Houexai, LAOS

Area Code 084, US$1=9580 1B=279kip Aug 22, 2007

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Very popular entry point to the N Laos from N Thailand(Chiang Khong). From here many travelers take a showboat/speed boat to Luang Prabang.
After you cross the Mekong by a boat from Chiang Khong, Thailand,walk up 50m from Laos immigration, you reach the Main Rd which runs N to S along side of the river. The town is along side of the Main Rd.
Electricity should be available for 24 hrs. But there was storm. After that, the electricity was available 6:30 - 21:00.


Immigration: 8:00-18:00, 70m from the boat pier. SaSu Holiday & M-F16-18:00, pay 15B overtime charge for entry/exit procedure.
$ Lane Development Bank booth is next to the immigration M-F8-17:00 SaSu 8-15:00 $1=9580kip for cash or T/C 1B=279kip T/C com. 3.5% From kip to Baht possible.
$ Lane Development Bank: behind Aramid GH M-F8-15:00. see above for rate.
h7 Armid GH: On the main Rd. N from h6. right side. Change money $1=9400k, 1B=280k
M Post office: on the Main Rd. E side, S part of the town.
H Bokeo Royal Hosp.: 2 nd Rd. parallel to the Main Rd. Follow the road opp from Savaybee GH to E, at the end turn left. 24 hours emergency No English speaking staff.
H2 Croix Rouge Lao(Red Cross).: Main Rd S. side
Ph Pharmacy: many small shops along the Main Rd.
ma1 Morning Market: Next to the bus station. Opens not only morning till about 18:00. About 2-3 km from the immigration. Walk S from the center on the Main Rd and turn left after Ban Muang Keo sign and keep it on. Tuk-tuk from the center 3000kip
ma2 Star Market: selling cloth and many other
ta1 Bokeo Travel: Main Rd. next to Muang Nuei selling boat tickets(fast/slow) bus from Chiang Khong to Chaing Mai 250B
ta2 Phoudoi Travel: Main Rd. 8-17:30 sell a half day or 1 day tours.
s Keochampa GH Mini Mart: 7-22:00 Good selection moderate price.
ma Red Cross: N part of town. Sauna 10,000k 16-21:00 , Massage 30,000kip/hr 9-21:00
@ Frendship GH: First 15mins 5000k, till 1hr 15,000k
@ Nongluck Jewelry shop: Next to Friendship GH. 250k/min, 15,000k/hr

Border Crossing:
Houexai(Laos) -> Chaing Kong(Thai):
by boat, Laos immigration Open:8-18:00 30B/p SaSu Holiday & M-F16-18:00, pay 15B overtime charge for Laos entry/exit procedure.
Issue free 30 day Visa for most nationals.
Chaing Kong(Thai) ->Houexai(Laos): Visa on arrival 15day visa $35

Houexai is one of the most expensive places for rooms. The rate seems to be standard, 150-250B. Chiang Kong, Thai side, has better places to stay. It is not so necessary to stay here. If you cross the border at 8:00, you still can catch a truck to Luang Nam Tha or a slow/fast boat to Pakbeng, Luang Prabang, or Xieng Kok.
h1 B.A.P GH: Main Rd(Say Khong Rd) You walk up from immigration, and turn left. The first GH on the left. f ab s/d200B R(6-23) La(5000/p) STV at restaurant. HW C2
h2 Thaveesinh Hotel: just N from h1, right side. T211502, f ab s160B, d200B, a/c ab s400B d500B HW C3
h3 Doudomphong G.H: N from h2, T211308 f ab s/d200B HW C4 R
h4 Sabaydee GH: N from h3 left side, f ab s/d250B HW C4 New GH, very clean very friendly. Bf(7-10:00 13,000k) Highly Rec
h5 Thanormsab GH:T211095 N from Sabaydoo GH, E side of the Main Rd. f ad d250B  C4 All rooms have bathrooms and toilets attached. Rec
Then Cross the bridge(Kohne Keo Village)
h6 Phetda Kham GH: On the main Rd. right side.T211198 f sb s/d30,000k, t40,000k la(5000/p) HW. Very friendly staff. Big rooms but basic.Rec
h7 Armid GH: On the main Rd. N from h6. right side. T211040, f ab s60,000k d470,000, a/c s/d100,000kip, HW La(3000/p) R(6-22:00) C3 a/c rooms have a cupboard, a fridge. cottage style. Change money $1=9400k, 1B=280k
h8 Lao Chinese GH: On the main Rd. opp from h6.T212156, f ab HW TV d250B, a/c d300B C4

