Moni, Flores,

No telephone, No money exchange, Aug 11, 2001


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Very small village near the mysterious volcanic lakes, Kulimutu, is on the main highway between Maumere and Ende, 3 hours S from Marmere on the N coast, 1.5 hours from Ende which is on S coast. Completely foreign travelers village. All guest houses and restaurants are stretched on the main road.

Information office: Non. There is a sign for the information center. Just a tour agent and most of the time, nobody is there.
$3 Moneychangers: I did not find any sign of money changers. The closest bank is Ende.
M0 Post Office: ?
M1 Telephone Wartel: 1km S from the main village. 7-22:00. To call Maumere or End, you can use the public phone here. No international call from here even though the sign say "International call" To Ende 1917/min. To Maumere 200/min

B Buses: Running between Maumere and Ende and they are the only transport. You can charter motobikes or bemos but the prices are high. They run reasonably frequently from early morning to late.
To Ende: 1.5-2.0 hrs,
5,000Rp 55km
To Maumere: 3 hours including 30min meal break at Moloworu. This restaurant is excellent. Cheap and delicious.
Highly Rec.
The local price is hard to know and hard to pay. The bus drivers asking
20,000Rp for 90km. You may get down to 15,000 after 5 min negotiation. The distance, 90km, is supposed to be 10,000 for anywhere in Flores. The price between Maumere and Ende is 15,000Rp for 145km. So you don't have so much choice, resist or just pay. I asked many locals All said "20,000" for the local people.
To Woloworu:
2000-3000Rp, next village N from Moni, 30 min. 12km

Local Transport
B The town is very small so you don't need any transport. However if you want to go to Hot Spring or Kilimutu Lakes by your self, you can arrange a motor bike taxi or hire a car with a driver. All prices are negotiable. All are hanging around on the street.


Listed from N to S. L side and R side mean waling from N to S.
The rooms are very cheap but most of them are very rundown. It is very hard to find "standard quality" you can find elsewhere. But most of them serve free good breakfast despite of the cheap prices. Most of the rooms have mosquito nets.
h1 Daniel: R side, sb 10/15 bf C1
h2 Amina Moe I: R side, sb s/d10,000 bf C2. Rooms are rundown but the nobody can beat the price and hospitality. They serve buffet dinner with 10,000Rp. Highly Rec. See also Amina Moe II
h3 Lelegan: R side, ab s25 d35,000 C?
h4 Maria Inn: sb s/d 25,000 bf mandi shower. C?
h5 Amina Moe II: R side. ab s/d15,000 bf C2. Same as Amina Moe I. Rooms are big. Rec.
h6 Watungana Bungalow: L side. sb s/d15,000 C2, ab 40,000 bf 10% tax added C3. completely overpriced buffet dinner.
h7 Kelimuto Moni: L side. ab small rooms s/d25,000, big 35,000 bf C3-4, one of the better option. Rec
h8 Silverster: R side. ab s20 d25,000 bf C? It will be open on September, 2001. But you cannot expect clean rooms. Just normal basic rooms with new paint
h9 Arwanty: L side, ab s/d65-85,000 bf C4. Huge family type rooms with attractive decor and furniture. Water garden and scenic views. You cannot find any better places than this.
h10 Hidaya: L side, ab 25,000, mos-net,bf C2 good rice field view. Rooms are basic. Buffet dinner 15,000Rp
h11 Sao Ria Bungalow: 1km out side of the village. ab small rooms 33,000, large 40,000. C3 Bungalows on the hill side. Excellent view. It is worth to walk 15 min.
h Arwanty1s Bungalows & Restaurant: Coming from Ende at the first bus stop in the village (opposite the swimming pool). The place is just about 3min walk from the market (after February 2002) d45.000 t55.000 Rp R bf

We cannot review the restaurants here so much.
There are a few restaurants in this village. They open late. All are on the main road. But most of them are on the hill side and higher than normal houses so you can have a great views of mountains, rice field, etc. The food here is cheap but the drinks are a bit higher than other towns.
Beer 13,000Rp
r1 Mountain Vien: drinks 2000+, meal 5000+. Good view
r2 Ruanakan Kulimutu: 1km S from the village. It is the restaurant for Sao Ria Bungalows. Drink 1,500, food 5,000. Excellent view


S1 Kelimutu:
The volcano which 3 volcanic lakes of different color. Currently one is blue and 2 others are reddish black. One of them is supposed to be Red according to the post card. 13km from the town. No public transport. Early morning, 4:00, a truck collect people who want to see sunrise. 15,000Rp one way. Many walk back to the village for 3 hrs. The walking is enjoyable but the route is a bit confusing. The admission is 1000-1500Rp. Afternoon, only charter bemo is the solution. They ask 75,000 for the round trip.
S2 Hot spring: 30-40min on foot from the village..2.5 km S from the town on the way to Keliutu. It is very hard to describe how to get there. From the village walk S toward Ende and then turn left to the road to Kelimutu, going through the gate. Just after 1km post, you will see a small village on the left. You go down to the river walking through the village.
The water is about 40 degree. Excellent even for the Japanese. However the ponds are too shallow. You can't soak your body. You can wash or shampoo beside of the pond.
S2 Woluworu village: Small village 12 km N from Moni. It open regional market on F and Sa. I passed through the town when the market is open. Not so special
S3 Jopu Village: traditional village, just S from Woluworu?. famous for Ikat weaving. No further information at this moment.

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