrs
To Vieng Phukha:
20,000k 8:30 which has 2 GHs(sb s10,000k, d15,000k) and the electricity. fare: Houexai to this village 40,000k and this village to LNT 25,000k
F Boat: The boat landing is 6km from the town. Possible to go to Houexai via Pak Tho. But it takes 2 days. At this moment no service due to the water level. You have to go Ban Na Le, 55km 4hrs 30,000kip, by truck. From there you can travel to Pak Tho.
to Pak Tho, $100/boat for 6 people. From Pak Tho take a speed boat to Houexai, 20min. You have to negotiate the cost.
(2000 info)

Not many places to see. Possible places are Mong villages and old town of Luang Namtha. You can visit them by bicycle. You can rent it from GH. There are travel information about LNT at many GH and restaurants by Eco Tourism. According to them, many villages for weavings, water falls, caves are possible to visit by bicycle.
LNT Museum: next to the park with a statue in the middle part of the town. entry 5,000kip. M-Th8:30-11:30, 13-15:30, F8:30-11:30
ta Green Discovery:  On the Main Rd. W side, little S from Many Chan GH T211484, Tours, Canoe rafting, trekking, etc, are organized. Brunches in Vientiane, Vang Vieng.
ta Eco Tourism Luang Namtha Province Tourism Develpment): Enter E from the post office. T211976

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