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Market Balinese Style

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Markets/basars are best visited early morning. Full of produce,
exotic colorful fruits, spices and souvenirs.

Old lady selling Nanka, Jackfruit)
surrounded by a sweet honey-like aroma


Fruit piled like mountains

There are many exotic fruits.
From the right on lower shelf, mango, snake fruit,passion fruit and at the end is tamarind. On upper shelf from the right,chiku,orange, mangostine, etc

Grandma buying tobacco leaves.

Chikens are sold alive, caged.

There are many meat stalls, no refrigeration

Ice delivery.

Cooking sate. Smell's good!!!

Passion fruit

Rambutan. Rambut means hair, so very hairy

Sala - snake fruit
The taste is a subtle blend sweet and a little sour.
It is hard to imagine from the snake like appearance.

Asian marrow

Small and colorful peppers, very hot.

Giant peppers, longer than a finger.

Betel nuts
like a tobacco, chewed, particularly by the elderly.

Small onions

Egg plant
The 'egg'name is more appropriate because they are "white".

They are real eggs.
Very big ducks' eggs

many fish as well, Helfbeak

Horse mackerel

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