Mataram(Sweta Bus station) Lombok, Indonesia

April 28, 2005


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The center of the Lombok island. But currently we have the bus station information only. The town is large. If you come here only to transit to somewhere else, tell the driver to drop you off at Sweta bus terminal, not in the center of the town. The town center has banks, budget accommodation, internet access, Banks near shopping center. Look for McDonald. You can travel between the town center and Sweta bus terminal by bemo, 1-2000Rp.
Sweta Bus Terminal
$ No money exchange is possible The closest ATM is at BCA, 10-15min on foot.. Go out from the bus station from the main gate then turn right and turn right again to reach a big road. Then turn left and walk 500m. It is on right side. There are two banks at the bus terminal complex. Ask the direction.
@ Internet are available near Matahari mall. 300Rp/min.?

B Bus terminal: Sweta: a few km away from the town center. By bemo 1000Rp.
Cheap food
is possible at food stalls.. Nashi champure 3500Rp+, coke 2000+Rp,
Bemo: all tourist fares.
To Bansar for Gili,
4-5000Rp in fromt of the gate of the bus sation.
To Lember for the port to Bali:
5000Rp Out from the bus station, turn right then walk to T section. Some waiting at the left corner
To Praya for Kuta(Lombok):
3000Rp(then to Sengkol 3000Rp, then to Kuta 3,000Rp) Out from the bus station, turn right then walk to T section. Some bemos are waiting at the corner heading right.
-Longdistance buses:
To Denpasar 85,000
dep 9, 12, 15:00, Surabaya 135,000, Jakarta 275,000, Bima 83,000 dep 15:00, Labuan Bajo 135,000 dep 15:00
ta Safari Dhyarma Raya Bus company: on the main road, N from the terminal, Walk out from the bus station through the main gate, turn right, then turn right to reach a big road. Cross the road.
ta Kramdad???: just W from the terminal
To Bundang:
238,000Rp, dep 18:00, 38 hours
ta PO. Langsung Indah at the terminal

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