Muang Xin, Xieng Kok & Muang Luong Laos

Area Code ?, US$1=10,500 1B=253kip, Jan 14, 2003

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Muang Xin
Muang Xin(Sin) is located in the N part of Laos, very close to the border to China. This is one of the most relaxing village surrounded by mountains, rice fields and lots of hill tribes' villages. In the morning many hill tribe people walk hours to get to the market to sell their products. Recently due to the large volume of travelers discovered the charm of the village, the village became very touristy places in N. Laos. Many hill tribe women come to the village constantly asking travelers to buy their product. But it is still a good base to visit hill tribe villages in N. Laos.
The electricity is available during 24 hours.
i No Info Office: But many restaurants have information on the wall in English. Some guides are also available. Seangsavang GH has a travelers information note. Many tourist info by Eco Tourism is posted at the bus station.
$ Lane Xang Bank: opp from the bus station. M-F8:30-15:30, T/C or Cash $1=10,500, 1B=253kip, yuen=1270k
$ Bank C.E. Lao: on the main Rd. N from the bus station. W side. 8:00-15:30, T/C or Cash $1=10500, 1B=253kip J yen=85k, Chinese yuen=1225k
$ Black Market: Some in the market. $1=10600, 1B=255kip Chinese yuen=1300k
P Police station: S from the market. W side of the main street.
rb Rental bicycle shops: Main Rd. N from the cross road., 100m from GHs. 2 shops 5000kip/day
rb Rental bicycle at Muang Sin GH: see accommodation info for the location. 5,000kip/day
M Post Office: yellow bldg opp from the Market. Blue sign in Laos only. Nice stamps are available. M-F8:30-12, 13:30-16:30. Post card 2000k
ma Sauna and massage: S from the market. on the Main Rd. 8-21:00. Sauna 10,000kip, massage 20,000kip, Sauna+massage 25,000k

All guest houses have similar price despite of the difference of quality. Most rooms are double and some triple. "sb" room cost 15,000 and "ab" cost 15-20,000kip. No HW shower in town, but some GHs supply HW with buckets so better to ask for HW.

From Bus station, walk N.

immediately turn right to the first alley, just N from the bus station office.
h1 Champadaeng GH: behind the Market
f sb 15,000, ab 20,000kip C2. Basic
h2 Seangsavang GH: behind the Market and behind h1
f sb 20,000,kip C2 I(Good) Large beds
h3 Sing Say GH: behind the Market. f ab 20,000kip C2-3 New bungalows are clean and good value but many roasters. Could be very noisy. Rec
Walk up on the main Rd. N from the bus station
h4 Sengkhatiavong GH: on the main road just N from the bus station. f sb d20,000, t25,000kip C1
h5 Vieng Xai GH: Main Road, just N from h4. Rec
f sb 20,000, ab 25,000kip R C2-3
clean and good value
h6 Viengphone GH: Main Road, N. from h5.
f sb 15,000, ab20,000kip C2 R(cheap) Basic
h7 Muangsing GH: Main Road, opp. from h6 W side.
f sb s15,000, d20,000kip t25,000k, ab d30,000, la 1-2,000/p HW(bucket) C3-4 clean, good value, very friendly family.Free Lao tea. Highly Rec
h8 Tailu GH: Main Road, E side N from h6. f ab s15,000 d/t20,000 R(7-23:00) la 1-2,000k/p C3 Basic but good for money Rec
h9 Dan Neua GH: Main Road, N from h8. f ab s25-30,000 d40,000 R(7-22:00) la(1-2,000k/p) C2
h9 Singthong GH: Main Road, N from h. not recom.
h10 Sengdeuang GH: Main Road, Further N from h9 Almost at the N edge of the village . f sb s/d15,000kip bungalow ab 50,000 R C2 basic but nice and quiet rooms.
h11 Inthanon GH:N from the town. Main Road E side, 10 min walk after h10. f ab d30,000kip HW(bucket) C3 semi-detached bungalows with a large beds a desk & a balcony Good mountain view. No restaurant, long walk from the town. If you don't mind walking 15-20min, Highly Rec

S from the bus station
h15 Champythong GH: Walk S from bus station on the Main Rd. and turn left. It is behind the market. f ab 25,000kip C4 New homely GH. excellent view to the mountain. Highly Rec
h16 Sing Charen Hotel: Walk S from bus station on the Main Road, turn right at 2nd corner. f ab 50,000kip C4 Rooms are small.

