Komodo/Rinca, Flores

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We have not visited this islands. This page is edited by the help of many travelers.
The islands are famous for the Komodo dragons, largest , however if you are interested in only seeing dragons, it is said that Rinca next to Komodo islands are suited to observe them. The coast of the islands are also famous for beautiful corals and tropical fish.

Visiting Komodo islands by public transport is a bit hard. The ferry between Sapa, Sumbawa to Labuan Bajo, Flores stops near Komodo islands. Because the ferry is too large for the port of Komodo, a small boat come from the island to take passengers to the islands. The ferry does not stop everyday. There are a few different information. 1.) it stops every W and Sa only. 2.) It stops only Sa. 3.) It stops when enough people want to visit. We met a traveler who went to the island on Sa.
The islands are closer to Flores than Sumbawa. However the ferry does not stop Komodo on the way to Sapa from Labuan Bajo. This mean that you have to take the ferry only W or Sa. Once you landed to the islands, you can leave from the islands only next W or Sa. Otherwise you charter the boat to Flores which probably need $250-300,000Rp/boat.


Boat: To Flores, Labuan Bajo, you have to charter a boat, could be 300,000/boat unless you can take the ferry boat on W or Sa.

A few budget accommodation available. Food is limited and basic.

Komodo National Park / Rinca National Park
Visitors must enter with a guide. The entrance fee
(25,000Rp?) with a guide(5000Rp?) is very little. The tour last a few hours. Within the tour, no guarantee but you may be able to see a few Komodo dragons.

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