Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Area Code 0370, $1=9250Rp, yen=84Rp, April 30, 2005

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How to get here from Padanbai, Bali See Bangsal

Gili Trawangan
is the last one of the three sm small islands. This island is the largest in term of the number of visitors and the most developed island During the peak period many beach parties are held. It could be the noisiest island.
The boats land on E side of the island and all facilities are stretched along the E coast. When you arrive, many house cart drivers try to take you to cheap accommodation. You may take one but you can reach the end, either N or S, within 20 min walk.

No information office. But you can ask at any travel agents. They are usually very informative.

News Paper The Gilis: It contains maps of Gili islands with full information for accommodation. We could not find where to get, but probably you can get it in various places in Lombok and Gili islands
No Bank on any islands. But at money changers you can change most of the major currencies, cash and T/C. But the rate are very low. No ATM, but the money changers get cash from your cards with high commission. Change before you come here. The rate is very bad. At least 10% lower than the official bank rate. Shop around. The rate varies so shop around.
TC/Cash $1=9250/9350, A$1=6900/7000, GBP17200/17300, SF 5900/6000, yen 72/73-84 Can$ 5400/5500, Euro 11900/12000 cash advance from Visa and MC is available. The commission 8-10%.
H2 Clinic: S part of island. Turn right at Pakmajid Bungalow.and walk 2 blocks. For locals.
H1 Hotel Villa Ombak(h26): S side of the island.1 st class hotel clinic 8-17:00
M0 Wartel(Cyber Station): on beach road, N from the boat landing point between h80 and h79, 9-23:00 Telephone to Japan 13,000/min others 12,000/min, Exchange T/C $1= 9100rp, cash $1=9200
s Shops and stalls. Many along the road. The prices are almost controlled. 1.5 liter of water 4-5000Rp.
s refill water: 2000Rp at a shop in the market.
sw Hotel Vila Ombak swimming pool: S side of the island. 25,000Rp for visitors.
@ Cyber Station: beach road Central just S from h5(Emacia) Also Warel, 9-23:00, 400Rp/min A few other internet cafes. The most of them charging the same.

F Boat:
To Bangsal: By public boat
5,500Rp. dep8:00 Then it leaves any time with 20 people minimum. By charter boat 108,000Rp.
To G. Meno, By Island Hopper
12,000Rp dep 9:30 15:30, Charter boat 98,000Rp
To G. Air,
By Island Hopper 18,000Rp dep 9:30 15:30, Charter boat 108,000Rp
To Senggigi:
Only charter boats available, 298,000Rp
ta Wannen Tours: Many other travel agents are on the beach road, S from the boat landing point. Definately you can save money whey you travel by yourself.
50,000Rp, Lember port 70,000Rp, Lombok Kuta 120,000Rp/p(min 2p), Tete Betu 125,000(min 2p), Padangbai 90,000Rp, other town in Bali 120,000Rp, Sumbawa 155,000, Bima 185,000, Sape 195,000, Labun Bajo 250,000Rp
ta Perama travel agent: Padangbai by Perama boat 150,000Rp, Ubud 180,000Rp, Kuta Lombok 110,000(min 2p) Lember by private car from Bangsal 150,000Rp
F2 Boat to Amed direct: You can book it at some travel agents. dep 7:30, 2.hrs

Local Transport
rb Rentals: Bike: Many shops, such as opp from Majid GH(h12) S from the boat landing point. rent bicycle with 50,000Rp. You can bargain down to 30,000Rp. Snorkeling equipment. Mask, snorkel and fins 20,000Rp. Only mask and snorkel 15,000Rp



Many GHs are lining up N and S from the boat landing point, E side of Gili Trawangan. Ones to N are along side of the road, next to the beach, behind the road so none of GHs are on the beach. Ones S from the boat landing point, the most of GHs are inland, the village and some high class hotels are on the beach road. Some GHs on N coast of the islands may be on the beach. There are no fixed prices for foreigners . They will change prices according to how busy, your age, your nationality or your look. During high season which is July and August, most of good rooms will be occupied soon. It will be very hard to find a decent one with decent price, but after the last boat arrives, around 17:00, the prices may be dropped because you will be the last chance to take their rooms. Bargain hard any time and make sure your price includes breakfast, tea or tax.

Room rate: single / double, The numbers of the GHs are corporating with the ones on The Gilis newspaper map. HS: Homestay, hs: high season

S from the landing place.
h3a Samasama: between Pamour Bungalow(h3) and Trawangan Beach Club(r4) T081-2376-3650,, a/c ab d200,000, fr HW bf C4
h5 Emacia: f ab 30/40,000 bf C4 basic but large rooms. Very central. Rec
h8 Creatif: f ab 40/50,000 bf C3 large rooms
h10 Panauhijad: f ab 40/50 bf C3
h12 Majid: f ab d30,000 C3,
h17 Rudy's: f ab 30/50,000, bf C3 large rooms. Retric rooms not bad
h21 Kayangen: f ab 50/70,000, a/c 100/125,000 bf C4 large rooms with large porches.
h23 Tirnanog: T699463,, a/c ab 150,000 HW bf R C4 good pizza, 22-30,000, DVD on your choice at your table many other events
h25 Beach House: T642352,, a/c ab 300,000(HS 400,000) fr STV HW bf C5
h26 Hotel Vila Ombak: 0370-642753, Almost the last hotel on the S side of island. a/c s/d $68+ bf C5. Jul 15-Sep 15 $20, +21% tax/services.
h28 Pondok Santi: f ab d30/50,000 No review