Walk South on the Main Rd. from the road to the immigration
h10 Maniratn Hotel: As you walk up from immigration, you can see on the right corner. T020-5484075, f sb30,000kip C2
Keo Champa Hotel: W side of the Main Rd. T312035, f ab no HW s/d200B, HW a/c s/d70,000k C3.
Houay xai GH: W side of the Main Rd. T211064, f s/d200B, HW C2
h13 Friend Ship GH: T211219 S from h12 E side ab f s150B (37000k) d200B, t350B,q400B New GH. You can book a minibus to Chiang Mai 300B Rec
h GH Taveesinh: E side of the Main Rd. f sb 100B C1 Very dirty not recommend

Many food stalls set up in the evening. Many small simple restaurants are on the Main Rd. and off from the Main Rd. There are several tourist restaurants with English menu.
N from the immigration pier road.
h B.A.P GH: You walk up from immigration, and turn left. The first GH on the left. Local Simple menu with tourist prices.
h River View Garden Restaurant(Maung Nuei): W side of the main Rd. N from BAP. opp from Savanh GH 8-23:00. Shake 5,000k, pizza 10,000k, Lao coffee 5,000k, fried rice 10,000k.
h3 DOudomphong G.H: N from h2, T211308 noodle 8,000k, curry 15,000k, fried rice with veg 8,000k, frice rice with meat 15,000k, coffee 5,000k
r1 Nutpop: 50m N from Savaydee GH and enter to a small alley to E. Serving nice dishes 9-23:00. Romantic tables in little hut in very nice garden. But overpriced.
r2 Restaurant Latsuly: Local restaurant at slow boat pier: You can have a meal/drink watching Mekong River. Prices moderate.
r3 Khonkeo: W side of the main Rd. N from the road to the showboat pier. 8-24:00 cheap but no English menu.
r Saiyaponth Lao Food RestauranMain Rd N from the bridge. You can enjoy meal with the view. bit expensive but popular with locals.Korean BBQ 25000k delicious.
S from the immigration pier road.
r4 Sousada: W side of the main Rd. S from Maniratn Hotel.6-24:00 moderate.
r5 simple restaurant no name: E side of the main Rd. S from Keochampa.Expensive local restaurant.
r6 Deen Restaurant(Nazim): Indean, veg curry 10,000k, meat curry 20,000k, nan bread 6,000k a branch of famous Nazim curry restaurant.
r Bakery: S part of the town. Most of the store sell the bread with double the price. This is one of the cheapest place to buy fresh good bread. (reported)

Many are running on the main Rd. 5-10,000kip/p You can go to the speed boat pier or the bus station from the center of the town with this amount.

A AIR: Airport: 5km S from the town. Tuk-tuk 10,000kip
Daily $88, Luang Prabang $46, Luang Namtha $42
B BUS: Station: Moved to 10km S from the market.Access: songthaw 10,000k from the town center.
To Luang Namtha:
65,000k dep 9:30, 4.5hrs.
To Mengla(China):
100,000k MWF8:30, 8-9hrs.
To Luang Prabang:
200,000k MWF11:30
To Udomxai:
110,000k MWF11:30
To Vang Vieng:
200,000k MWF11:30
The boats cannot run during night time. If boats did not reach the destination, expect to sleep on the boat.
F1 Slow boat: the pier(Khon Keo Port) is about 1km N from the immigration and food shop at the pier.
The boat leave only.M-Sa 11:00 Be there at 8:00 to buy a ticket.The fares are slightly different between agents.
To Pakben: 6-7 hours
To Luang Prabang
:2day 800-850B You have to stay over night at Pakbeng. the through tickets are valid for the next portion.
F2 Fast boat: Moved to far from the town. Songthiaw 10,000kip/p from immigration.
To Paktha
?kip/p, Pakben 3hrs 800B, To Luang Prabang 6hrs 1,400B Usually you can continue to travel to LP on the same day. Boat leaves at 8:30 and more later if needed.
No roof so during rain, it is not comfortable to travel. It goes very fast. Helmets provided, protection from the wind and possible accident. Get a life jacket with thick filling which becomes a vibration absorber.
F3 Fast boat: To Ban Xieng Kok(4hrs to Muang Xing by bus)
The pier(Xieng Kok pier)4 km N from the center. Boat leaves if needed. Max 4 or 5 people.

S Wat Chomkhao: You can walk up the stairs to this temple on the hill from the street near the immigration. Good view.
S Villages nearby: Nice walk to villages just outside of Hoaixai.
Armid GH organize tours and Phoudoi travel agent sell the tickets. In the rain season, some villages are not accessible.
1 / 2 day tour: To the villages near by. 1 to 5 people share $30 or 1000B. The tour starts 14:00. incl. a guide, picnic food, water and transport
1 day tour: More villages than 1/2 day tour. 1 to 5 people share $60. The tour starts 9:00. incl. a guide, picnic food, water and transport
S Hot spring: at Ban Nam Keung Kout. 26km N. Tour 1000B for 4 hours. You can take a tuk-tuk 7,000kip OW.
Ask locals for direction if you go by yourself.

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