Gili Air, Lombok

Area Code 0370, $1=9300Rp, April 30, 2005

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How to get here from Padanbai, Bali See Bangsal

The closest island of Gili islands from Bangsal. It has not developed as G.Trawangan but it has electricity and some decent accommodation. If you don't want so much noise but you still want some level of facility. This island could be the best choice.The boats from Bangsal and other islands land on the S beach of Gili Air.

$ Exchange: just next to the boat office. Rate TC/Cash
$1=9200/9300, A$=7000/7100, Can$7100/7200, GBP=17400/17500, Euro=11800/11900, Yen=86/86.5
M0 @ Wartel & Internet: 13 min walk anti-clockwise from the landing point, 8-20:00, @(400/min No Japanese) Tel/min(J 12,000, US/UK/AZ/NZ13,000 )
rb1 Yan's rental bike: 7 min walk anti-clockwise from the landing point.15,000/day, snorkeling 10,000/day
rb2 rental bike shop: 13 min walk anti-clockwise from the landing point,, rental bike 10,000/day, refill water 2000Rp,
dv1 Dream Diver: 5 min walk anti-clockwise from the landing point.
dv2 Blue Marine: 14 min walk anti-clockwise from the landing point

F Boat:
To Bangsal:
By public boat 4500Rp. It leaves with 20 people minimum. from 8:00. Charter 88,000 dep anytime.
to G. Meno: By Island Hopper
12,000Rp dep8:30, 15:00, Charter 98,000Rp dep anytime
To G. Trawangan: By Island Hopper
18,000Rp dep8:30, 15:00, Charter 108,000Rp dep anytime, night boat 25,000Rp dep 19:30, return 23:00
To Senggigi: Only charter boats available,
To Benoa: $40
dep12:15, To Lembongan: $23 dep12:15
ta Gora tour: at the boat office, Mataran/Airport/Senggigi 50,000Rp, Lember port 70,500Rp, Padangbai 90,000Rp, Candidasa 115,000Rp, Ubud/Kuta Bali 120,000Rp, Tete Batu(a base to explore Mt. Rinjani) / Lombok Kuta 125,000Rp(or 90.000/p min 2p), Bima 185,000Rp,Sapa 195,000Rp, L.Bajo 250,000Rp,
ta Taxi from Bangsal: ask at the boat office. It takes 5p. Senggigi 100,000, Lember 170,000, Kuta Lombok 190,000, Tete Batu 190,000


Boats arrive at S beach of the island. Some GHs and hotels are W side of the port and along E side of the island.
N from the landing point.
h2 Bupatis: Walk inward from the boat office. You will see on the right side, f ab 20/35,000 bf C2 large porch. no beach.
h3 Resot 2 Cottage: just E from Bupatis, No review

E and N part of the island: From E end of the port, walk N along the beach.(anti-clockwise)
h4 Mawar Cottage: ab d55,000
h5 Sunrise H: 5 min walk from the boat office. T6642370, f ab 60-100/80-150,000 bf C4 2 floor units, nice living area downstairs Rec
h6 Corner Pine: 5 min walk from the boat office. f ab 30/40-75,000 bf C2 bucket shower. But western toilet. Large rooms, garden view
h7 Gili Beach Inn: f ab 20/25,000 bf C1 local toilet bucket shower
h8 Gita Gili: 5 min walk from the boat office. f ab 40/50,000 bf C3
h9 Giliair Santay Cottage: 11 min walk from the boat office, then walk 50m from the beach. f ab 35/50,000 bf C3 large rooms
h10 Abdi Fantastik Bungalows: 13 min walk, f ab 40/50,000 R bf C3
h11 Kirakira: 13 min walk T641021,, f ab CW 40/50,000, HW 80/100,000 C3 50m from the beach
h12 Gusung Indah: 18 min T081-2378-9054, f ab d40,000 C3 wooden floor
h13 Sandy Cottage: 18 min T081-2378-9832, f ab 40/50,000 bf C3
h14 Hotel Gili Air: 19 min T634435, f ab HW 325,000, a/c fr 430,000 sw C4
h15 Lombok Indah: 19 min T081-3395683, f ab 50/60,000 C3 front bungalows local toilets, back ones western toilets
h16 Legenda: 20 min T081-2378-7254, f ab(local toilet) 40/50,000, ab(western) 50/60,000 C3

S Beach: West from the landing point. Walk clockwise
h21 Hotel Gili Air Indah: W of the port 3 min from the landing point,T637-328, sea view f ab d125,000, a/c HW d175,000, back units garden view 80/90,000 bf C4
h22 Sunset Pradise: 6 min from the landing point. closed
h23 Salabose Bungalows: 6 min from the landing point. f ab 25/30(hs45,000) bf C2, sofa on the larger porch d50,000(hs70,000) C3
h24 Safari: 7 min from the landing point f ab 30/40,000(hs70,000) bf C4 nice deco but local toilets. Buffet dinner 30,000Rp at 19:00 Rec
h25 Lucky: 7 min from the landing point, f ab 40/50,000 bf(big) C4 comfortable guest house. Rooms with furniture, extra bed on the porch. Tables on the beach. Rec
h26 Camba Sunset: 8 min from the landing point, f ab 25/30-70,000 C3

West side of the island
There are a few accommodation on W side of the beach. Ideal place for enjoying sunset. However all of them have been rundown. Not recommend. To reach this area, you can walk along the beach clockwise by 25 min or as you land from the boat, walk straight to the inward for 20 min to reach the beach of the west side of the island.

r1 Gecko Cafe: Walk inward from the boat office and turn left, 10:30-19:00, Local, meal 12,500-35,000, drink 5000+, refill water 2300,
r2 Island View Cafe: 20 min walk clockwise from the landing point Good sunset view point.Local, meal
h24 Safari: 7 min walk W from the landing point Buffet dinner 30,000Rp at 19:00

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