Bogor, Java

Area Code 0251, $1=9075Rp, Aug 27, 2001


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Bogor is the small quiet town, about 1 hour from Jakarta by Executive trains. It is cooler and quieter and has a few homely GHs and a very beautiful and famous botanical garden. Excellent alternative choice over the noisy and dirty city Jakarta.

Tourist Information: 100m S from the train station, behind California Fried Chicken. M-F8-16:00, Free good maps.
Many banks E from the train station, on Jl Kapitan Muslihat and Dewi Sartika. The rates vary. So shop around. The banks below offer the best rate.
$1 Bank Bali: Kapitan Muslihat, $1=9075, yen=74, GBP=13050Rp
$2 Bank BCA: Jl. Ir H Juanda, W from the botanical garden, $1=9075, yen=75, AZ=4774, ATM.
$a ATM Many banks near the train station have ATM
M0 Post Office GPO: Jl Ir H Juanda 8-19:00. @(1500/15min.8-22:00)
M1 Telephone Wartel: Pengadilan, 7-23:00 HCD is available. Take Dewi Sartika N, W from the train station, then turn right at the first corner. The Wartel is just behind the Telecom business office(E side)
P Police: P Police: Kapitan Muslihat S side. E from the Matahari shopping center.
H Hospital: ?
Hp Pharmacy Kimia Farma: Jl. Ir H. Juanda, opp from GPO, 7-22:00
s Matahari Shopping Center: Kapitan Muslihat, S from the train station.

Airport buses: are running from Bogor to the International Airport. We don't know where the buses leave. Please ask at the information office. 7000Rp
T Train station: Center of the town. Most GHs are within walking distance.
To Jakarta: Ekonomi
1500Rp many,
6000Rp dep 6:25, 6:45, 7:15, 9:30, 13:00, 14:53, 15:39, 16:16, 17:29
To Bandung: Ekonomi
18,000, Executive 60,000
To Solo/Yogyakarta
(This info will be provided soon.)
B1 Bus terminal: Just SE from the Botanical Garden. To the train station, take #3 Angkot(mini van)800Rp
To Yogyakarta:
Super Executive 97,000, Executive 87,000, VIP 75-80,000. a/c 65,000, non a/c(Ekonomi) 38,000, Minivan 95,000 dep17:00, Many depart 14:30.
To Jakarta: non a/c
40,000, a/c60,000 many buses
To Bundang: non a/c
7000-7,500, a/c Executive 15,500Rp
ta Bus company: 2 nd floor of the bus terminal.T355662, T081-810-3562. More agents in the same building.

Local Transport
Many Angkots, mini vans, are running in town. Between the bus terminal and the train station, #3 Angkot, 800Rp
ta Many people come to you and offer a guide for you.

@ Internet @
@1 Gumai Restaurant & Cafe: 2F, Jl. Paledang 28, 10-23:00, 2000Rp/15min. 7500/h
@2 Pointer Bogor Permai: Jl Sadirman #23, 9-12:00 4000/h, 12-21:00 2000/first 15min. after 1500/15min or 5000/h Back of the building.
@3 Internewnet: Jl Merdeka #2, 9-12:00 1500/15min. 5000/h, 13:00-21:00 2000/15min or 6000/h


Near the train station.
h1 Sartika Homestay: off from Jl. Dewi Sartika. Turn E from Bank Rakyat Indo, T3223747, sb s/d40,000, ab s/d55,000+, bf tea/coffee C4 Real homestay very friendly Very close, 10 min on foot, from the train station. Rec
h2 Hotel Mirah Sartika: opp from Sartika Homestay, T312343 F315188, f ab 90,000, a/c HW TV(CNN) fr 100,000+, bf , 10% extra, C5
h3 Abu Pension: just W from the train station. Back side. T322893, sb s30 d35,000, ab s/d40,000+, f HW 70,000, a/c HW 80,000+, tea/water, table tennis C4. 2 min from the rear exit of the train station. Rooms are OK but over priced.

