Senggigi, Lombok

Area Code 0370, $1=?Rp, Aug, 2001


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Senggigi is a famous resort town on W coast of Lombok. Sunset is supposed to be one of the best and beach and water are also beautiful. However we have heard from travelers who have been there that this town had been developed badly. Not suited for budget travelers. Therefore we do not cover this town.
We also heard that the area N from Senggigi, about 4 km, the beach is wonderful, clean and quiet. We list one hotel in this area which is also recommended by travelers
This area can be reached by public bemo with 1000Rp/p

Please send us any kind of information if you have been here.

h1 Pondok Damai: on the beach between Alang 2 and Holiday Inn. T693019, f ab d85,000Rp bf C4 Free pickup from the airport. Rec

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