Gili Meno, Lombok,

Area Code 0370, $1=9000Rp, April 28, 2005

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How to get here from Padanbai, Bali See Bangsal

The second island between G. Air and G. Trawangan. The most quiet island and probably the water is cleanest.
Electricity is available 24 hours but very unstable. The water system has not been installed to this island therefore most of cheap hotels use light salty water and only expensive hotels buy pure water from the main land but most

The boats from Lombok arrive at the E coast of the island. The accommodation is spread m ainly to S(left as you land) and some to N

Ticket office: You can get some information here. The fares is posted on the wall
$ Moneychangers:CW Wisata Gili Permai: 7-19:00, cash $1=9000 yen=85Rp
M0 Postal Service agent: near the boat office. A travel agent which sells stamps.
M1 Wartel: just S from the boat house but it is closed.
@ Glass bottom boat office: 1000Rp/min. 18-22:00 only Currently closed

F1 Boats
to Bangsal:
By public boat 5,000Rp 8:00-15:00. It leaves with 20 people minimum. Charter 98,000Rp. Leaves anytime.
to G.Air: By Island hopper
12,000, dep9:45, 15:45
to G.Trawangan: By Island hopper
12,000 dep8:45, 15:15
F2 Bounty Cruise: to Benoa, Bali, 2 hours, No service due to the low season. Old info: economy $35 dep TuThSaSu13:00. If you are in other Gili island, you can have a free transport to Gili Meno to take this boat.
From Benoa, Bali to G. Meno, dep TuThSaSu9:00.
ta Gili Permai travel agent: near the boat office selling private tour to
50,000Rp, Lember port 70,000Rp, Padangbai 90,000Rp, other town in Bali 120,000Rp, Lombok Kuta 90,000Rp/p(min 2p),
ta Postal service agent: near the boat office, organizing a private car which 5 persons can share from Bangsal
100,000Rp, Lember port 170,000Rp, Tete Batu(a base to explore Mt. Rinjani) / Lombok Kuta 190,000Rp/p

Local Transport
Very small island. Walking or house carriage.


This research was held at LOW SEASON
Some GHs are closed due to the lack of tourists.
Walk right as you land. (to N)
h11 Zoraya: closed 12 mins walk N from the boat office, 10min N from yaya Restaurant
h12 Amber: about 15 min walk N from the boat office, 3 min N from Zoraya. f ab s35,000Rp d40,000rp C2 large unts 50-75,000Rp R bf C3 it has a beautiful restaurant with many antique ornaments. The cheap simple bunglows are dusty wooden floor but the staff is very friendly. Rec
h13 Blue Coral: 25mins N from the boat office, 10 mins walk W from Amber, f ab s/d30,000 free coffee bf R C3, basic but comfortable Bungalows with nice view

Walk left as you land. (to S)
h1 Rust: just S from the boat office closed
h2 Royal Reef: just S from the boat officeT642340, f ab d150,000, no -bf C3 simple and overpriced Dream divers agent:
h3 Villa Nautilus: just S from the boat office, T642143,, a/c ab d$55(HS$75) drinking water fr HW bf C5 Beautiful resort style designers villa. If you can afford, this must be the best on this island.
h4 Mallias Child: 2 min walk S from the boat office, T622007,, f ab beach front d100,000 C3 pure water shower but over priced.
h5 Gazebo meno: 3 min walk S from the boat office, T635795, f ab d150,000Rp(HS$25), a/c 250,000(HS$50) sw bf R C4 high class rooms with antique furniture in a beautiful garden Rec
h6 Kontiki: 5 min walk S from the boat office,T632824, f ab d150,000 mos-net drinking water bf C3. Reluxing large rooms on the beach.
h7 Biru Menu: 7 min walk S from the boat office, T081-736-1915,, f ab LS d50,000 bf C4 large 2-room units with large comfortable porches and beautiful furniture. Some units are equipped with local toilets so try to see a few rooms Highly Rec
h8 Bounty Hotel: 10 min walk S from the boat office,T649090,, a/c TV(L) fr s150,000(HS$45) d200,000($55) sw bf C4

 h15  Casablanca: T633847, (closed due to the low season. It may open in high season) /, f s/d$12-20, a/c fr HW s/d$40, bf C4-5. Many bungalows and situated in a beautiful garden. The suite rooms($40) are very classical decoration. Rec

r1 Good Hut Restaurant: on Sunset Beach, NW of the island, 25 mins walk from the boat office to N. Good view to Gili Trawangan, sea food 25,000Rp+ Rec
r2 Yaya: 2 mins walk N from the boat office. Delicious cheap food reported by travelers, specially vegetable curry. Drinks from 4,000Rp, meal 10,000Rp
r3 Rust Restaurant: just S from the boat office. They have seats along the beach. Very relaxing.

Sight / Activity

Snorkeling (2001 info)
ta Glass bottom boat office: rent a snorkel set with fins 15,000Rp. Snorkeling tour 40,000. You may bargain because in G. Trawangan 30,000Rp. Make sure fins are included or not.
dv Dream divers agent: Royal Reef:
Mt. Rinjani: Volcanic mountain in Lombok. Many travel agents organize the tours which require 2-3 days. For the details, contact to travel agents.

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