W from Botanical Garden. 15min on foot from the train station. Walk toward the post office/botanical garden. After the post office turn right to Jl Paledang.
h4 Firman: Jl. Paledang #48, T323246, sb s25 d30,000, ab s30 d40,000 bf tea/coffee C3. Rooms are basic but excellent veranda facing the volcano. Highly Rec.
h5 Puri Bali: Jl Paledang #50, next to Firman. ab s30 d50,000 bf C2. Rundown but very nice colonial house. Rooms are very large.
h6 Ramayana: Jl Ir H Juanda #54, just S from Bank BNI, T320364, sb(shared by 2 units) 30,000, ab 43,000 bf tea C4. Rooms are excellent. Rec

h7 Wisma Karunia: Jl Sempur #35-37, T323411, sb 30,000, ab 45,000+, bf C4. Very nice house with good furniture. N part of town. 20min on foot from the train station.

r1 Gumai Sundanese food: Jl Paledang, Further W from Flirman GH. Meal 15,000+, drink 5000+. Very high class restaurant. Excellent view. Rec
r2 Sundanese stall: Jl Paledang, just off from Jl Ir H Juanda. Near the Flirman GH.10-16:00, cheap excellent meal. Go early Highly Rec
r3 Sate restaurant: Jl Paledang, off from Firman GH, Sate Kambeng 8000Rp, rice 1000, free tea open only evening. Lot of locals.
r4 Hortus Botanics: inside of the Botanical Garden. Excellent view of the garden. Coke 4000, meal 12500-23500, SaSu special Sundanese meal 14,000 Highly Rec.
r5 Chinese bum stall: on Jl Merdeka. Open evening, 3000Rp. Excellent.


S1 Botanical Garden: Entrance gate is located on the S side. 8-18:00, Entrance fee 3000Rp, 87 Hectare botanical garden which was open in 1817 by Thomas Stanford Raffless and it has 20,000 kinds of plants. You can easily get lost. It is excellent place for picnic. Very nice restaurant inside where special meal is served on Sunday. Many mosquitoes. Access. #2 Angkot on Jl. Ir H Juanda. Highly Rec
S2 Museum Zoology: Just W from the entrance of the botanical garden. Sa-W8-16, ThF8-15:00. Entrance fee 1000Rp. It is possible to enter from the botanical garden.
S3 Museum Etno Botanical: Jl. Kantorbatu+Jl. Juanda, Walk S on Jl Juanda from Kapten Muslihat. Turn right on the first corner. M-Th8-16 F8-11:00. Entrance fee 1,000Rp. Many preserved animals, plants, traditional products made with plants.
S4 Presidential Palace(Istana Bogor): N from the Botanical Garden. Entrance is on Jl. Ir H Juanda. Closed for visitors now but you can see the garden and the building from the street and from the botanical garden.
S5 Salak Volcano: You can enjoy mountain climbing waterfalls, hot spring: Usually it is possible to go with a tour.
If you want to go by yourself. Take a bus to Gn Picumg then change a bus to Pamijahan district. From here a few km to waterfalls/hot spring. To climb up the mountain 5km. Between Gn Picung to Pamijahan could be difficult to find public transport.
S6 Cisarua: Nearest town to Taman Mini Safari. The safari itself is quite small, but the site also has a large, modern zoo. Highly Rec, though a little expensive.
Entrance Rp 12,000 Sat 19-21-00 Night Safari Rp15,000. Zoo Chair lift Rp 5000
Minibus from Bogor( stop opposite bus terminal) to Cisarua Rp3000 (ask for TMS). From crossroads up to TMS Rp1000.
S7 Cipanas & Cibodas: Cipanas is best known for its hot springs, Cibodas has a botanical gardens and is the best base for hikes to waterfalls & tea plantations.
Transport: Minibuses (stop opposite bus terminal) & larger buses (bus terminal) provide regular transport from Bogor to all the towns in the Puncak Pass region.

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