Ruteng, Flores

Area Code 0385, $1=8500Rp, Aug 6, 2001


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Very nice middle size town laid on the slope of the mountain. North is higher and South is lower. The old cathedral is visibly standing in the N of the town.
In the middle of the town, there is a football field, a good place to get off. Very busy market is just S of the football field. The bus terminal is 2 block E from the football field, well hidden by the shops.
When you arrive by a bus, you may ask the driver to drop you off at your hotel, otherwise you may get off at the market.
FF: football field
is possible only at banks. No money changers are found.
$1 Bank BNI: Take the street, 1 block E from FF, to N It is on the left side, just N from Yantel. $1=8500 The best place to change money. Other currencies may be possible but the rates are lower.
$2 Bank Indonesia: Take the street, 1 block W from FF,to S., opp from Sinbha Hotel. $1=6000Rp. Very low.
M0 Post Office: ?
M1 Telephone Yantel: 1 block E from FF, to N It is on the left side. 24hr, Rate/min: To USA/Canada/AZ 8300, UK/Japan 9400, German/France 10,700Rp
H Hospital: From the FF N side, go W.
Hp Pharmacy: A few around the market.
m Market Area: S and E from the FF and around the bus terminals. Many small shops and stalls.

B Bus terminal: 2 block E from FF, behind many small shops. Buses also leave from the street just W from the bus terminal Most buses go around the town for a hour before they actually leave from the town. They come back a few times to the bus terminal or the street near by.
To Labuan Bajo:
15,000Rp Many buses, 6hr
To Bajowa:
15,000Rp Many buses 5hr
To Ende:
20,000Rp, A few buses in the morning. At least 9:00. Also night buses are running. 10hr

Local Transport
The town is not so small, may be 2-3km long. But I did not see any kind of transport.


GHs and hotels are scattered around the town. When you arrive this town, many people sincerely help you and take you to a hotel.
h1 Sinbha: Jl Yos Sudarso, SW from the market area. off from Bank Indonesia. T21197, f sb 20,000, ab 30,000, TV 40,000, HW80,000 10% tax C3-4
h2 Rima Hotel: Jl. Amad Yani #14. Walk 1km from n side of the FF, T21195, sb s20 d30,000, ab s25 d40,000 C4 Very cozy communal place. Highly Rec
h3 Dahlia: Walk 500m S from W side of the bus terminal. T21377, sb 30,000, ab 40,000 TV80,000 C4. Rec

There is a restaurant just n from Dahlia Hotel which serve acceptable Chinese food with reasonable price


S We did not research sight information
A staff at our hotel, Dahlia was offering a tour using public transport with very reasonable price, visiting traditional villages and local transport.

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