Tirtagangga, Bali

Area Code 0363, $1=9,300Rp, May 3, 2005

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Tirtagangga is a small village located in E part of Bali, 15km N from Amlapura where You can see a very elegant Balinese Water Palace built for the holly spring. The village is a very small and very relaxing.
To come to this village, Perma does not have a regular service to this village. You have to book in advance with minimum 2 persons in your group, theirfore it is a bit expensive to come here by
It is not so difficult to come by public transport from Denpasar. Take a bus from Batubulan to Amlapura, then take a bemo to Tirtagangga.
i Mr Nyoman Budiasa: a guide at Genta Bali restaurant: has very good information. He can help you for your questions.
$ Moneychangers: We could not find any money changers in this village. Only possiblity is a small office, just across the road from the gate of the water palace. The office seems to have this service before. But I guess most GHs will change money.
M1 Telephone: at Good Karma restaurant: open till late
@ Internet: no service

B Public transport: take a bus or a bemo on the main road. -Southbound: to Amlapura, then take a bus 1000Rp, bemo 1500-2000Rp. To continue to travel to Candidasa/ Padangbai, you may get off at T-junction and wait for another bemo toward W(right direction as you get off from the bemo.). To take a bus from Amlapura, you have to go to the bus station. Ask your bemo driver to go to Amlapura bus station which is about a km W from the T-junction.
From Amlapura to Candidasa bemo
2-5000Rp, to Padangbai bemo 3-5,000Rp,
to Denpasar
bus from the bus station 8-10,000Rp
to Tulamban:
bus 2-3,000Rp, bemo 4-5000Rp(You may change a bemo at Culuk, Culuk to Tulamban 1-2000Rp)
to Amed: take a bemo to Culuk
3000Rp, then take another to Amed 1000Rp(to the village of Amed, 2km from the tourist area. To the tourist area, you pay more.)
to Singaraja
ta Tourist bus Perama: Smal office, next to Good Karma restaurant. To any direction, 2 persons minimum.Need to bookk in advance.


Near the Water Palace
h1 Dhangin Taman Inn: near the entrance of Tirtagannga Water Palace. T22059, f ab 35/40,000, large rooms 50/70,000 bf C3 basic
h2 Tirta Ayu Bungalows: inside of Tirtagangga Water Palace.. T21697, f ab d250,000 HW sw(water palace)C4 Go through the gate and walk right. The rooms rates includes the entrance of the water palace and use of its swimming pool. This is the only upper class accommodation.
h3 Homestay Rajasa: T21873, just opp from the entrance of Tirtagangga Water Palace, f ab 40/60,000 bf C2 Rooms in the back have better view and better porches. Good cheap option.
h4 Good Karma: on the main road 22445, f ab 60/80,000 bf R towel C4 Very large rooms and large porches with terrace view Very relaxing place Its restaurant is on the main road and the rooms are acturally located behind the restaurant in the miidle of the rice field. Rec

Just after crossing the bridge
h5 Puri Sawah: Just N from the bridge, walk left to a small road. T21847, PO Box 110 Amalapura, f ab CW 1F 100,000, 2F 200,000, HW 1F 200,000 R(rice terrace view) bf towel C4 Large rooms and large porches
h6 Kusumajaya Inn: on the hill side, walk from the main raod, 50m N from the bridge, T21250, f ab 70/90,000, 80/100,000 bf towel R C3 Great view to the sea but it is a bit hard to climb up the hill. Rec

On the hill side N from the Water Palace
h7 Pondok Lembok Dukuk: on the slope of the hill behind Water Palace, f ab 50/80,000 bf C3 Excellent view to the volcano up on the hill. Walk from the side of Good Karma restaurant.
h8 Batur Indah: on the slope of the hill behind Water Palace T22342, f ab 80/125,000 C4 Excellent view to the volcano. Walk from the side of Good Karma restaurant. Or take a bemo to Ababi, 2km N from Tirtagangga and phone.

There are many cheap restaurant around the entrance of the water palace.
r1 Genta Bali: T22436, opp from Karma Restaurant on the main road. Travelers food/local It has a map around the area and the guide Mr Nyoman Budiasa will help you.
r2 Ryoushi: N from the town. Cross the bridge and continue waling on the main road for 5 mints. Japanese, many tables on the terrace. excellent view You better come here before sunset Rec
r3 Good Karma: see hotel list for the location Travelers food/local Not so bad.
r4 Puri Sawah: see hotel list for the location Travelers food/local A bit expensive but good view.


S1 Tirtagangga Water Palace: Built in 1947 for the holly spring. This palace has a several ponds with many sculptures and a holly spring water swimming pool which you can swim. After 15:00, it becomes too cold to enjoy the swimming pool. Entrance 3100Rp, swimming pool 6000Rp
S2 Puri Agun Palace: in Amlapura town, Bali King's palace houses old photos, furnitures, etc. Not so interesting. Access: Probably bemo from Tirtagangga will pass near the palace. After crossing a bridge as you enter Amlapura, the road splits to 2. Take one of the left, then soon, you will see the palace surrounded by large walls.3,000Rp(reported)
S3 Ujung Palace: 8km S from Amlapura. fee 10,000Rp. Built in 1921 by Anak Agung Anglurah, the former raja of Karangasem who built another water palace in Tirtagangga. The palace is much bigger than Tirtagangga but it has lack of intimacy. It was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1979 when Mt Agung was erupted and rebuilt recently. Unfortunately this beautiful historical palace was completely destroyed again by this renovation project and lost historical value and became a just Ujung Park. Only the view to the volcanoes, Bisbis and Seraya, remains spectacular. (Come here when the air is dry.)
S4 Others:
Mt Agung:
N from Tirtagangga. possible to trek to this volcano. contact to a guide at Genta Bali restaurant.
Diving spots: Amed and Tulamben, both N from Tirtagangga

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