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Bali Aga village near Trunyan

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On the East shore of Lake Batur, underneath the caldera rim, is Trunya village. Trunya is associated with aerial/weathering the unique funeral practice of the Bali Aga inhabitants here. Though Hindi, they don't follow typical Hindu custom of cremation. If the deceased is not married his body is buried in the ground. If married then aerial/weathering burial is performed where the body is simply left in a bamboo cage on the ground until it has decomposed. Then later the skeletal, bone remains are added to the ossuary on a step-shaped altar.
The funeral site is not within the village of Trunyan, but outside of the village, about 500m N,
only accessible by boat.

You can only get to Trunyan by boat, one pleasant option is to cycle around the lake then hire a boat to take you across. You may need to bargain hard to get a good price. A tourist boat leaves from Kedisan on the south shore of the lake. This boat is comfortable though the fare is expensive,25,000Rp. Fares are posted on a board next to the ticket booth.I was told it includes a donation.
It's also possible to take a boat to Trunyan from Toya Bunka, a village famous for its hot spring.

bodies covered by bamboo cage like structures, are lying side by side.

Soon the bodies decompose, all that remains are skulls and bones.

Later the skeletal remains are collected and

added to the ossuary on a step-like altar.

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