Mt. Bromo, Java

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The access to the active volcano, Mt. Bromo can be a few route. We took the most popular one, via Probolinggo, S from the Mt. Bromo and it is on the main highway from Yogyakarta/Surabaya to Bali.
If you take a bemo from the town to the bus station, the bemo stops at the travel agent. The agent says that the minibus to Mt. Bromo stops here and you can wait in his office. Also free information is available including the free map. It is true but mean time you will be asked to book the transport, such as bus, after your visit to Mt. Bromo. The bus fares are a bit more expensive. If you go to the bus station direct you will face more touts who sell bus tickets.
i  No information office: You can get all info and a map you need at your GH

Either you take a train or a bus, you have to travel to Probolinggo. For the transport information see the page of Plobolinggo.
B Bus: A few buses are waiting in front of Hotel Lava.
To Probolinggo,
4000Rp. 2-3hrs. Many buses from early morning. They try to charge more. If you have bus/train tickets from Probolinggo already, leave as early as possible.
To Ngadisan Village
1000Rp, To Sakapura village 2000Rp


No electricity at night. Only Cemara Indal has a generator. There are many homestay GHs in town. But the prices are not cheap. All of them are lower quality and higher prices.
More guest houses are in the village, Ngadisari, a few km below Cemoro Lawang. The mini bus cost probably less than 1,000Rp. I did not find any reason to stay here. If you take a tour from Denpasar or Yogyakarta, you will be staying here.
h1 Cemara Indah: T54109, sb s20,000, d25,000, C2, ab CW d65,000, HW85,000 R C4 Rec.
h2 Hotel Lava: T541020, sb 30,000 ab CW d60,000, HW75,000, tea R C3-4, TV in lounge no generator. Highly Rec.
h3 Bromo Permai I: T541021, HW d100,000, TV HW 250,000 credit card 5% extra R C4
h4 Lava View Lodge: T541009, June 2-Dec 10 f ab 90-200,000 bf tea R C4. Walk 10min from Bromo Permai. High class hotel. Beautiful large rooms. During high season, reservation is recommended.

Very limited choices. Most people eat at the guest houses.
r1 Warung Lumayan: next to Lava View, cheap local restaurant. Fried rice/noodle 3,500Rp, coffee/tea 1,000Rp,



There are many volcanoes within a large crater. The active one is Mt. Bromo.
Mt. Bromo: 2.5km from Cemoro Lawang. 40min on foot. Recommended to go in the morning or late afternoon because the crater. Take a drinking water with you.

Morning Tour by jeep to the view point: 30,000Rp/p dep 4:00 to the top of the rim of the outer crater, view point of 2706m. You will arrive at least 30min before the sunrise. Very cold. Jackets can be rented at GH with 10,000Rp. Or you wear blankets if you don't want to pay. The coffee, 2000Rp, cup noodle 4000Rp are available at the view point. At 7:00 the jeep takes you to Mt. Bromo and return to GH at 8:00. if you want to catch 10:00 bus from Probolinggo, you don't have time to visit Mt. Bromo.
By yourself: You can walk up to the view point on foot. Leave Cemoro Lawang at 3:00 to see the sunrise. Continue walk up the main road. A few local guides sell the walking tour but path is easy to climb up. Walk with a group with flash lights.

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