N from the landing place. Turn right as you land
Many small guest houses are located left of the road. Ask at restaurants which usually rent rooms behind. You can walk to the N furthest guest house.
h88 Sirra HS: f ab 25/30,000 C1, just behind the boat office. The worst GH and the worst staff. They are very pushy to sell drugs and expensive transport. Stay away
h87 Beach Wind HS: f ab d75,000, a/c d150 bf C3 Big rooms. bike-10,000/hr 40,000/day
h86 Segita HS: f ab 25/40,000 C3
h83 Sunrize: f ab 40/50,000 bf Looks very nice from outside. No review due to the full
h81 Widan HS: f ab 30/40 bf C2
h80 Warna: f ab 80/100,000 bf large porch No review due to the full
h79 Blue Beach Cottage:T623-546, f ab d100,000, a/c d200,000 bf C4 high class villa, nice garden
h77 Makmur HS: f ab d40,000 f local toilet C2
h76 Flush Bungalows: f ab d60-90,000 looks nice from outside No review
h74 Ozzy: f ab 50/80,000 bf C3
h72 Good Heart: T081-2376-3491,, f ab d100,000, a/c d300,000, fr HW sTV(E) C4
h69 Vila Almarik: T638520,, a/c ab d$50-55 STV(Italian but no English) fr bf C5 beautiful Italian Villa
h62 Coral Beach II: f ab 40/50,000 bf C3 big rooms but too far from the center.

Inside of the village 1. Turn left as you land and walk a little
Enter from the beach road at the corner of Borobodur
h35 Jessica: Walk almost end of the allery. No review due to the fact it was full and the manager was not there but it is a very nice villa and a garden.
h33 Ruman Saga: T648604,, a/c ab $20 sTV(E) HW bf tea/coffee C5 High class quality GH but the garden is very small. It is hard to reach. Walk through Jessica GH and turn left Rec
h34 Karisma: f ab 40/60,000 bf C4 small garden but comfortable rooms Rec
Inside of the village 2. Turn left as you land and walk a little on the beach road. Turn into the village from the corner of Majid Bungalows. Then after passing a clinic, turn left
h38 Lisa: f ab 35/45,000 tea/coffee bf C3
h40 ALDI: T081-33954-1102, f ab d40,000 fr bf C4 Rec
h46 Funny: T081-3395-28957, f ab d50,000, a/c d80,000 towel C3 large rooms
h50 P. Melati: T081-9330-04842, f ab 30/40,000 bf C4, nice garden and nice rooms.
Inside of the village 3. Turn left as you land and walk a little on the beach road. Turn into the village at the corner of Dive Indonesia.
h45 Trawangan Cottage: Left side of this allery. T639282, f ab d60,000 a/c d130,000 HW towel C4 another location, further on the same street. after passing h37 f ab 30/40,000 tea C4
h37 Martas: right side of this allery. T081-237-22777, a/c ab d200,000 bf C5 2 floor Villa style hotel and a beautiful garden
h41 P.Maulana: After the first crossing, right side. f ab 40/50,000 bf tea/coffee C4 large rooms and comfortable porches. TV at the lounge. Rec
Inside of the village 4. Turn left as you land and walk a little
Enter from the beach road at the corner of Borobodur. Then After passing Jessica(h35), turn left
h43 P.Sederhana: f ab 40/50,000 bf C4 large porch Rec
h57 Edy HS: f ab d40,000 bf tea/coffee C4 comfortable large rooms and garden. Rec
h54 Black Sand: f ab 40/50,000(hs70,000) bf tea/coffee C4 nice garden comfortable porch Rec
h56 Ruman Kita: f ab 50/60,000 bf C3 relaxing large rooms and a nice garden

r1 Juice stand: beach road, just S from Cyber station 3000+, coffee 2000Rp
r2 Tirnanog: T699463, Delicious pizza, 22-30,000, You can watch DVD on your choice at your table. Many events are held here Rec


dv Blue Marlin: T632424,,,
Open water $300, dive $20.
dv Travangan Dive: T0370-641575 N of island.,
Open water $300, dive $25. Night dive $30
S1 Snorkeling tour: 30,000Rp for the glass-bottom boat, a mask and a snorkel. A fin extra 5,000Rp. Dep 10:30 from in front of the Marin Blue Dive center, one snorkeling stop for each island, lunch (not included) on Gili Air returning around 16:00.
The snorkeling spots are N of Gili Travangan, NW and W of G. Meno for turtles and S of G. Air. The corals have been damaged by the hot sea water a few years ago. The devastation is very sad to see. Only little, may be 10%, has been recovered but it is still beautiful to see corals, fish and turtles.
(2001 info)
S3 Volcanic trekking tour: To the lake, 3 days, 2 nights $50/p, To the top of the volcano, 4 days 3 nights, $80+$20/p, include transport, guide, accommodation(tent), food, 5 bottles of water/day, Ask for the entrance fee. Hot spring is between the lake and top.

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