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It is a vary small village, 45km S from Pakse. Near this village, there is a famous ruin of a temple, Wat Phou.Town is located 3km S from ferry/boat landing. There is only one road in Champassak which starts from the ferry landing to S through the village. The center of the village is a place of a roundabout. All GHs, restaurants, a bank and government buildings are located around this roundabout or on this road.
It is possible to visit here from Pakse for a day trip. However the accommodation is much cheaper and it is a very relaxing place.
If you come here by bus from Pakse, the driver drops you off around the round about. If you come by boat, ask to stop at the post office or Hotel sala Wat Phou which is just S from the round about.
The river side is E and the mountain side is W.
Warning!!! The day tip from Pakse is possible if you leave early, but no buses from Pakse. See the transport info for the way to get back to Pakse.
$ Thak Thi Bank: Just next to the roundabout. E side of the Main Rd. M-F 9-15:30
Official rate for major currencies. T/C or cash. No cash advance.
M0 Post office: walk 100m N from the bank. E side of the main Rd.
M1 Telephone office: walk 500m N from the bank. W side of the main Rd. It is probably open 8-17:00 but if you ask the manager, he will let you call. International phone is possible.

4 GHs and one hotel are located near the roundabout. Some GHs don't have GH signs Look for ones a restaurant.
h1 Dok Champa Restaurant: At the corner near the roundabout. sb s/d 10,000k C2 R, Very simple rooms. The owner is very helpful and can speak English and French.
h2 Saything Riverside Restaurant: opp from h1 on the Main Rd. sb s/d 10,000k C2 R, Very simple rooms.
h3 Khamphouy GH: Just S from h1 on the Main Rd.. sb s/d/q10,000k, bungalows ab d15,000k C3, Rooms are big and comfortable. Rec.
h4 Suchittra GH: On the Main Rd E side. S from h2. sb d20,000, ab d30,000 R C2 large rooms with a desk. The communal veranda is really comfortable. Large garden
h5 Hotel Sala Wat Phou: Just at the roundabout T213280
a/c s$25, d$30 HW Fr C4

Very limited choices.
h1 Dok Champa Restaurant: Relatively large menu and tasty food. Rec 6-23:00. Drinks from 2000k, beer 7,000. meal 6000k+
h2 Saything Riverside Restaurant: They made table at the back side of the Restaurant. Food is simple. 6-21:00. Similar prices but the quality is lower than the above.

The buses are running on the Main Rd. You can get it on in front of Dok Champa Restaurant.
To Pakse: 7-8000k The 4 buses pass here between 7 to 8:00 After 9:00, no bus according to locals It has already been too full to sit. No chance to sit.
To South(Muang Khong, Hat Xai Kun, Nakasan): Go to the junction with Route 13 and take a bus heading S. You will probably asked to pay a full fare from Pakse. You have no chance to take a seat. The time for those buses is 1 hr later than the departure time at Pakse.
If you missed those buses to Pakse, go to the ferry landing by tuk-tuk(or walk 3km), cross the Mekong river by ferry and go to the junction with Route 13 by tuk-tuk, 2-4000k (or walk 4km) To Pakse, you can get a bus until 16:00, but to S you have get the junction early morning.
Hitching to the junction or to Pakse is not so difficult. Try to ask drivers while they wait at the ferry port.
The pier is just behind the post office
. Look for the stairs to go down the river. Expect boats will be delayed for more than 1 hr.
To Pakse: 7000k. 8:00.
To South Don Khong. 10-15,000k. 9:00.

Tuk-tuk Bike taxi with a side car.
From the ferry/boat landing to the town 2000k
From town to Wat Phu, R/T 15-25,000k
From ferry landing to Route 13 junction, 2-4000k
Ferry A few different ferry: small 1000k large 500k
Rental bicycle From GH, 5000k/day but you need only a half day. Hard to get the deal for a half day.

S Wat Phou, 5,000kip 8-16:30 Rec 7km from Champassak village, 1 hour by bicycle. This is one of the most important temple complexes in Laos, built in 11th C. by Khmer King Suryavarmann II. This is said it is a prototype for Angkor Wat, it has the same style causeway & moat. Unfortunately it is in a bad condition, but if you are ruin lovers, it will not disappoint you. Originally Hindu, it was converted to a Buddhist Temple and houses Buddha statues. Located on the mountain slope with many terraces, there are wonderful views over the plain below.
Bun Wat Phu festival
Held in Feb during full moon. Many people from S Laos come to take part in celebrations.
tuk-tuk from the town or the ferry landing to the temple RT 15-25,000kip or rental bike, 5000k

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