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Area Code 0363, $1=9,000Rp, May 4, 2005

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Tulamban is famous for diving for the wreck boat, located E of Bali, just N from Amed or Amlapura.
The highway between Amlapura and Singaraja is passing through this small village. All tourist facilities are located on the road. All facilities are located on the main road. E side is the sea side and W side is the hill side.

You can come here easily by bus, from Amlapura, 2000Rp, by bemo 4000Rp, or Singaraja 8-10,000Rp. The drivers try to charge you double.

$3 Moneychangers:opp from Police office. $1=9000Rp, yen=84. They compete each other so shop around.
P Police: in the middle of the village.
H Hospital: Dokotor: Small clinic S of the village.
M Wartel: S end of this village. hill side. official rate.
s Shops are at the both end(N and S) of the village.
Tulamban Wreck Divers: W side, N part of this village, 500/min

B Bus/Bemo
To Amlapura/Tirtagangga
by bus 1500-2000Rp 30min. by bemo 4000Rp
To Sinjgaraja
by bus 8-10,000Rp The brown bemos are 50% more expensive.
To Amed, go to Culuk by bemo or bus
1000-1500Rp, then change to a truck to Jemeluk beach 1000Rp.


Listing from the S to N. Many of them also run dive center. Ask discount for the room, if you take dives. Some have package deals for diving and accommodation. Most of rooms are very new and very clean. Rate Single/Double
h1 De Ribat(Tulamban Wreck Dive Center): on the hill side. S part of this village. T23356, W side of the road. f ab d60,000 bf Rp C4. Nice balcony on a upper floor. No bf but this is the cheapest. Good value. Rec
h2 Mimpi: on the beach T21642, tulamban@mimpi.com, www.mimpi.com, a/c ab fr HW garden view $80, large porch $125, sea view STV $150 bf sw R(sea side) C5
h3 Matahari: on the beach T22916, f ab 60/80,000, a/c CW 125/150,000, a/c HW 150/200,000 sw bf R(sea view)C4 small hotel small swimming pool
h4 Paradise Palm Beach Bungalows: on the beach T22910, f ab 60/75,000, HW 180/200,000Rp, a/c 250/300,000, bf C3. Nice garden but bungalows are too close each other. The rooms are the most rundown in the village.
h5 Puri Aries: hill side. off from the main road. f ab 40/50,000 bf C4. Some rooms have the view to Mt Agun. A bit over priced. You can bargain.
h6 Ganda Mayu: hill side. T22912, f ab 50/70,000 bf C4. Very nice garden and beautiful nice rooms and the porches. Highly Rec
h7 Bali Coral Dive Resort: on the beach walk toward the beach from the police office, T22909, f ab d70,000, a/c HW d200,000 bf R(small but seaside)C4
h8 Tauch Terminal Resort: on the beach walk toward the beach from the police office T774504, www.tauch-terminal.com, a/c s/d$40+, fr$50, sea view $125, bf HW sw R(sea side)C4.
h9 Tulamban Wreck Divers: hill side, N part of this village, T23400, a/c ab $15-25 fr TV bf R C5. New Hotel @(500/min)

Very expensive. Most guesthouse have restaurants. Food 10,000+, drinks 3,000+
r1 Sandy's Restaurant: middle part of the village. hill side. Local restaurant with local prices. coke 4000Rp, beer 10,000Rp, meal 20-30,000Rp Bali dance on Saturday night.
r2 Wayan Restaurant:middle part of the village, beach side.just N from police office not cheap as it looks


S1 Diving/snorkeling
100m wreck ship is just 50m off shore from Bali Coral resort. This is the main attraction here.
2 dives $40m open water $300+, snorkeling rentals 10-20,000Rp/day.
The dive centers offers diving in Amed with the same price. All prices include lunch and drinks.
dv Blue Master Dive: at Ganda Maya
Mimpi: open water $350, advance $270
S2 Day trip from Tulamban:
Amlapura, Tirta Gangga
(water palace, Fee 3100Rp) is easy to visit. Take a bemo to Amlapura, 4000Rp or bus 2000Rp.

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