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Funeral in Taman Village

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On November 27,1997, a ngaben,cremation was held in Taman village near Ubud. In Bali, when a person dies, he is temporarily buried in a grave. A few months/years later, when his family have saved up enough money for his funeral, they select a fortuitous day in the Balinese calendar and exhume the body. It is customery to place it in a bull-like coffin after which it is ceremonially cremated. In the case of the cremation photographed below the coffin was not the usual sacred bull style, this may be due to the family caste or budget.

Relatives of the deceased on their way to the temple

Women dressed in mourning attire.

Relatives pray facing the grave of the deceased.


Ceremony before exhuming the body.

Men from the village take turns to dig

The deceased, wrapped in white cloth,
is buried about 1 metre below.

The body is wrapped with palm leaves
and placed in the coffin.


The coffin is covered with yellow and white cloth.

The deceased's face is exposed and his family serve
him with a cigarette before the cremation.


The fire is lit.


The flames ignite immediately
because gasoline is used.


The cremation continues
until the body is completely burned to ashes.
The ash is then thrown into river or sea.


Relatives of the deceased watching the ceremony.


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