Probolinggo, Java

Area Code 0336, $1=8000, Aug 17, 2001


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Probolinggo is located on the route between Surabaya and Bali. This is a town to pass through to go up Mt. Bromo.
Bus is the best transport to come here because you have to take a bus to go to Mt. Bromo and the train station is far from the bus station.
If you arrive here by train, take a bemo #G to go to the bus station. If you arrive here late, there are a few hotels in town.
We could not find any money changers nor banks because we did not have enough time to do this town. However ATM of BCA Bank for Visa/MC is located on the main road, Jl. PB Sudirman, near Hotel Renta.
@ Internet: There is a report, there is an internet cafe in town. We did not find it. Please ask at your hotel.

B Bus Terminal: Far from the town., about 5km. The yellow bemos connect here and the town center(Kota) Just say the hotel name or "Jl Sudirman" to the driver. 1000Rp/p
It is very hard to find a bus where you want to take because so many touts approach to you and try to sell tickets with premium prices. You may wait at the entrance of the bus station and get one when it comes out. Many locals do.
To Mt. Bromo(Cemoro Lawang): Minibus
4,000Rp All try to charge 6000Rp. Watch out how much locals pay. The minibus stops at Sukapura, 2,000Rp. To Cemoro Lawang is the double.
To Surabaya:
non a/c 5,000Rp, a/c 10,000Rp, VIP 20,000Rp
To the port to Bali(Banyuwangi): non a/c 10,000Rp
Many buses 10-14:00
To Denpasar:
VIP 75,000(agent 90,000) dep13:00 19:00, a/c 65,000(75,000) dep 6:00
To Jakarta:
VIP 145,000Rp, 13:00, ac/non ac 12:15, 19:00
To Bogor:
To Yogyakarta/Solo: non ac 27,500, a/c 50,000, 12:00, VIP 75,000 10:30, 19:00, (75,000Rp)

Train station:
Take bemo #G from the bus station
Denpasar(Banyuwangi): 23:56,
Biz 32,000Rp, Eksecutif 40,000Rp.
To Surabaya(Gubemg station)
Eko 5,700, Eko plus 10,000Rp, Biz 12,000, Eksecutif 20,000Rp. To Solo E-plus 15,500, Yogya E-plu 17,000
2:12(Eks & Bis), 10:02(Biz/Eks), 10:33(E-plus)*, 13:19(Biz/Eke), 15:12(Eko, 15:44(E-plus)*, 17:18(Eko) * may go to Yogyakarta/Solo

To W from Surabaya(Solo, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, etc): You have to buy two ticket, one to Surabaya and one from Surabaya to your destination. The reservation fee for the train from Surabaya, 8000Rp.
The train from Surabaya: 05:45
(Yog/Solo 12:000), 16:00(Biz Yog/Solo36,000 Jak48,000),
17:10(Biz Yog/Solo 50,000, Bandung 60,000),
18:15(Eksectif Yog/Solo 130,000 Jakarta 140,000), 19:00(Eksectif Yog/Solo 115,000 Bandung 125,000)

Local Transport
Bemo: #G connects between the train station, center of the town and the bus station. 1000Rp


The reason to stay here for you is probably you arrive here too late to go up to Mt. Bromo. The time we arrive here is 19:00. At this time already all cheap rooms had been taken. We could not review any of the cheap rooms. You may phone to book a room if you plan to stay here before. All rooms come with free breakfast but the cheapest ones come with simple bf only.
h1 Hotel Ratna: Jl. Raya P. Sudirman #16 T421597, f sb 22,000, ab 50,000+ bf tea C4 10% Tax. The rooms are large, well furnished and very comfortable. Except the cheapest rooms, great 1 st hotel class breakfast is included. Excellent value if you share a room here. Highly Rec.
h2 Hotel Victoria: Jul Suroyo 1-3+ Jl R.P.Sudirman, T421461, f ab 40+, TV 75,000+ bf C3 Very basic.
h3 Hotel Maju Jaya: Jl Siaman #7 off from Jl Sudirman #137 , T21535, small rooms f ab s/d35,000, a/c50,000, large rooms 70,000+ bf C3-4. Small ones are just to sleep with very a small double bed. Only couple who have a good relationship can stay in the rooms.
h4 Bromo Perman: Jl. Raya P. Sudirman #327 or #237, T427451, f ab 22,500-30,000 a/c 52,500+ bf I C3. Only an a/c room could be reviewed. It was a standard. But the staff were too push to sell private transport to Mt. Bromo, saying the public bus runs only once in the morning.

No info at this moment.

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