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Family of monkeys

Another family.

This temple, located just N from Sangee, is a temple famous for monkeys. A wide variety of animals roam in the forest around the temple. Monkeys can be seen everywhere, on the roof or on the god sculptures, grooming each other. They look lovely but in fact they climb upon people, covering them in dirt and steal glasses or food. They are totally free to do anything they like. They are aggressive and will attack, particularly if you have food. Pay attention to behind you, don't encourage them to approach you.

Below are suggestions of how to deal with them

1.If they climb upon you, don't hit them (becase they may bite you).Crouch close to the ground, encouraging them to jump down.

2.If they attempt to take your food, raise your hand to scare them. If they still attack, give up the food.

3.If your glasses are taken, ask help from the sellers in the temple. This is common so they have experience in getting them back. Of course you will be asked to buy souvenirs.

Waiting for you,
another victim, at the gate of the temple.

They will never
respect you.

When I was taking photos, an old lady
gave him a banana,
then later
I was charged for it.

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