Borobudur, Java, Indonesia

Area Code 0293, $1=8000Rp?, Jul 15, 2001


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The way to come here.
Many buses originate from Umbulharjo Bus Terminal(main) to Borobudur via Jumbor bus station. The fare is supposed to be
3500Rp. The conductor will try to charge you 5000Rp.
It is best to get there early morning before the tour buses arrive, however, this is very hard to go with local transport. Agents & losmen can book seats on private minbuses which depart Yogyakarta at 5:00 to arrive at the temple for sunrise. The main gates do not open until 6:00 am, side gates near the guesthouses may allow you to get in earlier, essential if you wish to see/photograph the sunrise. Beware the school groups who arrive each morning specifically to practice their English.
The last bus from Borobudur to Yogyakarta: 17:00

The bus station at Borobudur is 1km away from the temple. It is possible to walk. To the Lotus GH, may be 15-20min on foot. Walk toward the temple and turn right at the corner of the temple.

Borobudur Temple:
42km from Yogyakarta. Open: 6:00-17:30
Entry fee: $5 Student card Rp?
A huge Buddhist monument - One of the 7 wonders of the world.
Built late 8th to early 9th Century, its design is a re-creation of Mt Meru, the mythical home of Hindu Gods. A step pyramid complex with 10 levels - the number of stages in Mahayana Buddhism. Throughout are ornate carvings, sculptures and stupas containing Buddhas.
the Audio-Visual centre shows A 35-min video (in several languages) describing the site and its significance. Showings take place when there are about 10 people
transport: from Jl.Magelang - N from train station. from Bus Station take Borobudur bus 45min, Rp3,500 They try to charge 5,000Rp
warning Some buses only go as far as Mutilan where you have to change buses. Bus conductors try to charge Rp1,500 for each section. Should be Rp1,500-2,000 for Yogyakarta to Mutilan, Rp1,000 from Mutilan to Borobudur.

@ Internet @
@1 No internet at this moment. Lotus GH will start the service soon.

Borobudur has a friendly, village feel. There are a few decent food and accommodation options so it's worth staying, especially if you hope to see Borobudur Temple at sunrise or sunset and before the tour groups arrive (from around 7:00)

In front of the gate of Borobudur, there are a few GHs. But their quality is very low and the prices are overpriced. Too bad to list those.
h1 Lotus G H: Jl. Medang Kamulan #2, T788281, f sb 35,000 C4, Walk from the bus station to the temple and turn right at the corner of the temple. Probably this is only acceptable budget GH Internet will be available soon. Highly Rec
h2 Hotel Rajasa: Jl. Badrawati #2, T0293-788276, f CW d80,000, a/c HW 144,000 bf C4 Small hotel. Facing the entrance of Borobudur, walk 10min to left.
h3 Tingal Youth Hostel. Jl Balaputradewa 32, 2km. From the Temple
sb Rp dr7,500, ab d33,000, bf R C5 (97 info)
Attractive, traditional building. High class restaurant is expensive.

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