h Adima GH: 7-8km outside of the town, on the way to Chinese border. Many hill tribe villages are near by. Ask at Vieng Xai GH and other places. They come to pick you up. f sb 20,000kip C4 R toilet and showers are shared with 2 units.(99 info)

Not many choices. At the market, you can get some food.
r Chinese take away stall: Currently not available Highly Rec.
h5 Vieng Xai GH: Very popular. Probably it is the only place you can drink cold beer.
h6 Viengphone GH: Very cheap and good value.Rec.
h9 Dan Neua GH: 4-8,000kip. We did not have a chance to eat here. But the menu looks good.
r Chinese Guest House: rice or noodle with 5 or 6 different kinds of topping 5000k Highly Rec.

Only small truck buses. All leave from the market.
Luang Nam Tha 15,000kip(Dec.2004), 1.5hrs. 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 16:00 more. From Luna nam Tha, you can go to the border with China, Udomxai and Houei Xai. To continue traveling in the same day, We recommend to take the first bus, specially if you go to Udomxai or Boten for China.
To Houei Xai, you have to stay LNT over night.
Xieng Kok 20,000kip(Dec.2004), 4hrs, dep 9:00 11:00, more
From there you can take a speed boat to Houei Xai.
1000B/p or 5000B/boat

Hill tribes and beautiful mountains are the main sights here. Many rent bicycles and go around the area. Maps are available. Ask at your GH..
S Market: The center of the town. Go early morning, many tribes are coming and selling food. 6-7:30.
S Town Museum: 30m N from Singthong GH, W side of the main rd. 7-17:00. 500kip Local farming, artifacts and pottery
S a Aka and a Yao villages near Adima GH.: Take a road to Chinese border and 7-8km point, you will see the GH sign, take the small road for 300m. To the Aka village, continue the same road. To Yan village, take the small path just before the Aka village entrance. For the both villages, people are very friendly. Off course they are trying to sell their products. Kids are asking pens. Highly Rec
S Chinese border Pang Tong: The end of the 10km ride from the town.Nothing special, but you can see the nice scenery on the way.
Foreigners cannot cross this border.
Trecking: Mr. Pern's Guide Service. 10m N from the Town Museum. W of the main rd. He speaks English and tribal languages and has a license from the tourism office.
Trek for 2 person.
Day trek from US$60. 2-day trek US$140

Xieng Kok (reported)
Small village on the Mekong river, near the golden triangle from where you can take a boat to Houexai. This is very scenic.
The accommodation and food are expensive and low quality. cheapest ones are 20,000k for a straw hat, For more decent ones are 40,000kip.
F speed boat: to Houexai 1000B/p or 4-5000B/boat If you are a sole traveler, it is hard to get a boat. Find other travelers in Muang Xin to share the boat.
B Bus to Muang Xin: You may change a bus at Muang Luang. From Xieng Kok to Muang Luang 5,000k, then to Muang Xin 10,000kip. 3-4 hrs
m Local Market: excellent regional market held on 14, 28th of month. Report(Relatively small market. Not so interesting.)

h Xieng Kok Resort: ab 50,000k CW C3 As you get off a boat and go up the road and turn left. Red bungalows
h KhemkhongGH: Next to Xieng Kok Resort, sb d20,000k R(good view) C1-2
h Onkeogues House: ab d25-30,000k
h There are a few guest houses near here. 20-30,000k

r Xieng Kok Resort & Khemkhong GH: Only these 2 restaurants have menu

Bus: to Muang Xin 20000k(Dec. 2004), You may have to change a bus at Muang Luang. To Muang Luang 5000K, then to Muang Xin 10,000k
Boat: Speed boats to Houexai, 1000B/p or 4-5000B/boat. Very expensive. Very hard to do bargaining. You had better come here with a group of 4 or 5. No chance to take the boat for solo travelers by themselves.

m Regional market: Held on every 14th & 28th days of the month. and morning of 29th. A large market for the size of this village but still small and only Akha tribes were seen in this market. Not so interesting.

Muang Luong (reported)
Small village between Muang Xin and Xieng Kok.
There are 2 nicer GHs here than Ban Xieng Kok.
One on the street
ab 25000 C4.
The other is
20,000k C2
and one restaurant.
Bus to Xieng Kok 5,000k, 1 hour, to Munang Xin 10,000k, 2 hrs

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